Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Palatability is

food enjoyment for the body and senses wellness.

We know it is important to enjoy what you eat, not only for the pleasure derived from it, but because it improves and sustains the ability of the digestive tract to digest and assimilate food.

Palatability served us well as long as we had only whole food to eat.
It was only after food artifacts(artificial 'facts') came about into human food chain that our palate became perverted and corrupted and degenerated.
So we cannot depend solely on taste; we should use our inherent intelligence to select nutritious foods.
It is surprising, though, how soon we develop or 'born-again' to a liking naturally for whole natural foods again.

Many people who have scoffed at wholewheat bread as animal fodder have been amazed at how tasty it became after they stopped eating white bread. What was formerly a delicious artifact now becomes a pallid, gooey substance - consumed with discomfort.

No life could develop if natural minerals in organic form were excluded. They provide structural and functional support, and for each elements there exists an optimum quantity that furnishes maximal support for a cell.
Nature already furnishes these optimum quantities so that minimal amounts of energy are needed to either increase or decrease amounts inside a cell.
Any quantity less than the optimum would eventually lead to a deficiency state, and cellular malfunction might express itself in some obvious manner.
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