Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I used water cure to

cure my Multiple Sclerosis; Numbness.

My name is F.T. I have Multiple Sclerosis(M.S.) I was diagnosed in April 2000. The MRI examinations showed the myelin sheath missing and plaque on the brain. My neurologist checked my medical history and said the first time the entire right side of my body went numb and tingly18 years before was beginning of my M.S.

The first time I had an attack the doctor did all types of tests; he took spinal fluid to have tested but the hospital lost it. The numbness and tingling never completely stopped ; you learn to live with it.
I was out of work for six(6) months that time. I went twelve years before I had another attack; this time the upper half of my body was affected. The doctor this time did the MRI but nothing showed up in the neck or the brain. I went through a series of nerve conductive tests over the next two years.

I had another attack in April 2000, this time the MRI showed the M.S. in the neck and brain. I had numbness, tingling pain, slurred speech, lost control of right arm; walkinmg and balance problems, bodily functions slowed down, and was constantly tired.

My doctor put me on Avonex. The medication would only help for three days out of the week. The Avonex drugs started working longer when I started the water and sea salt. I also take cold-pressed flax seed oil, B-complex, lecithin, a good one a day vitamin and potassium.
Two and a half months after I started the water cure my numbness and tingling were gone ; in the following months my walking and balance improved, my bodily functions returned to normal.
In December 2001, I had an appointment with my neurologist. I told him I was going off the Avonex and using just the water cure. He told me he had heard about the water cure. (How come he never advise me on water cure then?) I told him just what you had to take and no alcohol or caffeine ; he told me it was a good idea to stop caffeine because it caused certain neurological function to cease in the brain. (Again, how come he never advice me on my diet?)
He put me though all the tests for M.S. and said I was in excellent health.
In June of this year, my family doctor is going to redo the MRI to see if my M.S. is completely gone. As an added bonus, I had an enlarged prostate for seven years, my family doctor checked it on my last visit and said it was normal ; he did blood work to make sure and everything came back normal.

To deal with the effects of M.S., you need a positive attitude. I haven't felt this good in twenty years.
Thanks to you !


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