Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How Water Cures :

my osteoporosis .

Dear Dr Batmanghelidj M.D.,
I was previously diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis and two collapsed vertebrae, which led to the loss of 3 inches in height. Since the diagnosis, I have done everything the doctors recommended to maintain the level of bone density I had and to prevent any further fractures, but I increased my water intake.

This week I had an appointment for a bone density test. During the test, the technician said the results didn't look right on the hip measurement and she decided to redo that portion of the test. ( I think she could not believe her eyes because of the 17 % increase.)

The doctor said that the test results revealed that there is a 10 % increase in bone density in my back and a 17 % increase in bone density in my hip. There has also been a gain of 1 inch in height.

This disease affects men and women. It is considered the 12th leading cause of death in the U.S.
1.3 million bone fractures are attributed to the condition annually. Thank you so much for your book Your Body's Many Cries for Water, it certainly turned my life around.

Sincerely, C.M.

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Its ME said...

NOTE: Do not be surprised at the improvement in bone density as a result of adequate hydration of the human body. The reason is very simple. Bone structure is also a repository of stored energy that the human body can tap into when necessary.

As you know, when you heat water, the dissolved calcium in the boiling water gets deposited as a film inside the kettle. It is the chemical property for one calcium atom to stick to another calcium atom when they are heated.
Scientifically, each atom of calcium that sticks to another atom of calcium traps one unit of energy between them. The human body has learned to separate the calcium bond and release the energy therein, equivalent to one ATP unit of energy for each bond.

Dehydration means low energy reserves in the human body. As the human body becomes more and more dehydrated, as happened in older folks, it is forced to break up its bone structure to tap into its stored energy. This is how people develop osteoporosis.

Hydrating the human body properly does the reverse. Water is the main source of energy to the human body. Wt=ater produces "high heat of activation" at the cell membrane. Water heats up the human body and provides energy for all its chemical reactions. It is not the hot temperature of the beverages that cause you to feel warm in winter.

The body has learned to convert and store the energy of heat into chemical energy in the formation of ATP, and the excess of it is then stored in the calcium stores inside the cells and in the bones. It is not the increase of "calcium supplements" which strengthen the human bone as advertised by the Big Pharma industry, but the availability of water in the human body taht determine the density of bone and porosity.

This is the reason C.M. could reverse her tendency to develop osteoporosis. When you stimulate the "bone tissue" by putting weight on it, the bone-forming cells get stimulated to lay down bone and make the structure more dense, provided you have the available energy to fuse, which is water, calcium atoms together. No water no fusing. Water provides the extra energy for this action of fusing. hence the 17 % rise in her hip bone density.