Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Senility from subtle,

chronic malnutrition

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Getting old is inevitable, but premature senility is not. Today senility will be and can be prevented, and nutrition will be a main factor in that prevention.

Our elder senior citizens can be helped by the government through national government sponsor research on what diets the elderly should follow. The nutrition experts found that too little attention had been paid to the nutritional needs of the elderly, despite the fact that nutrition can play a key role in reducing diseases in old age.

The cells of our bodies can become unwell and malfunctioning for two general reasons:

First, they may be poisoned;

second they may lack a good supply of nourishing food.

This nourishing food must be a complex mixture of chemicals (water is one of these "chemicals") in about the right proportions. Every 90 minute, just drink 10 % of your own daily water quota. Water quota is 31.42 (ml) multiply by your own body weight (measured in kilogram). And use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt for every 1250 ml water intake, daily, in your diet.

Included in this food must be about ten or more amino acids, about fifteen vitamins, and a similar number of minerals, all in addition to the fuel - carbohydrate and fat - that our bodies needs to run on in the sense that an automobile needs gasoline. Never pour coffee, or tea into your gasoline tank of your car, so do like wise for your human body.

All of the food elements enters our body by way of the open mouth, and the health of all the cells of our bodies depends upon whether or not we place within our open mouths the proper kind and sufficient amount of food.

Our entire society stands to benefit by improving the health of the elderly. Our elderly citizens is our national wealth resources too.

In old age, the composition of the human body changes, with lean body mass being reduced and the proportion of fat increased. The elderly usually are advised to eat less than when they were young, but they still require the same amount of nutrients.

Senile changes of the human body were primarily die to cellular malnourishment. All of the degenerative diseases have in common the impairment of the nutrition of our body cells. This can be due to any one or any combination of at least four factors :

1. An inadequate supply of food, with a deficiency of essential nutrients. Any food stuff deficiency of water ratio will over time cause dehydration dis-eases and later establish irreversible chronic diseases.

2. The inefficient distribution of nutrients, because of circulation impairment.

3. The ineffectiveness utilization of nutrients, due to enzyme deficiencies.

4. An accumulation of harmful metabolic debris, or, as they have been called, "clinkers." When one's body is dehydrating, all debris excretion process will be significantly affected and hence cause more harmful metabolic debris.

Wise nutrition is a most powerful tool intake for the attainment of vigor in later years.
We believe that a deficiency of essential nutrients, water being the primary one, when present for many decades in the form of subtle, chronic malnutrition, is the source of most premature aging, and finnaly, senility.

Be convince that the first factor, if it persists for a long time, will lead to problems in the third factor, enzyme deficiencies, and later the fourth factor, the accumulation of undesirable products of abnormal metabolism.

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