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We need to rejoice about the great things and discoveries that are happening in medicine. The outlook for preventing and treating diseases of dehydration and inflammation is very bright, indeed. This is not the last you'll hear on the subjects.

So when all is said and done, what's a person to do?
We are bombarded and information overloaded with health books(judge not the book by its title beside its cover),
diet aids (judge not any trendy diet recommendation by its personality culture),
prescription drug ads,
herbal medicine claims,
and all manner of propaganda about health and longevity. This blog is included in these categories .

It's nearly at the point where some people are blamed if they get sick, as if the disease were due to their negligence. When people have a heart attack, they get blame instead of sympathy. If these victims quit smoking, eaten more vegetables, gotten more exercise, taken blood pressure medicine and Lipitor, or done a host of other things it (heart attack) would never happened. Right?

People who do NOT smoke cigarettes but eat right and get exercise still die prematurely, most commonly (but not normal) of heart attacks. My grandfather smoked unfiltered cigarettes and ate a diet high in saturated fats until his death at age eighty-nine (89) years. he was blessed and perhaps had some 'fortunate genes.' His brother, that's my grand uncle,who did NOT smoke was healthy and well until he died as a passenger in a car crash when he was ninety-six(96) years old. Some people who never smoke cigarettes die in their twenties and thirties. When it comes to health and disease, Mr John F Kennedy was correct when he stated that it's just not fair.

Some people face very difficult health problems related to inflammation or dehydration, even when they do everything right.
Some people suffer from chronic nagging problems with inflammation, whether in the air (asthma and rhino sinusitis), joints (arthritis), muscles (myositis), head (migraine), skin (dermatitis), or virtually any other part of the human body.

The natural tendency of the human body is not to be inflamed, and if there is chronic inflammation, there is a cause. Dehydration. Finding the cause can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating because we are exposed to literally and constantly thousands of things that can inappropriately induce inflammation in some people.
Point1. The air is filled with biological materials and chemicals of all sorts.
Point2. Every food that we eat contains hundreds of proteins and chemicals, some natural and some added.
Point3. Drinking water can contain a host of chemicals, though at small levels.

Never too late to fight and win with good ripe old age.
The good news about inflammation is that it is seldom too late to start looking for causes. An example is people with inflamed coronary arteries in their hearts. After angioplasty and even bypass surgery, if the inciting factors are eliminated, there can still be great benefits with great improvement in quality of life.

Cigarette smokers who develop blockages in their arteries and then have bypass surgery will continue to have progression of the disease if they don't stop smoking. They can even develop blockages in their bypass grafts. So , we see the technology alone cannot solve our health and longevity issues.

Those people who quit smoking, start exercising, control their blood pressure (recommend to use water-cure protocol as found in this blog), take anti cholesterol agents (if needed initially) that also squelch inflammation, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables can find that their disease has stopped.

Once inflammation progresses to permanent organ damage, however, such as joint destruction (in the case of rheumatoid arthritis) or kidney failure (in the case of inflammatory diseases of the kidneys), there is no turning back.

It is important to learn what's triggering the inflammation earlier rather than later, before permanent damage is done. But even then, eliminating other soources of inflammation, dehydration being the main cause of it, can improve quality of life and may reduce pain for some people. Never too late to revise so to be wiser and older for oneself, today. NEVERTOO LATE TO FIGHT.

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