Monday, February 16, 2009

Change for the better?

We better change for better-survival.

Many knowledgeable readers will agree that the maitres should be heard here, although this blogger will not dispute that there are also many petits-maitres.

To inform, educate and entertain is a wonderful experience in living.

Someday, it can be hoped, the unchanging will change, and this blog will be pulled from a dusty 'Internet-shelf' and read as an artifact of the past. Until then, this blogger, as life permit like to continue to blog like nobody's business for the health of public to conserve the wealth of mankind, womankind inclusive.

Everything in this blog is here to provide the curious or interested reader with something substantial to read. Sometimes this means a testimony, sometimes a reflection, and sometimes part of a historical or scientific text.

This blogger has not paid much attention to the conventions of literary form or genre, I'm afraid. But what this blogger has tried to do, with a smile, is to make every post complete and self-sufficient, with as much emphasis upon the quality of the writing, or blogging, as the nature of subject; so this blogger has taken the position that their extracts need to be long, or short, enough to be aesthetically satisfying as well as informative or virtuous in some other way.

There is much to be gleaned, informed, educated, in short learned from the works collected in these posts. This meek blogger increased it's knowledge not just of food and drink, but also of geography, language and history while spending several leisurely years reading the candidates for inclusion into Healthy Wealth.
However, knowledge is incidental to the real point, which is pleasure.

Nourishing one's own mind is as important as is nutrition to the body, but when reading the pieces in this blog, let's hope we shall all, finally, be changed elegant voluptuaries.

We all know that the pleasures of healthy food, wealthy drink and godly sex are intimately related and this blogger has done it's best to include plenty of posts of this truth. This blogger has put nothing in this blog because it's selection it has not been influenced by a wish to take the blog in a particular direction or to give Healthy Wealth some kind of shape or balance.
Everything has been chosen on merit alone, although, obviously, this blogger has some prejudices. This blogger is as human as you, respected reader, too.

As a failed candidate for university and lapsed academic I like reading rigorously argued texts, so I have included some parts that may raise an unscientific eyebrow or two. I have been well aware that my choice is necessarily one person's, but I have tried to keep a serious purpose in mind - to show that there is a distinguished strand of literature, at least in the English language, which takes healthy food and drink as its subject. So strong is this tradition, especially in 21st Century, that it really deserves the attention of the academic as well as of the general reader.

Let's hope knowledgeable readers will agree that the maitres should be heard here, although this blogger will not dispute that there are also many petits-maitres.

I am in no danger of allowing my scholarship to overwhelming my sense of fun in blogging elegantly about the romance of good food and drink, which does not merely allude to the scientific and anthropological, but actually is a work of science or anthropology, can give pleasure, too.

No one who was any good as a "Internet-blogger' ever set out to be one. Compassion, commitment, courage, intention to enrich others are few of the humble ingredients used/mixed by this blogger's 'salad-bowl' in blogging Healthy Wealth.

Always bear in mind, that an informed and balance-educated citizenry is the cornerstone of democracy, after all, so we can truly appreciate the value of informing the citizenry that the appropriate healthy wealth for oneself is easy and effective water-cure protocol. The adventure inherent in such a campaign might even stir their souls sufficiently to free them from what I regard as a crippling dependence on canned 'sick-care' system.

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