Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cholesterol is cholesterol.

Yes, cholesterol is cholesterol. How we had been duped for too long by the drug industry into believing there is a real thing as 'bad' cholesterol.

Term like "bad" cholesterol is a myth. What is a myth?
It is an idea or story that many people believe, but which is not true. A myth can be dispel.

1. It is being increasingly understood that the level of cholesterol in the body circulation is not affected by high egg diet. It is a medically published fact that an elderly man has for many years eaten about 24 eggs a day without any clinical significant rise in his cholesterol level. For a scientific explanation , you are read a simple article found at this link :

2.There is no such thing as bad cholesterol . There are only uninformed and ignorant ideas that are exploited commercially.

3.The next time you come across a person (doctors included) who talks about "bad cholesterol" being the cause of heart disease, ask him or her : "Is it not true that we measure the cholesterol levels in the body from blood that is drawn from a vein?"
[[ * vein -- a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart from other parts of your body; while artery --- a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the rest of your body ]]
If it is true that the level of cholesterol is the cause of plagues and obstruction of the blood vessels, when a slower rate of blood flow would encourage further cholesterol deposits, then we should also get more blockage of veins of the human body. Since there is not a single scientific report of cholesterol deposits causing blockage of the veins, the assumption that cholesterol is "bad" and is the cause of heart disease is erroneous and unscientific. "Bad cholesterol" is a false science. It is a commercial to sell drugs and medical services. Some business strive and grow on false science.

4.Let me explain why we get cholesterol deposit in the arteries of the heart or the brain or even on the inner wall of the major arteries of the human body. Remember, when we say "dehydration" it really means concentrated , acidic blood. Acidic blood that is also concentrated pulls water out of the cells lining the arterial wall. At the same time, the fast rush of blood against the delicate cells lining the inner wall of the arteries, weakened by loss of their water and damaged by constant toxicity of concentrated blood, produces microscopic abrasions. Abrasion is the process of rubbing a surface very hard constantly so that it becomes damaged or disappears.

5. Another of the many functions of cholesterol is its use as a "waterproof dressing" to cover the damaged sites within the arterial membranes until they are repaired. Cholesterol acts as a "grease gauze" that protects the wall of the artery from rupturing and peeling off. When you look at cholesterol through this perspective, you will realize what a blessing it really is.

All the statistics about the level of cholesterol in the blood and the number of people who die of heart disease reflect the extent of the killer dehydration that has also caused the level of blood cholesterol to rise. (Health tip: always drink a glass of plain water half hour before your meal, so that the blood can be prevent from concentrated, and you have a better digestion later.)
Only after researched understanding of cholesterol's important role in the human body, I have no hesitation in recommending wholesome eggs, white and yolk, to all age groups, as a very good source of the essential dietary needs of the human body.

6. If you drink adequate amounts of water everyday (for every 1 kilogram of your body weight, drink at least 32.53 ml of plain water), take the required amount of salt (preferably sea-salt,never use refined salt) and walk at least 2 hours per day -- not on treadmill, but in the open air and under good sunlight -- your body will begin to adjust its own intake of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as its fats requirement to use for energy. Your need for proteins will increase. Your need for carbohydrates will decrease and your fat-burning enzymes (activated by walking/exercise) will consume more fat than is in the average diet.

Share your views on cholesterol and let's dispel the bad cholesterol's myth.


sanjay said...

This is information post for heart disease,almost heart disease create from cholesterol while cholesterol blocked arteries,increase fats,blood pressure,heart attack,breast pain etc.

Its ME said...

thanks sanjay !