Thursday, February 12, 2009

From dust you came ... dust you return. There is life-energy in the dust. The secret of the headsman's longevity is probably the very dust he found distasteful. There are many minerals in it.

Of the six(6) nutrients that our human bodies need - minerals, vitamins, water, protein, carbohydrates, and fats - dietary minerals have the power to keep us young and rejuvenate our bodies.

Minerals are actively engaged in strengthening the nervous system, growing new hair, normalizing the heartbeat, providing energy, improving thinking power, overcoming fatigue, building a dynamic memory, and sparking our other metabolic processes.

A mineral imbalance will alter one's disposition. In a mineral deficient person, you will see signs of forgetfulness, easy fatigue, lack of incentive, lackluster skin and hair,a short temper, nervous tension, defeatism, depression, vengefulness, and even suicidal tendencies.

In fact, if anyone has a shortage of just one mineral, she/he can expect that her/his body system will begin to weaken and lose its efficiency, with dis-ease and disease eventually setting in.

Dietary minerals are categorised into two: Major Minerals and Trace Minerals.

Major Minerals are needed in large amounts by the human body.
Trace Minerals get their name from the fact that they are found in very minute amounts (trace) but important, in the human body and may be toxic in large quantities. Beware of the mineral supplements you are taking (if you are).

Taking minerals in regulated amounts through foods rich in minerals or mineral supplements will ensure a long quality life.

Among other things, minerals have the ability to regulate the flow of bodily fluids. The delicate internal water balance needed for all mental and physical processes is necessary for good health. You know water metabolism, then you understand the many positive results from the many testimonies posted in this blog when people turn to water-cure protocol for their health conditions.

The flow of liquids (blood and lymph) brings the cells oxygen and nutrition and empties them of wastes. The minerals draw these substances into and out of our cells by the law of mass action, in which areas with a heavier concentration of minerals will always draw water from the areas with a lighter concentration of minerals. In this way, concentration is equalized between the fluids inside and outside of the cells as an ongoing body process.

The bodily fluids, solutions of water and dissolved minerals salts, hold the cells in electrolyte balance. The mineral salts each generate a tiny electrical charge, either positive charge or negative charge. Each cell is similar to a minute electrical battery, with both positive and negative polarities receiving the electrolytic solution containing the essential chemicals and minerals it needs.

Give the cells the minerals they need, daily, and they will give you long life and good health. In short, quality longevity is possible.

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