Monday, October 20, 2008


Dominance of elites : Elites are like an entrenched giant 'Goliath' octopus with outstretched tentacles that have gripped every power level from the Top to academia and big business. Who has the clout to dislodge them? Only 'David' . Or 'Solomon'.


Learn to identify as the growing edge of humanity and a nation of people - a blended ability to see the ridiculousness of life while navigating the multiple levels of reality afforded by a lightening consciousness. We're lightening up.

Even politically, the power of satire has a potent tempering impact on the excesses of those in positions of power; it is the essence of the court jester, able to speak the truth to the unreachable heights of kingship or ruler ship.

So it is within our internal world as we desperately seek to bring our own inner sovereign back into contact with all the other parts of who we are, during times of blind governance.

The danger of taking ourselves too seriously can bring a rigidity and tension to the energy field that restricts the flow of energy through us, at all levels of Body/Mind/Spirit.

Typically, it will reflect in our physical systems, either making us constipated or so stolid that we need massage rather than exercise gracefully. Mentally and spiritually, we can tyrannize ourselves to the extent that we have no slack, no give in who and what we allow ourselves to be.

It is a sobering thought that those who ruthlessly harass and oppress other people are likely to be acting far more harshly to themselves in their own inner world.

The clown dissolves knots, release the oppression of the powerful and the nightmare of the victim. While an increase in sadomasochism has met with a level of prurient disdain from some, it may involve no less a lack of humour than the knots we tie ourselves up in every day.

For a citizen, the practice was to ridicule the scandal, and sages have been shown riding backwards on donkeys, baring their backsides to to the moon.

Laughter helped in the quest for nationhood longevity and enlightenment. Blasphemy, needless to say, does not enter into the vocabulary.

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