Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Porridge and Atherosclerosis

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Porridge and Atherosclerosis

It is encouraging to learn that many doctors are now also advising artheriosclerotic patients with a high cholesterol level of the benefits of eating porridge. Water cures.

The term atheroma, which is derived from the Greek word for porridge, was first used in 1904. When Morchand initiated the term atherosclerosis, a different name for arteriosclerosis. It is interesting to see that both names point to a process that involves the arteries, in one way or another, depositing fats.

In a shot spell of time I had seen more than 1,000 patients in India, I was pondering on the fact that vascular diseases did not appear to be very common there. I do not doubt however, that this respite will be shot-lived when I think of the so-called "civilised" food/drink products that are being imported into India; for by doing so I am convinced that Indians are also importing some of the modern western health problems derived from those imports. Adding injury with insult.

Take a humble lesson from nature.
We are born from nature we belong to nature and we should obey the laws of nature.
No one can break the laws of Nature without being broken in return.

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