Friday, August 14, 2009

My Fight for Understanding

Why fight?

Many times during my life I have been aware of the true meaning of the word 'understanding'. I have possibly learnt this the hard way, but, in so doing, it has enabled me to display a great deal of understanding when it is needed - although, when I have not met with the understanding I seek in return, I experience a sense of failure.

One needs to be willing to cooperate with what is being offered and one must be prepared to show this same understanding in return.

Understanding is essential in the present world in which we live together. We are all conscious that this nation, Republic of Singapore,(or your country)is becoming increasingly selfish - a matter of 'I am all right'. We live in a world where we must offer support to each other and not act though we are some of the first people to live on this Earth.

Why fight? When Cain murdered his half-brother, Abel, and his God-Creator asked him where his brother was, Cain replied rebelliously, (high tone with arrogance) "Am I my brother's keeper?!!"
Yes, we are.

Why fight?
We have to help each other, but we must also have understanding from both sides, accepting the reality of life and recognising what we can and cannot do in truth.

Forgiveness, this is all part of real life. It is wonderful to experience forgiveness, but if one repeats the same mistake over and over again, more than seventy-times-seven(?), forgiveness will not be so forthcoming, and understanding will go out of the window. It is very important and needful, though, to try to understand both sides of a situation.

I experienced tremendous love and understanding from the Healthy Wealth. Not only are the postings here very grounded , but the sole aim of these postings is to help alleviate human suffering and misunderstandings or un-understanding. The welfare of the public is the top priority, then the blogger, then networking .

This Healthy Wealth has stood the test of time, so far, for well over 20 months and maintains these fundamental principles. I am often overwhelmed by the tremedous sense of love and understanding within this Healthy Wealth and the enthusiasm to inform, educate, entertain and protect the wealth well-being of the public.

I am thankful that I was introduced to this blog Healthy Wealth. It is with immerse pleasure that today I can see the fruits of all their healthy hard work.

Healthy Wealth versus filthy lucre? Yes, when I see any doctors/barefoot-doctors/angels striving to maintain the high standards of public healthcare in our profession, than I am extremely proud to be associated with those colleagues who, selflessly did/do their own best to alleviate human sufferings.

We have worked diligently on educative matters and have succeeded in promoting public safety and healthy awareness cannot be taken for granted anymore today, I am privileged to have been associated with them. You are one of them.

From Mentor Minister LeeKuanYew of Singapore on Wednesday, 19 August 2009 in Parliament session: "We’re here today, we have this building, we have all these facilities, and all around us is evidence of our accountability. Without being accountable, we would not have been re—elected and there would have been no Singapore of today."

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