Monday, August 22, 2016

The Secret To Healing Cancer Through Psychological And Spiritual Growth

A human being is more than just a physical body but consists of body, mind, social and spiritual dimensions. They must all be considered if one seriously seeks to heal the body.the modern medicine had many areas that needed to be expanded upon and improved and learn more about the effects of the human spirit and psyche on the physical body.

Cancer is much more than just a physical illness. Therefore relying on drug improvements and the current methods and philosophy of medical science to develop cancer treatment techniques is like climbing a tree to catch a fish.

When you red on there may be a resonant feeling of truth or you may wake up or enlightened  with a clear insight into your life. it does not matter whether it is you who has cancer or a friend, or a family member, or if you are an oncologist. I hope that this entirely new cancer treatment method derived from a very different understanding of cancer will lead you to a different thought paradigm. If you agree and are interested in promoting these concepts to fight cancer from mind and heart, you are welcome to join me and work with me and others like-minded .

Cancer is an illness that brings people face to face with mortality.

A new definition of Cancer - A Turning Point For A New Life. Cancer or any illness for that matter is a reflection of your life condition through your body. Cancer is not a cause, it is a result.
(Counter reads 20868461 @ 10:44AM, on 23/08/2016) The real causes of cancer are not what modern medicine thinks, such as carcinogenic food, chemical pollution, or free radicals, as some medical specialists have stated.

Take diet for example. Over emphasizing the belief that " eating carcinogenic food will cause cancer" only create fear in people and the stress from that fear will cause more harm to the body than the carcinogenic food itself. Thought, emotion and attitude towards life are much more deeply related to the body than the food we eat daily. Please remember : YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK, NOT WHAT YOU EAT.

Cancer is indeed a pathological change in genes. No doubt. However, what is the reason for this pathological change in genes? The biggest problem of present modern medical science is the fact that it is solely a material medical science. It is therefore not a true and complete medical science. The real cause of cancer cannot be found in the physical realm.

The real cause of cancer started in the realm of the human psyche. To put it another way, if the real cause in the realm of the psyche is not understood, not detected and not faced, any treatment that considers only the  body, the "physical matter" treatment, or so-called "generic technique treatment" only treat the symptoms, not the real cause.

This is why modern medical sciences so often reaches a state of "we cannot do anything more" with respect to curing cancer patients. When development of medical science not only takes our physical not only take our physical body into account, but also considers the role that the human psyche plays in physical health, it will then become a truly wholesome medical science.

Cancer should be seen as A Turning Point For A New Life in LIFE. This turning point is NOT about teaching you how to eat healthier food, or how to find more ways to defend yourself against cancer. This Turning Point is about teaching you HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BEST. It obliges you to honestly re-examine your self your attitude towards LIFE, to make you question yourself and ask what do you live for and to realize what kind of lifestyle you have. Through this kind of awareness, one can harness the power of cancer-causing change in genes and redirect it towards healing and the creation of a desirable lifestyle.

Majority of people including majority of medical professionals do NOT see this point. The whole medical-education establishment is geared towards physical medical science.  Cancer is the result of the effect of psychic causes, manifested in the physical body. The real power, which has the ability to initiate this manifestation process, is the power of our psyche.

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