Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stupendous Results #5

Subject : My story : how many times do we need to hear the "stuff" before we get it.  At the same time I am comforted knowing my Creator never gives up on me and the truth keeps returning ! 

June 13, our car was rear-ended and both Jack and I were injured.  because I was turned (twisted so to speak) watching for oncoming traffic I received a whiplash to my hip. Did not feel hurt immediately, however 3 days later I felt like I had been beaten! Went to the chiropractor and massage therapists and acupuncturist . . . and with their treatments got periodic relief from the pain.  Interestingly enough they would say, "drink water" ; however, I made no connection with pain and dehydration! I have never taken so much Arnica even resorted to Advil some days, ice pack / heating pads . . .  trochanteris belt , lumbar support belt . . .major depression.

What is going to happen! Then an article appeared 10 days ago in a local paper about Dr. Batmanghelidj' s work written by a local massage therapist and the connection of pain and dehydration . . . I thought I have nothing to lose. next morning upon arising I immediately drank about 32 fluid-ounces of water and then continued throughout the day to get in about 80 fluid-ounces. About 3 days later I began to sense the pain diminishing. All this time I have been having treatments with some improvement but still the lingering pain. 

After 5 days on the water I had an almost pain-free day!  Then on the 6th day pain-free and have been since; truly it was the water , also lost a couple of pounds with no change to exercise or diet and my energy returned. 

My depression lifted and I am back to my energetic loving self.  So, yes, I am on a mission to spread the word and so glad you are doing such a fine job. 


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