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Professor Lawrence Appel, M.D., M.P.H.

Chairman: Food and Nutrition Panel,
National Academy of Sciences (NAS), 26 February, 2004.

Dear Dr. Appel:

Follow Your Thirst, Report Says : Washington Post

Wrong! A large percentage of people get sick as a result of chronic unintentional dehydration without sensing thirst!

The view presented by your NAS panel about waiting to get thirsty before drinking water is exactly what is wrong with medicine in America, and possibly the single cause of 
escalating costs of the "sick care" system in this country. This is the reason we have a sick care system in place of having a health care system that understands disease prevention instead of medicating  people until they get sicker by the millions. At least 200,000 of these die every year from medication-related problems.  This is the very reason that after heart disease and cancer, chemicals used in patient treatment are the third most prevalent licensed and protected cause of death in this country, more that the other common diseases. 

None of the honorable members of your panel, whose report made news in all the major media, seemed to be aware that PA Phillips, PA. and associates, New England J. Medicine, Sept. 1985 --Reduced Thirst Water Deprivation in Healthy Elderly Men -- have shown that sharpness of the perception of thirst is lost after a certain age until obviously dehydrated elderly do not recognize they need to drink water and do not reach for water that is put next to them. Otherwise your panel would have used different wording in their report.  the elderly are the sickest sector of society as a result of waiting to get thirsty before they drink water , exactly what your report is recommending people  should do.

Worse still, the panel seems to be unaware of the primary role of the neurotransmitter histamine as the water regulator and the drought management program coordinator in the human body : that it gets more and more manufactured as the body begins to get dehydrated, producing the major localized pains and systemic conditions like allergies, asthma, the "inflammatory diseases," and others : that water is the best natural anti-histamine that should be used instead of the antihistamine chemicals drugs on the market : that water is the best natural diuretic that should be used in place of drugs for this purpose.  With their drastic limitation of knowledge about the water regulatory processes in the human body , to dictate to people to drink water only when they get thirsty without doubt will harm most of those who trustingly heed the instruction.   The abstract of presentation on histamine is attached.

Your panel has reiterated what Heinz Valtin, M.D., professor emeritus of Dartmouth medical School, published in the American Journal of Physiology in August of 2002. My attached rebuttal articulate to Dr. Valtin's obsolete views about initiation of the thirst mechanism by the kidney --"Waiting to Get Thirsty Is to Die Prematurely and Very Painfully"-- was published in the Townsend Letters for Doctors and Patients, january 2003.  The article is also posted on .

This article explains fully why the esteemed members of your panel need to review the published materials on unintentional dehydration and reverse the emphasis in their report on "waiting to get thirsty before drinking water" -- as soon as possible . They need to realize that the human body has many other emergency thirst signals that precede the dry mouth indicator of thirst. They need to advise people to minimally over-hydrate -- prevent dehydration -- rather than wait for dehydration to cause a "dry mouth" before drinking water.  A large percentage of people get sick as a result of locally settled and inflammation-producing chronic unintentional dehydration without sensing "thirst."

The members of your panel need to realize that water should be  placed on top of the list of nutrients.  After all, it is the primary instrument of energy release -- its hydrolytic chemical action -- for all functions on the human body. People who drink water to prevent thirst are doing the right thing. They are preventing dehydration-effect to even begin in their body systems. They are preventing the diseases of dehydration (DOD) that we in medicine have assumed to be this or that disease condition and treated with inventive cocktails of toxic medications.  This is the dark side of modern medicine that is getting exposed for the shameful , licensed and protected,  medical ignorance that it is. 

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