Wednesday, November 30, 2016

6 Healthy Ways to Grow Wealthy

 As you begin to understand how incredibly powerful and in-  demand the Jeunesse anti-aging products really are, the more you  will want to recommend them to others. Sharing these innovative  products is the key to your success. Your income will be directly  related to your efforts in sharing the products and building a sales  organization.

 You can participate in the Jeunesse Global Financial Rewards  Plan at whichever level you wish. You decide whether you want to  create a part-time income through retail sales or build a full time  business–YOU control your destiny.

 Here are your 6 ways to wealth:
  1.  Retail Profit…
  At any level in Jeunesse Global, Distributors are able to  purchase products at the wholesale price for personal use. As a  Distributor, you are also able to resell Jeunesse Global  products and earn a retail profit. You can earn up to 40%  retail profit on each sale.

 Example: You pay $100.00 for a product and sell it at the  suggested retail of $150.00
 -–you earn a $50.00 retail profit!

2.  New Customer Acquisition Bonus…

As you personally enroll new Customers into your team, you can earn lucrative Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CAB).
These bonuses are paid on the purchase of one of the Jeunesse Global product packages as follows:
Product Package†:     CV*        CAB
Basic Package                 100        $25
Supreme Package          300       $100
Jumbo Package             400        $200
Ambassador Pack         500        $250
* CV = Commissionable Volume (see Glossary of Terms)
† Details of all products packages can be found on the corporate website

3.  Team Commissions…

You can earn powerful Team Commissions as you start to build your Jeunesse Global sales team. These commissions are designed to reward you for helping and supporting those who join your team. The more you help them succeed, the more you can earn from Team Commissions. In order to qualify for this powerful income stream you need to earn 100 points in Personal Sales Volume (PSV) from your personal purchases or your customer’s purchases through your website and personally enroll two Distributors who each accumulate 100 points in PSV. Place one of these Distributors on your left team and one on your right team (see below).

This will activate your position so that you may now earn Team Commissions.

As Jeunesse Global products and product packages are ordered or sold by those in your team, volume is created in each of your teams. When 300 points of Commissionable Volume (CV) has been accumulated in one team (it doesn’t matter which one) and 600 points of CV in the other, you will earn a Team Commission of $35. You can earn up to 750 Team Commissions in any one week–that’s the potential to earn $26,250 per week from this one income stream alone!

4.  Leadership Matching Bonuses…

You can earn Leadership Matching Bonuses on the Team Commissions earned by your personally enrolled team. You can earn this bonus on up to seven levels of your team in each line of sponsorship. Every person you personally enroll creates a new line of sponsorship. You must personally create a minimum of 60 points in PSV in order to participate in this bonus.

The number of levels on which you can earn the bonus is determined by your position in the Financial Rewards Plan. 
The bonuses are as follows:
Level 1–20%
Level 2–15%
Level 3–10%
Level 4–5%
Level 5–5%
Level 6–5%
Level 7–5%
You can earn an additional 5% on Level 1 if you have 5 Preferred Customers and an additional 10% if you have 10 Preferred Customers for the month.

 5.  Customer Incentive Bonus…
Our Preferred Customer Program is great for friends and family members who just want to benefit from using Jeunesse Global’s products. By becoming a Preferred Customer, they can receive a 10% discount from the normal retail price. However, they can receive a 20% discount from the normal retail price providing they enroll in our Autoship program. Since you receive the difference between the wholesale price and the price your Preferred Customer pays, you can benefit too!

By having a minimum of 5 Preferred Customers, you can also receive an additional 5% Leadership Matching Bonus* from those Distributors on the first level of your team.

Having 10 Preferred Customers increases this to an additional 10% on your first level team Distributors.

* See income stream/Leadership Matching Bonuses for further details on how the Leadership Matching Bonus works.

6.  Leadership Bonus Pool…

You can earn a share of the Company’s total global sales by qualifying for our Leadership Bonus Pool. The Company takes 3% of total CV and shares this amongst those qualified to earn this bonus. In order to participate, you must have 10 Customers or Preferred Customers each month in the quarter.*

You earn one share in the Leadership Bonus Pool for every 1000 CV that is created through your personal efforts or through the efforts of your personally enrolled team. Every quarter, the bonus pool is calculated and the bonus is paid out based on the total number of shares you have earned during the bonus period.

To qualify to earn income from the Leadership Bonus Pool, you must have achieved the rank of Diamond or Double Diamond Director.

* International Distributors only need to have 10 personally enrolled Distributors complete an Autoship order each calendar month of the quarter in order to participate. 

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