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Super NARIWA water

Try Super NARIWA Concentrate today!

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SuperNARIWA - The Chemical Buster That
Breaks Down Chemicals,
Encourages Proper Cell
Hydration, Nourishment And Cleansing

Washes away toxins and waste products

Maintains a healthy pH — Supports your health by keeping your
    body fluids from becoming overly acidic.

Increases hydration and detoxification in your body

Increases the stability of your cells

Dear Health Enthusiast,
Detoxification has never been easier! If you are looking for pure spring water powerful enough to promote better health and vitality, here's important news...
SuperNARIWA® is an energizing and detoxification formula concentrated from the waters of Japan’s Magnetic Mountain formed a million years ago as the result of a sea volcano eruption and meteorite shower. These magnetized waters, known as the Emperor’s Water, offer special rejuvenating powers. and have proven through clinical tests to improve energy and remove toxins from the body.
Clinical tests prove that the mineral concentrates in SuperNARIWA®, (extracted from the ancient magnetic volcano in Japan), remove toxins from the body and have the potential to reduce the effects of disease as well as improve energy. The unique minerals in SuperNARIWA® dissolve molecule clusters held together by toxins.

Let me start with the story of Nariwa water...
Millions of years ago in ancient Japan, a powerful sea volcano erupted and rose to the surface. At the very same time, a huge meteorite shower occurred in the night sky — spraying the area with magnetite. As a result, the magnetite from the meteors bonded with the limestone and granite in the volcano, creating a magnetic mountain, called Nariwa. The result: a continuously magnetic environment that creates the unique properties of the waters that are used to make SuperNARIWA.

Natural Magnetization Is The Important Difference

Since then, every year, rain water seeps through this mountain into the natural spring, gathering valuable minerals and nutrients and gaining natural magnetization.
Natural magnetization is important to the human body because it increases cell stability. Unlike other, artificially magnetized mineral waters, Nariwa mineral water retains its magnetization permanently because it's been naturally magnetized from the start.
The natural magnetization of Nariwa water allows its molecules to be more organized. This allows easy absorption by the cells in your body. This also makes it easier and more efficient for accumulated toxins to be flushed out.
Nariwa has a slightly higher alkaline pH which helps keep your body fluids from becoming overly acidic... because overly acidic body fluids can lead to illness.
Water and magnetism are two interactive forces of natural energy. They both have an important role in maintaining a healthy internal environment.
Since our body is over 70% water, improving the quality of the water you drink every day can improve your health and well-being. Drinking just one bottle of Nariwa a day can be the first step toward better health.
Human life was created and functions as a result of natural energy, which becomes the "Life Force". Two essential components of this life force are magnetism and water. However, these two can only create an effective energy source through their interaction. The nature of water — its structure, content and bio-activity — is critical in order to activate a strong magnetic signal."
People in Japan (a country known for its longevity) has used this water for centuries, for its amazing benefits. In fact, many legends arose throughout history about this amazing water...
One of the earliest dates back to around the 10th century AD. After a drought lasting many years, the people prayed to the gods to send rain. Even though their prayers had not been answered in the past, this time water began to flow from the mountain and created a natural spring.

The "Emperor's Water"

In 13th century Japan, the Emperor was terminally ill and sought out a place to die. He was brought to the mountain and was served Nariwa water daily. Soon, his health was restored.
He brought this water back to his palace in Kyoto and distributed it to his Court, where health improvement was documented. This water became known as the "Emperor's Water." Members of the court were sworn to secrecy for centuries — nothing was ever written about this specific water by the Japanese people until now.

Now You, Too, Can Benefit From The Forces Of Nature
That Collided Millions Of Years Ago

Because of its location, Nariwa water is naturally formed in a permanent magnetic environment. Studies with Nariwa water over the past four years have identified the following:
  • Smaller molecular clusters, which are permanently magnetized, creating a more organized alignment and intracellular movement throughout the body. (See Fig.1)
  • Heavier density ratio than other water — 1.02:1.00.
  • Slightly higher pH - 7.6 to 8.0.
  • Up to 74 naturally ionized minerals.
How Does This Water Work To Promote Better Health And More Graceful Aging?

  • Increases intracellular hydration.
  • Increases absorption of minerals, which move more easily through cell walls.
    (See Fig. 2)
  • Stabilizes cell electrons to help control formation of free radicals.
  • Increases electrochemical activity.
  • Detoxifies tissues by attracting and flushing out wastes, thus increasing kidney function. (See Fig. 3)
  • Neutralizes acidity in body fluids to help maintain normal blood pH and viscosity. 

  •  Click For Fig 1,2,3 & 4: DIFFERENCE IN SIZE OF WATER CLUSTERS. 


Over the past five years, this unique water has been tested with different populations of people with a variety of chronic and aging-related problems. The results have been remarkable.
After analyzing data from these studies, it became apparent that the condition, content and structure of the water in our bodies will determine how each of us ages and how our bodies can remain healthy and balanced during aging.
Several doctors have embraced this water and are convinced of its therapeutic benefits. Results of their studies show improved health and recovery from serious problems.
Other studies include reports of a delay in memory loss, increased kidney function, increased bioenergy, and restoring intestinal flora to a healthy state.

Why Is the Quality of Water We Put In Our Body
Essential to Health and Aging?

The mystery of understanding disease and aging begins with knowing what our body needs throughout its lifetime to maintain health and vitality. Premature, unnatural aging can result from loss of water volume and the body being continuously exposed to contaminated water. Another major factor is the body's inability to adequately assimilate essential minerals and nutrients.
A major problem in maintaining health during aging is a result of years of medications that have accumulated in the tissues. Even when a disease is treated successfully with drugs, the cells still retain the germs in a latent state along with the toxins of the medications that had been used to destroy them. As the body ages and the immune system declines, this makes it possible for disease to re-emerge.
Water, which makes up over 70% of our body composition, is the most influential and vital component that provides the body with the ability to maintain health and prevent its deterioration. This can only happen if the quality, content, and structure of the water meets the body's requirements. For water to be most effective in our body, it is necessary for it to contain minerals that haven been completely assimilated in order to nourish and protect the cells. It should have a slightly higher alkaline pH, which is necessary to assure that the body fluids do not become and remain acidic, resulting in illness and more rapid aging.
However, because of contamination in our environment such as toxic wastes and chemical additives, food and water have been depleted of critical minerals necessary for metabolism. As a result, the body's chemistry becomes unbalanced, and destructive substances known as free radicals form. These free radicals destroy cells and cause the body in general to deteriorate.
spring-waterBecause Nariwa Spring Water is magnetized, it can pass through cell walls easier and does a better job of eliminating waste than ordinary water.
Nariwa Spring water can retain its magnetic properties because of its high mineral content. Up to 74 minerals have been detected in this water through tests conducted at certified labs in Japan. Because of its natural magnetization these minerals are naturally ionized. Unlike artificially magnetized water, the magnetization in Nariwa remains permanently, even after it is removed from its source, bottled, and stored for long periods of time.
Because it is totally natural, it contains no chemicals or toxins found in general water supplies. It also contains several trace minerals no longer found in our water or soil. It has been exposed to scientific testing and has been found to create changes in the body's internal environment. Nariwa Spring Water is tested regularly, both in the U.S. and Japan for its safety and content, and meets or exceeds all EPA standards. Readings on magnetization in the water report a very safe, but effective gauss level.

Re-discovered by Japanese Physician

Dr. Yoshitaka Ohno, M.D., a Japanese physician, discovered Nariwa water about nine years ago, after meeting a doctor near his home in Osaka. The doctor had been treating his patients with the water with excellent results. He found that the water not only tasted wonderful, but supported every cell of the body in extraordinary ways.
After further study, it became apparent that this water had special therapeutic benefits.
After spending years in research at several medical institutions, Dr. Ohno founded The Ohno Institute on Water and Health in 1998 www.ohno.org. It has been his mission to expose this water to rigid studies to verify its consistent ability to improve health and the aging process.

Costs No More Than Other Fine Mineral and Spring Waters

Nariwa Mineral Water is now available in the United States in a super concentrated form. SuperNARIWA concentrate increases the benefits of Nariwa Water in a smaller, easier-to-use bottle. One 10ml. bottle of SuperNARIWA concentrate equals the benefits of 60 12-ounce Nariwa Water bottles.
SuperNARIWA water is now available in the United States and costs no more than other fine mineral spring waters. Just $95.00 plus $6.50 for shipping.
Try SuperNARIWA Concentrate today!
Sorry! Nariwa Water is no longer available.

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