Monday, November 21, 2016

Chapter Nine : Sharing My Vision

Sharing My Vision 

Soongworld  : Mind - Body - Spirit Unity With Nature

I have ... inherited a spiritual nature, which has affected how I view life. My search and quest to become a humanitarian physician began with a spiritual influence, which has always kept  me on the path towards achieving my goals. It is with this introduction that I now explain and share my vision of following a mind-body-spirit life to achieve a healthier, longer and fuller life. 

The name that I created to represent my vision of the mind-body-spirit experience in helping others enjoy a healthier , fuller and longer life is Soongworld. This term is a combination of two words, Soong* and World. (*SONG   宋     ChineseKorean From Chinese  (sòng) referring to the Song dynasty, which ruled China from 960 to 1279. 

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Soong Family History

I learn the values of Soongworld : diligence, courage, generosity, excellence, fairness, integrity, loyalty, orderliness, perseverance, respect, self-discipline, sincerity, teamwork, not as a practitioner of a religion, but as a benefactor of what this philosophy offered.
This philosophy means, "To live in harmony with a new heart with all mankind as ONE WITH NATURE WORLD." It is humanitarian in concept, but incorporates the spiritual domain. It teaches praise and gratitude for all we are called to do , and recognizes nature as a major force and energy in determining our destinies. Knowledge passed down from centuries of its history has provided important guidelines for many, ancient healing arts, which are popular today. This knowledge was the inspiration for my vision of mind-body-spirit unity.

World inside Soongworld is an ideal state. It is also the optimal state of health and well-being. Soongworld seemed like the best way I know to express this concept.

To accept the concept of Soongworld and benefit from what it offers, it is necessary to understand and believe that :

1. There is no single cause for each illness. Disease, like health, is the result of a combination of factors : mind, body, spirit , environment and life choices. 

2. There is more than one way for the human body to heal itself. No single approach, practice or treatment can do it all.

3. Healing is not exclusive to medical treatments or pharmaceuticals.  With the right approach to using the healing power of mind-body-spirit, in unity with the gifts of nature , health can be restored and maintained.

4. We as responsible beings must take full responsibility, without exception, for our own continuous state of health and well-being. 

Inherent is Soongworld are the natural principles and practices of the ancient attitudes, healing philosophies and healing arts, which have been lost and relinquished to modern medicine. On the other hand, my strong background and training in Soongworld required that I incorporate sound, scientific principles into the development of this vision. The result in bringing humankind and nature together as partners in realizing this vision to help people everywhere and future generations enjoy a healthier, fuller and longer life, harmoniously. 

Soongworld's philosophy embraces the universal, natural law of cause and effect.  It holds that humans have a full responsibility to live with respect for nature and live in communion with all of our earth's natural forces and resources.  As we honour and respect ourselves, as we nurture our environment, our gratitude can create real good actions to ensure that the energy of life will create harmony for all life forms. 

The rewards of accepting this philosophy are achieved through dedication to serve  Self I-Dentity and Humankind.  Keeping the unity of mind-body-spirit in balance allows us to focus on striving to maintain this same harmony with nature. I want to share this attitude and commitment with others to offer them the same opportunity to experience the benefits of this Soongworld vision.

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