Saturday, November 19, 2016

Vision And Practice of Humanitarian Medicine. #1

Sometimes it takes the efforts of reflecting on the collective experience of many years to make us realize that the moment of defeat was really the beginning of our victory. It is true ; my life has been a succession of many painful experiences.  but as I reflect upon each crisis, I recognize that as I have progressed through every event , there has also been a new part of me that has awakened.  my inner being has always emerged is a positive way, gradually making me a more centered and focused person. And as I have grown and become more balanced and spiritually connected, my life has given rise to a new level of commitment.

This blog is about the times in my life when I had to encounter many struggles in order to gain understanding and have appreciation of the final outcome.  While I report the honours I experienced during my years of practicing medical research the world, I also show how I gradually found a way to answer the cries of despair for my patients and readers. This was not easy. It required that I make a decision that would put me at professional risk and force me to leave my practice.  But  during this process of  change, I learned to become a better human, more concerned about the welfare of my patients and readers, than the rewards of fame and fortune, which, unfortunately, has become modern medicine. 

I did not have to take this road.  It would have been easier to follow the program and do what I was told to do by my superiors.  I come from a very prominent family.  I have always  had choices and opportunities.  But  the values given to me by my family led to the decision to take actions, which, though distressing at first, brought me to what I believe is my destiny.  Without the experiences during this journey, I would have never  been receptive to receive and understand the vision that was given to me, a vision that brings hope to anyone seeking a better, longer and fuller life. 

During this journey I gained insight and learned to view my life with new understanding.  I found the place where the seeds of knowledge are formed.  I also found answers to how each of  us is able to take some control of how we want to live the rest of our lives.  This is how I received the message , which was to become my vision, a vision that weaves its way throughout the story of my journey.

I believe that there has always been an invisible force/being within me  guiding my direction and encouraging me to discovery my true calling in life.  As I have proceeded through this transformation, there is one principal factor that has continually surfaced and risen to the top.  This factor above all else has captured my awareness and remains today a focus in my life. The factor is contribution , the act of giving  to others , directly from one's heart.  This affects not only the recipients of our gestures, but of equal importance , the essence of our personal being . 

I also believe , more than anything else, that my vision to help humanity is derived directly from giving people the awareness of how vitally important contribution is to the soul of the benefactor. My vision has become a vehicle that can assist people to gain an understanding that as they direct their energies to give of themselves with a pure and open heart , they will ultimately fill an emptiness that resides deep within their spiritual center. 

My blog encompasses the actual journey I experienced in my own personal search in discovering the importance  of contribution. There is a saying that it is not until someone has lived through a particular experience that they are able to develop empathy that is needed to help others in similar situations. for this i am grateful . 

My destiny has taken the shape of my personal contribution to help humanity through the vision , which I call Soongworld ; a mind, body and spirit healing unity and its connection to a philosophy of living with gratitude and respect for nature.  It is based on the wisdom of ancient healing arts, together with sound scientific, medical  breakthrough knowledge.  By practicing and teaching through sharing this Soongworld vision, many people with whom I have had the privilege and contact now enjoy a healthier and fuller life. 

Through years of study and experimentation,  I found the significant interrelationship of health and nature , and its impact on the quality of life. The best example is our precious water supply. After you read this blog, you should become more knowledgeable about how and why the quality of the water in our body can be the difference between health and sickness.  you should also understand why it is imperative to redirect our priorities and efforts to take better care of our limited water sources. You will also understand why it is crucial to have the best water possible available for human consumption, so we can enjoy a healthier , longer and fuller life. 

In 2008, I started the Healthy Wealthy Blogsite on Water and Health, a non-profit platform, to foster research, education, training, and the dissemination of the information on chronic and aging disorders.  The focus of the work at the Healthy Wealth Blogsite is to study and promote the benefits of the naturally structured water I discovered in the natural world, which has been shown to have a major effect in preventing diseases associated with aging , as well as delaying the ageing process. 

Early in my quest, I began to search for ways to stop the suffering of my patients and readers worldwide who had degenerative diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis ; and disease such as hypertension , asthma and diabetes, which needed to be managed with control medications.  i realized that the negative side effects of these drugs medications were creating new set of serious problems, complications, syndromes,  and increasing the body's deterioration.  After further study , I became convinced that the condition of the body's water was related to the way the body continually deteriorated and recovered from disease. 

In order to test this theory, I studied and tested many water sources. While I was conducting research in home, I discovered naturally structured water that was being used by prominent practitioners with their own patients suffering from the same diseases.  As I observed and studied these patients, it became obvious and apparent that this water is unique and has therapeutic benefits. To prevent this gift of healing from being exploited, I continue to share globally this good news, and I have made it my life's mission to distribute this very humble water to as many people as I possibly can. I like to thank those who share this blogsite (started since 2008) with others unselfishly.  It is through  making this water cure humanity information available  to people that my vision of a way to a healthier , fuller and longer life will ultimately be made known. 

I invite you, respected readers, to accompany me for a while as I reflect upon my life's work and passion.  As you live with me through the experience which I describe in this blog, you should be able to comprehend the essence and the total meaning of my Soongworld vision, which has helped me fulfill my parent's wish that I become a humble humanitarian physician.

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