Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Aging Without Fear

Now it’s Time to Break Free from the Fear of Aging

In this world, there is enough stuff to bewilder and confuse us. Say signboards in airport, metro stations, global news, people, and personal situations like finance, relationships etc. Further looking at tragic events like calamities, accidents, death of loved ones, cancer infected kids, addiction to drugs, relationship woes and the list continues…. Sometimes it’s easy to digest and sometimes not? In fact we ignore and conceal those thoughts deep inside.
Even if we are drowned in these subtle doubts, still we continue to live our life, go to work, come back, cook food, take care of our kids, see television, spend time in Facebook, go pubs, work hard and so on. Still the doubts and confusions are not gone. We may temporarily forget and don’t talk about the situation, still they are present inside.
We may ask within ourselves why did market crash? Why the bill was passed in the House? Why the terrorist killed the innocent ones? Why only he was affected by a rare type of cancer? Lot of why’s? So this is the point where we are drowned with lot of questions? We are bombarded with information via news and media. But we don’t have the wisdom to figure out the real cause – WHY IT IS HAPPENING?
We always seek the answer but as we do not know whom to ask, we ignore it. It’s very natural to ignore as we have to again wake up in the morning and go office and follow the routine life.
In all these circumstances we continue to live and build dreams of living a good life, but life do not go smooth as expected, we are affected with disease, old age and so on. Even the medical science is advancing; it can’t make us live a very long life. It can’t stop us from aging. So we suffer from anxiety and think what will happen to our dreams and what will happen to me. They ask themselves can’t we stay alive forever?
Yes, you can stay alive forever.
If we want the most bonafide answer to all those situations described above, we should go to the revealed scriptures of the world.
So in this post we will focus on the most fearful event of our life i.e. death.
The teachings of Vedas confirm that we can be alive forever. But before that we have to know who we are? Yes it’s a good question to start. Let us ask this question to ourselves…
Who are we? We immediately look into our pockets, Office Id card, passports, door name plates and so on, they speak like these – Robert Frank, 36 years old, veteran, Managing director, CEO, American, African, doctors, lawyers, mother, father, brother and so on. We acquire a good number of identity labels since our birth. The first one we get is female or male and new labels continue to join our “identity” bucket.
And it’s very simple to figure out that these identities or labels change by time. In fact these are temporary.

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