Saturday, November 12, 2016

AFA Blue-Green Algae and Spiritual Compared

AFA Blue-Green Algae and Spirulina Compared

1. AFA is a wild food harvested from a wild environment. Spirulina is a wild species grown in a controlled environment. Generally this indicates that AFA will contain more minerals than spirulina. Analytical research supports this conclusion.

2. AFA contains more chlorophyll. Ten grams of AFA algae contains approximately 300 mg of chlorophyll. A 10-gram portion of spirulina contains approximately 120 mg. 

3. AFA contains more phycocyanin. AFA blue-green algae has more than twice the phycocyanin ( blue pigments ) of spirulina : 15 percent versus 7 percent.

4. AFA contains more vitamin C. AFA blue-green algae contains more than five times the vitamin C content of spirulina.

5. AFA contains more essential fatty acids. AFA blue-green is a cold-water algae that insulates itself with essential fatty acids. In warmer, tropical saltwater pools ( where spirulina grows ) less of the insulating ,  essential fatty acids are required. 

An initial review of this comparison indicates that AFA blue-green algae is superior to spirulina. However, years pf experience have demonstrated to me that spirulina is more friendly to human metabolism and digestion than AFA blue-green algae. Try them both and see what works for you.! 

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