Friday, December 9, 2016

Water : Nature's Antidepressant Medication

Having learned about the missing role of water in depression, let us now see some results, stupendous results. 

I read your interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj a couple of weeks ago and it made a profound impression on me.  I gave up beverages containing caffeine. Although I have only been on this program for a couple of weeks, I feel like a new person! 

I wanted to tell you about some results that I got, because the ones that impressed me the most and for which I am most thankful, are not physical results, per se; they are emotionally/psychological & mental.

I did get some very good physical results, I lost weight, my allergy symptoms disappeared, and I enjoyed a tremendous upsurge in energy -- but I was more grateful for (and amazed by)  a release from a lifelong battle with depression, and other emotional and psychological problems. I had gotten to the point where my nerves were just shot.  I was sensitive and overreacted to everything. the slightest setback became a major setback.  I couldn't cope with the pressures of even ordinary everyday living, much less more stressful situations. I developed a very short fuse, I would get irritated and angry at the slightest provocation, and then I would get depressed and hated myself, and really just wanted to die. I was ruining my closest relationships, and I contemplated suicide many times. I began to believe that I might have a mental illness. I saw many different psychiatrists and social workers, but my experiences never really changed. I was progressively more volatile with drastic mood swings , and I lived under a big dark cloud.  But then , when I began to follow Dr. Batmanghelidj's  guidelines, i felt the big dark cloud lift.  It was as if the sun finally came out. I felt calmer and more peaceful , more  centered and grounded, and just plain happier.

My nerves no longer jumped out of control at every little thing and I began to feel a profound sense of joy and relief.  I no longer felt so much like something was drastically wrong with me.  I began to be able to hold my head up and face the world, instead of tending toward a  sort of paranoid agoraphobia.

I don't know whether other people with similar problems might get the same relief, but as you say, when you've tried everything else and it's failed, it can't hurt to try something like this.  I know many people who don't even drink one glass of water in a day. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't benefit from increasing his or her intake of water.

Thank you so much for publishing tht fascinating interview. It make more sense than anything else i have ever read on health ( and I've read a lot) , and it has helped me more than anything else I have ever tried (and I've tried a lot!). Also, a glass of water is free -- my last psychiatrist was US$65.00 for 45 minutes! !

Thank you again,
Sincerely your, K.M., Syracuse, New York

NOTE: As you can see, K.M. exhibited all the perceptive manifestations of dehydration that I identified in Figure 5-1 at the beginning of this chapter 5. Once she corrected her daily intake of water to avoid dehydration, all those symptoms disappeared too. 

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