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The Great Secret To Activating The Law

The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! -  Joe Vitale - Page 17

The Great Secret To Activating The Law 

The lady on the phone had a question.

"I've been giving money away for years and I 

haven't seen my own prosperity grow at all. 

What am I doing wrong?"

"Where are you giving money?"

 "To my local church."

"Why are you giving them money?" I asked.

"They need it."

"How do you feel when you give it to them?"

 "Like I am helping them out of a hole."

"But how do you really feel when you give them money?"

There was a moment of silence.

 "Well, it's a pain," she admitted. "I cringe 

when I write them a check."

Not good.

"If you feel lousy when you give money, then 

you are associating money with bad feelings," I explained. 

"You probably don't want to attract more bad 
feelings, so you probably won't attract much more 
money, either."

"Wow. I never thought of it that way."

 "And if you give because someone asked for it 
or even pleaded for it, then you are reinforcing 
need," I explained. "In order for you to experience 
increased wealth, you want to give money 
wherever it makes you feel good to do so. In other 
words,giving to someone who needs it is a noble 
thing to do. Do it. But that ís not the principle 
I'm talking about here."

"I get it!" she said. 

I couldn't help but think some other part of

the universe was helping her understand 

what I couldn't explain.

"What did you get?" I asked.

"I've been keeping the church in a begging mode," she said.

"My heart wants to give money to wherever I 
feel spiritual nourishment. Sometimes that's 
my church. Sometimes it's not."

 "You got it!" I said.

And there you have it.

 You can give money to any causes you like. I've 
helped The Red Cross, the Make-A-Wish 
Foundation, cancer funds, and more.

But I didn't expect my finances to increase from 
that giving. 

That generosity was helping, yes, but 
not necessarily activating spiritual law. 
The spiritual law of financial income seems to 
happen when you give money freely to 
wherever you get your spiritual nourishment, 
with a small expectation that somehow, 

some way, some day, your finances will increase as a result. 

Giving to worthy causes might activate the law if 
you feel you received spiritual nourishment from
those causes. But if you didn't, and you give 
anyway, you are probably just helping people 
in need.

That, of course, is noble. I say do it.

Again, the subject of this book is the greatest 
money-making secret in history. And you 
activate that secret when you give freely, 
joyously, to wherever you currently get 
spiritual nourishment and nurturing. 

"Money is an outer form of spiritual substance."

-- Georgiana Tree West, Prosperity ís Ten Commandments

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