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Magnetised Water

Keep magnets away from people who are wearing pacemakers or other medical devices. 
Keep a minimum of 3 feet away from CRT monitors, computers and tv's.

Experimental study and clinical observation have demonstrated that there are no side effects from drinking magnetized water over a long period of time.

However, Magnetically treated water is commonly used to aid digestion, better absorption of nutrients, prevention of kidney and gallbladder stones. Many users report that drinking magnetically treated water increases the effectiveness of other magnetic therapy.
“Wonder Water”, so named by Drs. Gerbvenschikow, Shetsov and Tovstoles, specialists at the Military Academy in St. Petersburg, is used to treat patients with ailments ranging from kidney and gallbladder stones to digestive and urinary problems. Drinking magnetically treated water should be part of your daily health maintenance program.
Disclaimer>>>Here's an exclusive copy (part) of a private interview between Louise Winters, the chairperson of the Magnetic Therapy Council, and Dee Parsons, a veteran pain nurse specialist and magnetic therapist.

Louise: Is there anything else that users can do to ensure that they get the best possible benefits from their magnets?

Dee: One of the quickest and simplest ways to get the best benefits from magnetic therapy is to treat the body from the outside in and inside out at the same time. I know that this nay sound complicated but it's actually very simple to do.

You treat the body from outside in by wearing magnetic products directly over the area of pain as we discussed earlier. You then, in-conjunction with wearing magnets on the body, drink magnetic water which treats the body from the inside out.

Louise: I'm sorry to interrupt Dee, but can you please explain just what magnetic water is and what it does?

Dee: Yes, I was coming to that, most people find it a bit strange when I start talking about magnetic water so I will try to explain what it is without being too technical. 

All water in its natural state (from rivers, streams, springs that has not been treated by chemicals) is naturally magnetized. This is because the Earth itself is a gigantic magnet (gravity is a magnetic field) with a north and a south pole. All water before it is treated holds a magnetically charged by the earths magnetic field.

Magnetic water has several very beneficial properties: it aids absorption of nutrients from our food, it aids digestion, it de-toxifies the blood, it regulates hormone levels particularly insulin, serotonin, melatonin and endorphin, it lowers high blood pressure and it increases the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain, plus it also speeds up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of the magnetic field by up to an amazing 6-10 times. 

The water that comes out of the tap has been chemically treated and transported in lead pipes; this destroys the naturally occurring magnetization (also called ionization) in the water. 

Just 4 glasses a day is enough to see quite dramatic differences in a persons pain levels, but it can't be used alone it must be used in-conjunction with magnets directly over the area of pain.

I personally feel that everyone, whether they have pain or not, should drink magnetic water. It's how nature intended us to drink it and there are a wealth of health benefits to be had from drinking it. It cant harm you and does not interfere with any medications or treatments and it does not alter your body in anyway.

Louise: Can people use too many magnets?

Dee: I get asked this question a lot, it is a very common misconception. The magnetic therapy field created from a medical magnet cant harm the body. There is an electromagnetic current in all living things, including humans, it is essential for cellular function. The magnetic field that flows from magnetic therapy devices is the same as the current that occurs naturally in our body.

As an example, an MRI (magnetic resonance imager) scanner used in hospitals for diagnosis purposes emits a magnetic field of around 450,000 gauss, (a medical magnet is usually a maximum of 3,000 gauss). People enter the scanner and have 450,000 gauss of magnetism forced through their body with absolutely no harmful effects.



Magnetic therapy is a natural way to treat ailments in both humans and animals. It is 100% safe, drug free and has no unwanted side effects. Therapeutic Magnets alleviate pain, increase blood circulation and speed up the healing process by reducing inflammation in the body. Small high strength healing magnets are placed on the body close to the point of pain.

They can be applied in the forms of magnetic straps/ wraps, pillows, jewelry, mattress covers and water.It works well as a therapy alone or in-conjunction with both natural and conventional therapies.

Magnetic therapy is not new. It has been around since 2000 BC and has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Cleopatra is reported to have slept on magnets to keep herself youthful. Modern day celebrity devotees include Bill Clinton, Cherie Blair and Anthony Hopkins.

The western world has been slow to pick up on the powerful healing force of magnets and it wasn't until the early 1900's that magnets first began to be used in the UK. It is now used worldwide to treat the symptoms of many common ailments.The following biological and therapeutic functions of magnetic water have already been identified and verified by scientific experiment:

* Magnetic Water can prevent damage to the eudemonist (the layer of scale like cells that line the inside of the blood and lymph vessels, also found in the lining of the heart and some other body cavities). This has the effect of inhibiting the build up of cholesterol, thereby greatly reducing the chances of cerebral and cardiac arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening of the arteries).

* The viscosity of the water is lowered, resulting in improved blood flow thereby aiding in the prevention of cerebral and cardiac thrombosis (clotting of the blood in the circulatory system resulting in the obstruction or complete blockage of the blood flow).

* Magnetized water greatly improves the solubility of calcium thereby inhibiting crystallization and, in fact, dissolving already formed calculus (any hard, solid, concretion or deposit in any part of the body, such as kidney stones) allowing it to become smaller, looser and easily broken. It is therefore helpful in the treatment and prevention of kidney and consistently (gallstones).

* It has been found to seemingly increase the weight of the spleen (which has various functions in modifying the structure of the blood) and thymus, heightening the body's production of disease resistant antibodies, whilst also aiding anti-aging.

* Magnetic Water has been found to seemingly increase the content of the body's immunoglobulin and enhance the psychologist (the action or process of lacteous [white blood cells] attacking bacteria) of the liver, spleen and blood vessels eudemonist. This is of considerable benefit to the cellular immune system.

* The effects of magnetize water  

* Magnetized water has been shown to assist in the protection of the stomach mucous, promote small intestine movement and increase the active dissolution of food, there by alleviating the level of the pathological process of stress induced ulcers.

* Gargling with magnetized water may fight gum disease.

* The treating scope of magnetized water is such that it can prevent, alleviate or cure arteriosclerosis, hyper tension (abnormally high blood pressure, especially in the arteries, or a diseased condition of which this is the chief symptom), coronary heart diseases are also able to be treated.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
This is not a medical device and cannot be relied on to supply medical benefits and is not a substitute for proper medical care.

As we drink it, and the hair color restoration is the first sign of this happening. A second sign is that my fingernails are growing faster and stronger and my skin seems to be getting smother and softer, in spots, with less skin tags...Read the story

The Effects of Magnetic Water
By John V. Milewski

December 21 2003

About 4 months ago I started drinking what I call magnetic water as a means of energizing my body. After a month or so an unusual effect started to show up.

It first showed up on a friend of mine called Bob S. I introduced him to the methods of making magnetic water. He took it up and in his experimentation he went a little further than I did. He was processing his water for about 5 days and drinking 3 cups a day, while I was only processing it for 2 to 3 days. He reported to me that his hair was turning dark, especially in the back of his head near the neck line. As time went on, this effect spread upward and more toward the front. Now after about 4 months his hair is about 95% dark in the back and about 80%, and in the sides and front and his beard about 50% dark.

At that time, which was about 3 months ago, I started watching my own hair. Before I started drinking what I call "magnetic water" my head hair was about 90% gray, and the hair on my beard and mustache was 100% gray. I did not know about the effect of this energized water hair so I was not watching it for the first few months. So when I first noticed it the hair on the back of my head had already turned about 30% dark; now after about 4 to 5 months my hair on the sides, back and top is about 60% turned. My mustache is about 50% turned dark while the beard is still pure white-gray.

As a result of these effects I decided to upgrade my processing facility and make it possible for me to have 5 day water. Five day water is defined as water that remains in the magnetic activation apparatus for a minimum of 5 days. Previous to that I was only using 2 to 3 day water. Now we drink a minimum of 3 cups of this water a day and probably 5 to 6 cups.

What is very unusual about these changes is that the whole hair changes at once from gray to black. It does not start at the roots and grow out but the whole length of the hair turns at once. You may have heard of stories about a person who experienced a terrible shock in their life and their hair turned white over night, well I believe that this magnetic water has the reverse effect, but at a much smaller amount and it takes months to see the effect but the positive effect is there and is real.

The apparatus for making this water is very simple. It consists of an empty new one gallon, in paint can, in which is placed an empty one liter soda bottle that has the top cut off at the level where it starts to get narrower. In the space between the inner wall of the paint can and the empty one liter container, magnetite is poured. This makes a cylinder of powdered magnetite about one and one half inches thick surrounding the one liter size hole in the center. Into this hole is placed a standard bottle of store bought spring water that is about 710 ml size (that's a 3 cup volume of water). It fits in very nicely.

Paramagnetic Charger

You make up a minimum of five of these units. Take one bottle out every day and drink the water.

What I think is happening is that the magnetite which is a strong magnetic suscepter is concentrating the earth's magnetic fields into it's cylindrical shape and the shape effect, in turn, sets up a magnetic spiral vortex in the core of the cylinder in which the water is stored. This in turn activates the water with the magnetic energy.

I think this is the activating force for change in our bodies toward regeneration, as we drink it, and the hair color restoration is the first sign of this happening. A second sign is that my fingernails are growing faster and stronger and my skin seems to be getting smother and softer, in spots, with less skin tags.

Bob S had to go to the dentist to have two molars crowned. He had been drinking the water for about two months before going to the dentist. The dentist told him that he was going to have to do two root canals at $475.00 each before he could do the crowns. When the dentist removed the old fillings he was surprised because he said that where the root was supposed to be, the molars had calcified! He couldn't believe it! He said he had never seen anything like it. Bob S was really happy because he saved $950.00!

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