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Need money? Attract Money Now is the perfect 
blueprint for breaking free from debt, lack, 
struggle and fear. This is the exact same blueprint 
Dr. Joe Vitale used to go from a homeless nobody
to a multimillionaire celebrity. It is a spiritual and 
practical system that will work for YOU. 


• The proven 7-step formula to attract money FAST that will work for YOU 

• How to conquer key hidden beliefs that are pushing money away from you 

• How to use the proven "tapping" technique to get cash flowing fast 

• One of the best-kept secrets of the wealthy for attracting money easily 

• How the rich think differently than you regarding money 

• A brand new secret for spending in a way that leads to attracting money 

• The two amazing little-known levels of asking for money - that always work 

• How to set up multiple streams of income based on doing what you love 

• The one thing to do that will ALWAYS lead to more money 

• 29 ways to attract money NOW! 

And much more! 


Money will match your mindset. 

"Change your mind and you can attract money
now." - DR. JOE VITALE 

IF YOU'VE BEEN STRUGGLING with money, or worried about your job or wealth future, you've come to the right place. 

If you've been wondering how to attract more 
money using things you might have heard about, 
such as the Law of Attraction, then you've come 
to the right place. 

If you've been confused about how to make money 
in tough economic times, when the media declares 
we are in a recession or even depression, then 
you've come to the right place. 

My name is Joe Vitale and I intend to help you 
attract money now. I don't care who or where you 
are. I don't care about your education or 
experience. I don't care if you have a job or a 
business right now. I care about you, without 
knowing any more than you are ready for change.
How do I know? Because you are reading this 
book. You have signaled that you are ready for 

I guarantee that I can help you if you take inspired
action on what you learn in Attract Money Now . 
I've developed a seven-step formula that will work.
All you have to do is read this book and then 
take action. Yes, it's that simple. If you trust me,
and take action, I will help you. You can once and
for all leave the struggle behind. You can finally 
break free from desperation and find a place of 
peace, prosperity, and happiness

There are plenty of books and courses on how to 
buy real estate, invest in stocks or start a business. 
They all assume you already have money. What if 
you don't? What if you're truly desperate? What if 
you're truly broke? What if you're not sure what 
to do with the little money you may have? 

I'm so convinced that my seven-step formula will
work for you or anyone else - that I am giving the 
digital version of this book away for free. 

Why am I so confident these seven steps will work? 

In the mid-1970s I was homeless. No car. No home. 
No money. No job. No food. No friends. No hope. 
I was penniless. 

In the late 1970s through the early 1980s I was in 
poverty. I lived in a room in a house. The toilet 
was behind a curtain in the living room. It cost me 
$200 a month to live there and I usually struggled 
to come up with the money. 

Today I'm a bestselling author of dozens of books, 
have appeared on national television, including 
Larry King Live, I am in numerous movies, such 
as The Secret and The Compass , and I have many
audios, DVDs, home-study courses, as well as my
world-famous Miracles Coaching program . 

I also have car, guitar, and book collections. I've 
also given thousands of dollars to complete 
strangers, started a movement called Operation 
YES to end homelessness, and work with groups 
from all over the country to stop poverty. 

How did I go from homeless and in poverty to a 
multi-millionaire celebrity? 

How did I create a world-famous Miracles Coaching 
program to help thousands of people? 

I used the seven steps revealed in this book. They
worked for me. They work for others. They will 
work for you. If you are ready to experience the 
change from struggle to security, from worry to 
wealthfrom fear to freedom, then just turn the 
page and read on and apply the steps. 

Expect Miracles! 
Dr. Joe Vitale 

PS: If you know someone who needs help 
attracting more moneyplease send them 
to my website where they can get a free 
digital copy of this book: 

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