Monday, December 26, 2016

The Great Back-Door Secret to Wealth

The Great Back-Door Secret to Wealth

 I received a check in the mail today from a long-
lost friend. The check is for only a portion of the 
money he owes me. But since he took almost ten 
years to send this amount, I am glad to see it.

Ten years ago he hired me to write a detailed 
marketing strategy for him. At that time, I 
charged a few thousand dollars for such a service. 
He agreed to it and said he would pay. I did the 
work and he didn't pay.

Because he was my friend, I let the invoice slide.
Months went by. Then years. Then he moved to 
another state. And I moved to another city. He 
went on his way in life and basically dropped out 
of my awareness. I went on my own way and 
fairly quickly became somewhat famous on the 
Internet for my books and tapes. 

(The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! - Joe Vitale - Page 21)

 One day a few months ago I received an email 
from someone who wanted to co-author a book 
with me. He said he knew some of my friends, 
and mentioned the one who owed me money.
 As soon as I saw my old friend's name, my blood 
pressure rose. I felt myself get angry. I felt ripped 
off. Betrayed. Hurt.

 I took some deep breaths and calmed myself 
down. I talked to myself. I reminded myself that 
the universe is a big place (some understatement) 
and that wealth can come from many avenues, not
just from past invoices. I decided to forgive my 
friend. And I did, mentally. I sincerely let him and 
his debt go. I didn't need the money. And I didn't 
need to be right.

 After maybe nine years, my friend sent me an 
email. He said he knew he owed me money. He 
explained that he had tough times, that he had 
moved, that he was trying to make it as a 
professional speaker. He added that he wanted 
to bring peace to our old friendship.

 I wrote him a brief note saying we already had 
peace. I also invited him to pay off his invoice by 
sending me a check for a tiny percentage of what
he owed me (about twenty percent, as I recall).
He agreed.

 Well, he didn't send me a check. Not right away, 
anyway. Several more months passed before I 
heard from him again. This time it was another 
email, and this time he was again explaining his
situation to me.

 I remained at peace. I knew I would have money.
It didn't have to come from him. The universe---
whatever you want to call that 

(The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! - Joe Vitale - Page 22)

power bigger than you or I---would see that money
came to me as long as I stayed in the flow. And 
being at peace is a good way to stay in the flow.

 And, as I explained in the beginning of this chapter, 
the check arrived today.

 I have no idea how my old friend felt as he wrote
that check. I hope he did it with a heart full of joy. 
If so, he activated the money attracting principle.

 I know when I wrote a check for $500 to my 
brother, who had helped me out of a bind twenty 
years before and I finally paid himoff, I felt 
exhilarated. Writing that check to Ted made me 
feel like a king. And it gave me such an inner 
sense of peace that that alone was worth a million 

 I'm calling this sense of peace---or forgiveness, if 
you will---back-door secret to wealth.

 Where in your life are you holding grudges 
because someone owes you money? Or maybe 
because you owe someone money?

 Let it go. Talk to yourself. Allow yourself the 
heavenly awareness that the universe provides, 
not your friends. Money doesn't come to you from
them, it comes to you through them.

 Once you can let the grudges go, you free 
yourself to receive. 

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