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{STEP 2} 

Your wealth is hiding under the very thing you 
are afraid to do. - JOE VITALE 

WHEN YOU TAKE an objective look at money 
and how it works, it can be really confusing. Those
who have money seem to get more all the time - 
while those who don't have money experience 
struggle constantly. It's as if there is some secret 
that the wealthy know that they aren't telling 
anyone. There is a secret but it's not how to 
accumulate money. In fact it's not even about 
money. The wealthy know that if you chase 
money it will always elude you. They also know 
that money has to circulate, meaning you are a 
conduit for money, not a receptacle. 

This is the secret that causes so much confusion. 
Most people assume they're supposed to be a 
receptacle for money. You attract money into your
life and it sticks to you like glue. In reality,it 
flows through you. You are not a stopping point 
but a conductor. I liken it to traffic on a busy street. 

Imagine that you are in control of all the traffic 
lights on a busy street. The cars flowing by are 
dollars. If you try to jump out in the middle of 
traffic and capture the dollars, you do nothing but
cause chaos. Likewise, if you set all the traffic 
lights on "red" in an effort to keep as much money
as possible,you completely stop the flow of traffic.
It then takes much more time and energy to get 
traffic flowing again. Here again, gathering a few 
specific dollars is not nearly as powerful as control
-ling an entire stream of money. You can direct 
this stream at will - which allows you to have the
kind of life you dream about. 

Wealthy people understand the concept of direct-
ing a stream of money rather than hoarding it. 
They know that money in motion is a powerful 
tool, while money just sitting is doing nothing but
losing value. Unfortunately, most people who want
to attract money into their lives merely sit back 
and wait to receive it. That's not how it works. 
You can't stand over home plate with a big 
catcher's mitt waiting for your fortune to come at 
you. If you do, your efforts ill be met with limited 
success because you're standing in the way! 

When I explain this idea, there is usually a room 
full of people nodding and agreeing as if they get
it. But it can be a struggle to actually understand 
the idea on an everyday level. This is because 
we're conditioned by everyone we know and 
everything we've heard that the way to riches is to
accumulate them. This is why we have retirement 
funds and save for a rainy day. These things are 
not necessarily bad, but the idea that this type of 
mind-set is the way to true wealth is just plain 
wrong. Once you see the true power of directing 
revenue streams rather than hoarding your 
money, it becomes obvious that savings plans 
alone won't get you the life you really want. 

I'm not saying to be financially irresponsible, but 
I'm telling you that unless you change your mindset
and let go of the beliefs you currently have about 
money, you're doomed to struggle, no matter how 
much money you have. 

We all know people who struggle to make ends 
meet each month. It doesn't matter if they make 
$50,000 per year or $200,000 per year. They have
a mindset that focuses on what they lack, so 
rather than being a conduit for more money, they 
constantly try to chase money or try to make their
money stretch. 

I spent some time with a man I've been acquainted
with off and on for years. He was a long-time real
estate investor, and known to pinch pennies at 
every opportunity. His real estate investments 
always seemed to squeak by and not make the 'big'
money he wanted. Just five minutes around this 
man and you could immediately see his "lack" 
mindset - he didn't tip, refused to drink anything
but water when he went out for dinner, and drove
all over town to save five cents on gasoline! 

Needless to say, my ideas about attracting money 
fell on deaf ears. He was convinced that making 
money was hard. He told the story of how his 
parents had survived the Depression by barely 
scraping by. They considered giving money to 
others a sin. My nickname for him became 
Scrooge because he thought anyone who spent 
money was one brick shy of a full load. Needless
to say, he thinks I'm crazy to this day. But my 
income has soared and his has remained about the
same as it was 10 years ago, which means he's 
going backward, not forward. 


He's so focused on every dollar that he can't step 
back and see the big picture. Therefore his money 
doesn't grow. 

It's a common misconception that it takes a lot of 
money to get anywhere. That is simply not true. 
Even a small amount of money applied in just the 
right way can produce powerful results. Not too 
long ago, after one of our notorious Texas down-
pours, a friend of mine called and said part of his 
ceiling collapsed. He never even noticed a leak. 
But over time - drop by drop - water had worked 
its way through the roof and rotted out the 
ceiling. It only took one good rain shower to 
bring the whole thing tumbling down. When you 
think about drop of water, it looks and feels 
harmless - but drops of water over time carved 
the Grand Canyon. Don't underestimate the 
power of a little bit of money applied in the right
way as it can often exceed tremendous amounts 
of money squandered. 


So if money needs to circulate, how do you start? 
Before I answer that question, I'm going to say 
that you must decide to set aside all those old 
beliefs you have about money - or this idea will 
make you panic. 

The secret to getting money to flow through your 
life and be attracted to you, is to GIVE IT AWAY
Read that again and again. Remember what I said 
about setting aside those old beliefs? I bet you 
instantly had them rear up at the idea of giving 
money away. How can giving away money attract 
more money? Seems a little backward doesn't it? 
It's not. When you hoard money, you're stopping 
the flow. Giving without expectation of return 
from a specific source is the second step to 
attracting money into your life. 

I've spoken and written a great deal on the Law of 
Attraction. This law isn't new or different from 
anything that you learned as a child. Simply 
stated, "What you put out into the world comes 
back to you several times over." If what you put
out is positive, you receive positive returns. If 
what you put out is negative, then you receive 
negative returns. It's that simple. When you 
were young, you were probably taught the ideas
of 'give unto others' and 'it's better to give than 
receive' along with other similar truths. These 
ideas are simple statements of the Law of 
Attraction. If you give freely, without any 
expectation of return, you will receive back in 
kind many times over - not to mention the sheer
joy that giving brings into your life. 

( Step 2: Give Without Expectation

Some people think giving has nothing to do with 
making money. I believe they are intertwined. 
The more you give, the more you receive - which
allows you to give even more. You can give to 
those you love or to those who inspire you. You 
can give to your religious organization or charity.
It doesn't matter to whom you give, as long as it's
something you feel good about. In short, give 
money to whatever or whoever has made you feel
uplifted, inspired, encouraged or happier. 


There are actually two levels of giving. The first is 
well known to most people. It is called tithing. At 
this level you're giving 10% or more of your gross
income to the source of your spiritual and/or 
inspirational nourishment. 

Now I'm sure you've heard that you're supposed to 
give 10%. I have to admit that years ago I really 
struggled with the idea. Partially because I 
usually heard it from someone with a vested 
interest in getting me to believe it! People like 
ministers, non-profit organizations, and charities. 
I thought they wanted me to give, so they can 
have their cut of my money. 

Back when I was trying to get off the streets and 
get my life together, I'd go to church and listen to 
those who talked about giving as a path to 
receiving and prosperity. I thought it was a total 
scam! I would sit back and listen suspiciously, 
refusing to buy into what I thought they were 
selling. I refused to fall for it. But the truth is 
that as long as I didn't 'fall for it,' I didn't 
receive money. I was choking off the supply 
before it even got started. 

Even if I pried a few bucks out of my wallet, I 
would wait impatiently to get those few dollars 
back in return. The problem was my mindset. I 
gave grudgingly; not freely and with joy. I gave 
expecting an immediate return and accounting of 
the dollars I felt I was 'owed' by my giving. It 
wasn't until I learned gratitude and the real joy of
giving that I was able to step into the flow of 
receiving. It is this joy of giving without expect
-ation that must be mastered before you can 
move on to the next level, which is seeding. 

There's a wonderful book called Seed Money In 
Action, by John Speller. John talks about planting 
the seed of attraction. This seed is giving. And 
giving has the power to bring more riches into 
your life. That means giving more than the 10% 
that you've been tithing. In order to attract more 
money into your life, you have to give. This is


a universal principle, if not a psychological 
principle. When you give, you open the door 
inside of you to receive. The more you give, 
the wider that door swings open. Giving comes 
back to you, but it only comes back through the 
same opening you made. So if you've only 
opened your door a little, then a little is all that 
can come back to you. 

If you're sitting here wondering, "Where's the 
money?" Then the first question to ask is 
"Have I been giving money?"If so,"To whom?" 

Did you give to your source of spiritual or 
inspirational nourishment? This is important 
because you also want to attract more 
spiritual and inspirational nourishment for 
your journey. That source can come from 
anybody. Perhaps it's a waitress working two
jobs to go back to school or maybe it's a 
performer with awe-inspiring talent. It 
could be the cab driver offering an uplifting 
story, or a woman from church who always 
thinks of others. It can be anybody. 

Sometimes people hear me talk about giving 
where you received inspiration, and they say
they don't know where they received it. That 
always amazes me. Just stop, reflect, and be 
honest with yourself. Ask, Who or what 
inspired me today? Your inspiration could 
come from anyplace or anybody. Maybe it 
was a smile you received from a stranger. 
Maybe it was a fortune cookie. Maybe it was 
from a minister, politician (it could happen), 
family member or friend. 

When you are on alert for receiving inspiration, 
you'll note it. When you do, reach into your 
pocket and give some money to that person, 
place or source. 


A few years ago I heard about a little boy named 
Kirk. Kirk had a pediatric stroke six weeks after 
birth. I didn't know such a thing existed. The 
stroke means that Kirk can't walk or talk. A 
mutual friend of mine, Kevin Hogan, told me 
about Kirk. Kevin was raising money to get Kirk 
some much-needed therapy. I told Kevin "No." I 
said, "I'm already giving." I drew the line and said,
"I don't know this kid or his mom." 

It wasn't but a few hours later when it was really 
gnawing at me and I said, "Okay, I'm going to do 
it." I sent $1,000 - and it felt great! A few months 
later, I thought, "I wonder what else little Kirk 
needs?" So I wrote Kirk's mom. Kirk's mom 
replied that he needed an exercise machine. Kirk 
would strap into the machine and therapists 
would be able to move his body in ways that 
retrain his mind and body to connect. The 
machine would allow his brain and his physical 
body to start working together again. 

The machine cost $15,000. So I went to my blog 
and told my readers that I needed help raising 
money. I told the whole story posted a photo of 
Kirk, as well as a photo of the machine. I had a 
PayPal merchant Account set up that went 
directly to Kirk's mom. In short order, a couple 
thousand dollars came in. I was disappointed. 
I thought, "Why aren't people giving?" And then 
I thought, "Why aren't YOU giving?" So I got 
out my checkbook and wrote a check for the 
entire $15,000. I sent it to Kirk's mom. 

This money was going to a stranger I'd never met,
for a machine I'd never seen. The act of writing 
that $15,000 check was one of the most exhilara-
ting experiences of my life. It was absolutely 
exquisite! I can't tell you how good I felt to know 
that I was writing a check for $15,000. 1 was 
homeless, living in poverty at one point in my life.
I was on unemployment until the government cut 
me off. I was suffering, struggling, going through 
terrible times. Now I could write a check for 
$15,000 to a complete stranger. I felt fantastic. 

The power of this gift opened the giving door in 
my life even wider - allowing more than I could 
ever imagine to flow back in my direction. The 
same day I sent the $15,000 to Kirk's mom, I 
received a check out of the blue for $35,000. I 
didn't write the check to get money. I wasn't 
looking for the money. This wasn't money that 
was owed to me or that I was rattling the trees 
for saying, "When is the mail going to come 
and bring my check?" I wasn't looking for it, I 
wasn't thinking of any of that. I gave with 
complete detachment to somebody who was 
actually inspiring me. 

Kirk inspires me. His pictures show him looking like
a little Buddha. He has a great smile, bright eyes 
and a loving side of him that melts my heart. I look 
at the photos of him and get choked up. I look at
those photos and something inside of me goes, 
"What the heck are we complaining about? 
There's no excuse." This little boy can't move his 
body and he's happy. That was worth $15,000 to 
me. And then I received $35,000 unexpectedly. 

I've learned that giving is incredibly powerful. I 
really want you to understand that you must give. 
But you must give where you receive spiritual 
nourishment. Don't give mindlessly or automa-
tically. Check into your heart and do those things 
that nourish your soul. I had t-shirts made a long 
time ago that said, "Where did you receive the


most joy today?" Wherever you received the most 
joy today - give there. 

You can give in a lot of ways. What I'm describing 
is a spiritual principle of giving away 10% of your 
income - called tithing. This is the first step to 
attracting more money into your life. If you 
want to go further, then the next level is the seed 
money principle. This is where you give at least 
an additional 10% to wherever you're feeling 
inspired. This is on top of what you've already 

When I was struggling and finding my own path, 
there were times I'd look in my pocket and there 
was $5. That's it! And I'd think, "Well, 10% of $5 
is only 50 cents." It didn't really seem like it was 
even worth giving such a small amount. After all, 
what can 50 cents really do? But I was looking at 
it backward. I was focusing on what the 50 cents 
could buy rather than how wide those 50 cents 
could open the door for me to receive. It wasn't 
the amount of money, it was about the spirit of 
giving whatever I could. 

Almost everybody gets to the point where they 
don't want to give. They want to hold on to their 
money or they think giving is a waste. It's easy 
to assume, "I will give when I have the money to 
give. I will give when I have a million dollars. 
Just get me to the million dollars and then I'll 
start giving." But it doesn't work that way. Just 
like you have to have the mindset of success 
before you become successful, you have to have 
the mindset of giving before you have a lot to 
give. This is because giving opens the door. And 
if you don't give what you have now, you won't 
receive more money to give later. As you keep 
on giving, you'll receive even more. You only 
have to follow the guideline - give 10% to where
you receive spiritual nourishment and keep doing 

In 1924, John D. Rockefeller wrote a letter to his 
son, explaining why he gave money away. He 
wrote, "...in the beginning of getting money, way 
back in my childhood, I began giving it away, and 
continued increasing the gifts as the income 
increased..." Notice that he didn't say he waited 
until he was wealthy to start giving money. He 
started the practice as a child and continued it 
throughout his lifetime. It is estimated that 
Rockefeller gave away over $550 million dollars. 

Years ago I wrote a book on RT. Barnum, the 
famous circus promoter. He was a big believer 
in 'profitable philanthropy' He was convinced 
that giving leads to receiving. And he was right. 
He went on to become one of the world's richest 

( Step 2: Give Without Expectation )

The idea of giving has become a hot corporate 
topic. Many companies are learning that business 
expansion is closely tied with their willingness to 
give back. This is opening the door to receiving on 
a global scale. And the most important type of 
giving is personal and individual. 


From my perspective, the biggest mistake that 
people make is to give out their gifts with an 
eyedropper. They give far too little and miss 
out on the abundance they could be receiving. 
You have to give a significant percentage of 
what you have to be in the flow to receive. 

It took me far too long to grasp this concept - and 
for years I gave as if it would physically pain me. 
I gave as little as I could. What I received in
return was equally small and miserly. This was 
proof positive that it didn't work. Where was my 
abundance? I expected the universe to shove an 
elephant through the door when I'd only left an 
opening wide enough for a gnat! Naturally what I 
got in return was in proportion to what I gave. I 
gave very little and received very little - but I still
wanted that elephant! 

Finally I made up my mind to test the "giving" 
theory. For quite a while I'd been reading 
inspiring stories from Mike Dooley of 
www.tut.com . I really enjoyed these stories and 
received a tremendous amount of inspiration from
them. I decided to give back to the source of my 
inspirationand send Mike some money. In the 
past, I might have sent $5.00 (gnat) but this time 
sat down andwrote a check for $1000(elephant)! 
It was the largest single contribution I had ever 
made in my life up to that point. It gave me that 
tingly nervous, excited feeling - just like you get 
right before you open presents on Christmas 
morning. The big difference was that instead of 
getting the gift, I was giving it. 

Mike was stunned. He got my check in the mail 
and nearly drove off the road as he headed home. 
He couldn't believe it and called to thank me. I 
enjoyed his childlike excitement and exuberance. 
It made me feel like a million bucks. And that's 
real important. Because when you feel like a 
million bucks, as a result of an event you helped 
make happen, you attract more money to make it 
happen again. 

I quickly realized that the sheer joy I experienced 
giving the money, far surpassed the excitement 
he had in getting it. It was an inner rush to help 
him. I still rejoice about sending him the money, 
and just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. 


I gave with no expectation of gain and some 
wonderful things began to happen. I suddenly got 
a call from a person who wanted me to co-author 
his book - a job that ended up paying me many 
times what I had given away (elephant!). Shortly 
after, a publisher in Japan contacted me, wanting 
to buy the translation rights to my best-selling 
book, Spiritual Marketing (later expanded and 
renamed The Attractor Factor) . They, too, offer
-ed me many times what I had given Mike as 
gift (elephant number two!). I swung the door 
open and received many times more than I gave. 

A true skeptic can argue that these events are un-
related. Maybe in the skeptic's mind, they aren't 
related. In mine, they definitely are. When I gave 
money to Mike, I sent a message to myself, and 
to the world, that I was successful and had stepp-
ed into the flow of abundance. I also set the Law 
of Attraction into motion. This attracted money 
to me from a variety of sources - far exceeding 
the amount of the actual gift. 

Think of a person or organization that inspired
you over the last week. Someone that made you 
feel good about yourself, your life, your dreams, 
or your goals. Give that person some money. 
Give them something from your heart. Don't be 
stingy. Come from abundance, not scarcity. Give 
without expecting anything in return. It sure 
enough will come from other avenues. As you 
do, you will see your own prosperity grow as 
your life becomes full of elephants and void of 
those pesky gnats! 

Remember, the second step is to give money 
without expectation of return from a particular 
source. When you do so, you'll begin to Attract 
Money Now. 

Now on to step three. 

( Step 2: Give Without Expectation



When you attract money into your life it should 
not be your goal to have it stick to you like glue. 
You're not a stopping point - you're a conductor. 

Rich people understand the concept of directing a 
stream of money rather than hoarding it. 

Even a small amount of money applied in just the 
right way can produce powerful results. 

If you give freely without any expectation of 
return, you'll receive back in kind, many times 
over. Giving is the second step to attracting 
money into your life. 

It's important to have a "success" mindset, so you
can become successful. You also have to have the
"giving" mindset before you have a lot to give. 

The biggest mistake that people make is doling 
out their gifts with an eyedropper. 

Don't be stingy. Come from abundance, not 
scarcity. Give without expecting anything in 



• Write down where you received inspiration today. 

• Give money to those who gave you that 

• Expect money to come into your life, but don't 
expect it to come back to you from the same 
place you gave it. 

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