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{STEP 4} 


Affirm and yet affirm once more. 
Your persistent prayers will succeed. 

"Think BIG." Everyone should. I know I do. So 
should you. I've had many dreams along my 
journey. During the early years I stood in the way 
of those dreams. It wasn't just my old beliefs that 
stood in my way - it was also my attitude. It was 
me against the world! I could do anything. I was 
Mister Macho. 

Back when I was struggling in Houston,I became
determined to be a published author. I could do it
 - I knew I could - and I could do it myself. I 
didn't need anyone's approval or help. I was the 
captain of my own ship - just the way I wanted it 
- just as I had learned from authors like Jack 
London and Ernest Hemingway. I thought of 
myself as the Lone Ranger. All I needed was a 
horse and a pair of six shooters, and I was good 
to go. But I didn't realize that this attitude was 
preventing me from achieving my goals. 

Something eye-opening happened one day. I 
heard the term 'Lone Ranger Syndrome' at a 
networking seminar, presented by Donna Fisher 
and Sandy Vilas. They pointed out that I was just 
one person and if I continued with the attitude 
that I could do everything myself, then I wasn't 
going to accomplish much. I had always felt that 
asking for help was a sign of weakness. But 
Donna asked, "When somebody asks you for 
help, how do you feel?" 

I admitted that I like being asked for help. I enjoy
helping others. It makes me feel good and even 
honored, that they would think I could help them
with their problems. When I didn't ask others for
help, I was denying those feelings and preventing
others the opportunity to feel good. From that 
day on, I started asking for help. This is the 


{Step 4: Ask For Help

fourth step to attracting money into your life: 
you must ask for help. 

Ask anyone who is in a position to help you. 
When you think about asking for help to reach 
your goals, there are two levels to asking. 


The first level of asking is spiritual. In time, I 
got off the street and was no longer living in 
poverty. But I was still dealing with a mountain 
of bills. Your problems don't disappear instantly 
just because you decide to think differently. It 
takes work and patience. I was making progress. 
I was still struggling to keep my household 
afloat. Those were tough times and we've all 
been there. 

I remember having a huge stack of bills sitting 
on my bedroom desk. I would lie in bed, see the 
bills and cringe. I had no way to pay them. I kept 
them stacked in the order they were due. Maybe 
you do this too. It makes you feel like you're 
doing something, even though you cannot pay 
them. I would lie in bed wondering, "What am I 
going to do?" I believed I had no options with 
nowhere to turn. So I did the only thing I could 
- I prayed. 

I asked God for help. It makes no difference 
what your beliefs are - praying to a higher power
helps tremendously. You can ask the Divine,God 
or Spirit for help. I told the Divine, "I can't do 
this. I can't pull it off.I don't see what I'm missing, 
I don't see the opportunities. I don't see where I'm
going to earn, receive or attract any money. 
Please help me." 

Asking for help accomplishes two things. First, it 
opens the pathway to receive. You're telling the 
universe that you're ready and open to new 
opportunities, as well as accepting help to meet 
your goals. Prior to praying, I wanted to do every
-thing myself, so I wasn't open to receiving or 
identifying any possible opportunities. My mind 
and heart were closed. 

Asking for help also allows you to release some 
of your stress. I know when I ask the Divine for 
help, it frees my mind to go on with what I need 
to do rather than obsessing or focusing on the 
same old problem. It lowered my stress. I know 
that once I started asking for help, I didn't spend
nearly as many sleepless nights staring at that
pile of bills. I could finally sleep because I 
believed that I was going to receive help - and I 

The idea is to ask for help from a higher source. 
Then let go of your stress and have faith your 
prayer will be answered. Finally, take 65 


inspired action on the ideas you receive and the 
opportunities that come your way. Ask and act. 

Decide how you want to approach the Divine. It's
important that you make this connection and allow
the Divine to help you. You must ask over and 
over in a way that's spiritually correct for you. 
This force can see the big picture - your ego can't.
When I was struggling, my ego was standing in 
the way and I had to ask for help to move forward. 
Because my mind refused to see the path, I had no
idea there were so many different ways I could
attract money. I missed out. Now money flows to
and through me from so many unexpected 
avenues that I can't even keep up with them all. 
I'm constantly surprised and thrilled when a new 
flow of money appears in my life. This is all due
to the fact that I continue to ask. 

I always make time to ask. It's easy to forget or 
let it go. I like to spend time in my hot tub each 
night. This is my gratitude time. It's when I 
communicate with the universe and say things 
like, "I'm working on this particular problem and
I don't know how to resolve it." 

I ask for help and guidance so I can get on the
right path. This type of asking also comes with
responsibility. When I am shown the way, I get 
on that path and take action. This was one of the
holdups for me early in the game. I had my mind
focused on the idea that I could only receive 
money from certain places. When other sources 
showed up, I was reluctant to act and missed out.
I'm stubborn, but I learned that following my gut 
feelings or intuition is always the right move. If I 
get the feeling to call a particular person, buy a 
certain book, blog about an unusual subject, I do 
it right away, without questioning why. 


The second level is to ask other people for help.
I'm not the best at this and don't always ask for 
help when I should. I will often wait until I'm 
backed into a corner and then ask. If I'd just asked
in the first place, things would go much smoother. 
This is one of the reasons I founded the JoeVitale's 
Miracles Coaching Program and the Hypnotic 
Marketing Coaching Program. All of us need 
help. Everyone from the person struggling to get 
off the streets to the top CEOs running billion 
dollar companies, needs good advice and needs 

When you receive help from another person, you 
both benefit from the positive flow of energy and
the combined force of your wills.When you have
at least two people or more who get together to 


{Step 4: Ask For Help

an issue or possible options, you get a wonderful 
mixture of ideas and encouragement. Far more 
than you would ever expect. This is because each 
of us has limitations. As a group we ask each 
other, as well as the Divine for help. This 
produces much more energy than you could ever 
generate by yourself. 

I strongly encourage everyone to be in a master-
mind group. This is a group of people, acting as 
a support team, who are like-minded and willing
to help each other. Ideally the group will have 
six or fewer people in order to be most effective.
Each person talks about their goals and the issues
they've encountered. The ideas and options flow 
from all of the group members. 

Mastermind groups are nothing new and have 
been popular since Napoleon Hill defined them 
in the book, Think and Grow Rich.These groups 
were key to some of the world's most successful
business people and they still are today. Bill 
Hibbler and I wrote a whole book about 
"Masterminding" called Meet and Grow Rich . 
The idea of this type of group can be seen 
everywhere, from the presidential cabinet 
to corporate boards of directors. These groups 
come together to offer ideas to each other for
running complex businesses or even nations. 
Every one of us can benefit from this type of 
support group. 

I find it valuable to talk to people with similar 
experiences. If you've decided to start a business, 
it's wonderful to talk to experienced people. 
Learning about their successes and failures can 
shorten your learning curve and prevent you from 
making costly mistakes. 

Having several people with varied backgrounds 
in your mastermind group is important because 
they have differing perspectives and viewpoints. 
They'll also be able to help you see things from 
new angles and understand certain issues that you
may not have thought of yet. They can enhance 
your goals and objectives by bringing additional 
connections and resources to you that'll expand 
your business. 

Let's say you want to generate media attention for
your new business. One of the people in your 
group may have experience or contacts in the 
media that will provide an 'in.' This will help you
get the coverage you want. It always amazes me 
how small the world really is. There have been 
many times while I've been attending mastermind
meetings and a great idea would come up. And 
sure enough, someone in the group knew 
someone who knew someone who could help 
make it happen. 

One of the benefits is the accountability and 
inspiration you'll receive. If I'm in a mastermind
group and tell people that one of my 67 


goals is to have my own infomercial, I know that 
they're going to ask about my progress. This will 
motivate me to take action and get things moving. 

For example, years ago I went into my master-
mind group at the time and announced, "I intend 
to be in a movie." I had no acting experience nor 
any contacts. My group could have laughed and 
ridiculed my wild notion. Instead, they supported
me. They simply held the same intention as me: 
for me to be in a movie. As a result, six months 
later I was asked to be in the movie, The Secret .
The rest, as they say, is history. 

I'm not saying you'll end up in a movie by being
in a mastermind (you might). I am saying they 
are powerful tools for helping you attract money 
and achieve goals. 

Creating this type of group is easy. In fact you may
already have a loose association of people that 
would be interested in forming this type of group. 
Treat each member like they're part of your own 
board of directors. You don't want just anyone in 
your group. You want those people who have 
backgrounds that match what you're working on. 
For example, if you want to own a restaurant, 
your group may be made up of another restaurant
owner, accountant, banker, lawyer, insurance 
agent or even a food wholesaler. These contacts 
can offer a wide range of advice and help that 
will prove extremely valuable to you. 

One word of caution: do not automatically 
include your friends and family unless they're 
going into business with you. Even then you 
must be cautious. It's a natural tendency to 
include those you love, but you must realize that 
they'll be operating from their own belief systems
- many of the same beliefs you are trying to move
past. My family is still shocked that I've done so 
well. It seems to confuse them as they only see 
me as their brother, uncle, or son, rather than as a
marketer or businessman. While family and 
friends usually mean well, it's rare they would 
have the skills needed to push you along in your
quest for success. 

To create a mastermind group dedicated to your
success, you need to reach out to your current 
network. Remember that everyone knows some-
one who knows the right person. So let them 
know that you are asking for their help as an 
advisor and part of your mastermind team. You
will be surprised at how willing people are to 
help when asked. They feel honored. And you're 
offering them the opportunity to participate in 
something that makes them feel good. They are 
helping themselves while they are helping you. 


{ Step 4: Ask For Help }

They may participate by phone or in an informal 
setting. They may be all together or one-on-one. 
Do whatever works for you. You can even set up 
discussions by email so everyone stays in the 
loop. With modern technology it's much easier 
to reach out to those who aren't even in your 
geographical area. Some of my best advisors are 
international and we can easily communicate 
from anywhere around the world. 

If you want to be in an online mastermind, you 
may consider joining the Attract Miracles 
Healthy Wealth community at 


You will find that people will come and go, 
while others touch your life each day. Everyone 
has something to offer. I've stayed in touch with 
people through my blog. I get tons of support and
encouragement through this one channel alone. 
I'm able to help people like little Kirk, as well as 
others. I receive money, gifts and great 
opportunities because I'm willing to put myself 
out there and let people get to know me. 

I have to admit it was a little strange having 
people I did not know come up and talk to me as
if they knew me. They got to know me from read
-ing my blog. It was hard for me to get used to, 
but before long, I recognized the power that this

It's been difficult for me in the past to open up to 
anyone. This is why I still sometimes find it hard 
to ask for help.I know many other people struggle 
with this same issue.What I've gained by allowing 
people into my life has far outweighed any 
uncertainty or reservations I once had. Having 
said that, I still try hard to remember that there are 
specific actions I can take to enhance all my 

The easiest part is to find out how I can help 
them. People fascinate me. I'm curious as to how 
they think and what makes them tick. Just like 
the conversation I had with my brother, when I 
encounter a new person, I want to know what 
their goals are, what they dream about and how
I can help. Now they can either take my advice 
or not, but I'm there to help - which opens me to
receive help from them as well. It is a constant
flow back and forth. 

This type of give-and-take means you must have
a generous heart. You must be willing to give 
yourself and your ideas to others. I have known
many people who refused to offer ideas because
they were afraid their ideas would be "stolen." 
I can tell you that there are no new ideas. The 
universe will give someone else the same idea 
if you don't act on it. I can also say from 
experience that when you  69 


help someone succeed, they'll go way out of their 
way to help you in return. This has happened 
repeatedly to me. 

One of the mistakes I made was to let people 
flow in and out of my life without following up 
or making a real connection. I didn't follow up 
or stay in touch. I can say that it's very easy to do,
especially when you start doing well. You get 
busy. And if you don't take time to make contact
with people,you'll lose some of your momentum. 
always remember that each person I encounter
may be the catalyst for my next big success, and 
to overlook that or cast it aside, is to waste their

I provide value to others. But does that mean I 
am always right? NO. I'm human. And when I 
make a mistake or mess up, I'm usually the first 
one to admit it. You don't have to pretend to know
it all or pretend that everything is fine or that you
don't need help. We all need help. And by 
allowing people to know your vulnerabilities, 
it attracts knowledge and resources to you that 
you may not have had otherwise. I went for 
years thinking I had to be a mysterious, 
struggling writer, trying to make a living. I kept
to myself and didn't let people know my real 
situation. Now I'm convinced that it prolonged 
my agony for no reason. Be authentic and 
people will respond to you. 

No matter what level of success you achieve,
you will not do it by yourself. I constantly 
remind myself to be grateful for every single 
person who helps me. I say thank you at least
once a day. I know I'm just one person and 
without others, I would still be in a dark little 
room in Texas banging out my next book on an
antiquated computer. I have seen some business
people who barely even noticed those around
them who made things happen. They treated
their assistants and coworkers like dirt! I can't
imagine ever working for someone like that. I'm
sure every person who is treated in such a bad 
manner only does the minimum required when
their full effort could be such a huge benefit. I 
don't want to be one of those people. By 
expressing my gratitude everyday, I stay 
grounded and am reminded that I'm just a guy 
with a dream. If it wasn't for the kindness of 
others I'd be in big trouble. 

It takes a big person to give credit to others, but 
the positive emotion it brings is tremendous. I 
don't mean that you should offer false compli-
ments or platitudes - just point out what people
do well. There's a special feeling you get when
someone comes to you and says, "I heard such
great things about you from someone you worked 
with last year. I want to pursue the possibility of
working with you as 


{ Step 4: Ask For Help }

well." That kind of comment can make my day! 
No one has to say nice things about you - 
especially when you are out of earshot.And when 
you hear something positive like this from a third 
party it makes you feel 10 feet tall. Everyone 
you work with deserves the same feeling. 

I find it easy to connect with people. This is 
even easier when you learn to laugh. Believe it or
not, I used to be a very serious person. You'd 
rarely see a smile on my face and every time I 
looked in the mirror I saw a furrowed brow. I 
thought that life was this serious life-and-death 
struggle and that I had to stay on my toes or it 
would bury me. Life comes at you whether 
you're ready or not. And if you can meet your
challenges with a smile on your face and 
laughter in your heart, then you are the kind of
person that others want to be around. You don't 
have to treat every decision as if your whole 
existence is riding on it.Not only will you benefit 
from a relaxed state of mind - but so will 
everyone around you. 

As you focus on helping everyone you come into
contact with, you will soon be reaping the 
benefits. Their knowledge and experience will lift
you to a new level. The important lesson is to 
freely give to others without the expectation of 
getting anything in return from them. The 
receiving will come naturally with these 
relationships just as it does when you give money.
Investing your time and emotion in others is a 
great investment. This will get you through 
difficult times while keeping you motivated and

I've read dozens of financial books and they 
always start out with do A, then do B, then do C 
and all will be right. That's crazy. It doesn't start 
with doing - it starts with being. You must get 
your thoughts and beliefs in line. Then you must
get help. If you think you can do this by yourself, 
you're setting yourself up to be disappointed. 

I have given many talks about money in the past 
few years, all over the world, and the participants 
always start with "How? How do I get the 
money?" You need to understand that it has no-
thing to do with dollars and cents and everything 
to do with just getting into the flow. That won't 
happen if you run around chasing a dollar. Until 
you really understand and get that fact, you will
never attract money. 

There are many people who might try to tell you 
how to attract more money who haven't been 
where you are, but I've been at the bottom. I 
wasn't born into money and I didn't win the 
lottery. In fact for a large portion of my life, I did
everything wrong trying to chase money and it 
didn't work. So don't think I'm telling you things
that I haven't tried. I know for a fact what I'm 
telling you works, because  71 


I've made every mistake along the path that could 
be made. When I finally understood these 
principles, I was able to overcome and so will 
you. All I can say is that if you already had the 
answer, you'd be a millionaire right now. So why
not try something different that might get you 
there? You can't be any worse off for trying. 
What if it actually works for you, just like it did 
for me? 

Remember, the fourth step is to ask for help
from your connection to a higher power to the 
people you feel can help you move ahead. 

And now on to the next step. 


{ Step 4: Ask For Help



• Asking for help is the fourth step for 
attracting money into your life. 

• The first level is asking the Divine for help. 

• The second level of asking is getting help from

• Asking opens the pathway to receive and 
releases the stress and pressure. 

• When you are given a path, you need to get on
it and take inspired action right away. 

• A mastermind group is a like-minded support
team whose purpose is to help the members of 
the team.  73 



• Pray in whatever way is comfortable for relief 
from your money concerns. 

• Make a list of people who could help you
attract money now. 

• Contact each person with a respectful request. 

• Contact five people about creating 
a mastermind group. 


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