Thursday, December 22, 2016

Water (H-O-H) : The Source of Life

Water is much more than we know. Many scientists and leading edge researchers, from around the planet, are continuing to report, that there is much more to know about this ancient substance that supports and sustains our lives.

This information is leading us to alter our perceptions, and thereby our relationships and responsibilities to this miraculous and life giving element. What we do know is that we live on a water planet, unique and unlike any other in our Solar System. All of the humans, animals, trees and all life forms that coexist with, come from water, and are made of water. Almost all of the surface of this planet is water. Our bodies are about seventy percent of this life giving substance. There are about 326 trillion gallons of water on planet Earth. Ninety-seven percent of that vast amount is salt water. Only three percent is fresh water and nearly eighty percent of what is fresh, is frozen in the polar ice caps and glaciers around the globe.

What we have left is less than one percent of all of the available water on the planet for people, plants and animals to use, to sustain our lives.

As we all live together on this water planet, in our water bodies, we are inherently, and naturally attracted to healthy water. We also know that what were once abundant sources of healthy and alive water are becoming increasingly scarce and, in several scenarios, severely compromised.

Scientists and researchers are continuing to show us that our thoughts affect our own vibrational energy which directly affects the structure of the very water within our bodies and in our environment. It has been proven that water, in it's natural and healthy state of purity and integrity, is intelligent and highly responsive to all other forms of life. It is no longer just theory, that water, like everything else, has consciousness.

We believe the following articles will assist you in understanding the importance of this enigmatic substance. These articles contain information pertaining to the many mysterious aspects and faces of water, and water research, including: structured water, clustered water, healthy water, toxic water, dehydration, detoxifying with water, cleansing the lymphatic system with water, water flow forms, water cycles, living water, healthy community water systems, healing water, water remedies, water cures, regeneration with water, health tips, and information on bottled water, water filters, shower filters, tap water and much more. We will be continually making many additions to the Water articles index in the coming weeks and months.

Healthy Wealth Blogger continues to be deeply involved in researching, developing and publishing information on this very important subject matter. We are working closely with many notable water resources and researchers and will be publishing several exciting and vital articles in the weeks ahead, detailing these findings.

We invite you to sit back... relax... and explore at your leisure, choosing your own path through this array of excellent articles. We encourage you to print these articles and enjoy them at your leisure, perhaps finding a grand old tree to sit with as you do. If you would care to share any of these with a friend, please note the option of notifying them by email at the bottom of each page. As always, we welcome your comments. Please remember to bookmark our site, and return often.

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