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I Am Only Giving Them The Water

Chapter Seven

The Living Waters of Japan's Ancient Magnetic Mountain

Throughout the history of religions and legends, two things are always held sacred - mountain and water.

The mountain is home to the gods of mythology, and where Abraham, Moses and Mohammed sought and found God. 
Water has purified and healed. It is the eternal symbol of life. 

Destiny Leads Me to a Tofu Restaurant in Kyoto And My Search is Over

  On a cold day one year after I returned to Japan, I decided to visit Kyoto.  Kyoto is one of the most popular Japanese tourist attractions.  It was the home of ancient Emperors and is still one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  I went to Kyoto for no particular reason, other than to relax and enjoy.

  The cold wind had set in under my skin, and hot tea and tofu was what I needed to warm up. Being unfamiliar with Kyoto, I asked the taxi driver, " I am from Osaka and have just arrived. Can you take me to a restaurant that has the best tofu?"

"I know just the place! " he said.

  As we were driving along I expected him to drive me to an expensive restaurant in one of the more exclusive parts of Kyoto.  But when he stopped in front a small building that resembles a run down house rather than a good restaurant, I asked him if he had misunderstood my request.  I had an unpleasant feeling when I looked at the old structure.  I saw in the backseat, hesitating to get out of the taxicab. 

 "Here we are! This is the restaurant you wanted !" the cab driver said.

  "Are you sure they have good tofu here? This doesn't look very promising to me!"

 "You said you wanted good tofu and this is by far the best tofu in all of Kyoto, and maybe all of Japan!  Every taxi driver knows about this place and they would have brought you here as well.  I know this place is not fancy, but if you really want the 'best' tofu, I have brought you to the right place." 

"What makes the tofu so special here?  What makes it different from the other good restaurants in Kyoto?"  I asked.

"I have no idea. I just know it is the best.  Ask anyone in Kyoto.  But if you prefer, I can take you to another restaurant if that makes you feel more comfortable," he offered. 

"No, you don't have to take me to another place.  You have my curiosity now by your high recommendation , and I would very much like to try the tofu here and taste the 'best' tofu in Kyoto!" 

I paid the cab driver and went into the small restaurant. i was very surprised to see that the place was packed. I would have an hour wait before I was seated.  After the waitress guided me to my table, I scanned the menu she has given me.  There was nothing special about the small menu.  Everything on the menu was tofu cooked in various ways. I ordered some tofu and waited patiently for my food. 

  When I looked at the tofu on my plate I immediately noticed that the tofu looked shiny and smooth like a silk cloth.  I had never seen such a good-looking tofu before.  I hesitated for a moment before I put the first bite into my mouth. From the looks of this tofu,perhaps the cab driver knew what he was talking about!  But the proof would be in the taste. I closed my eyes and concentrated on mmy first bite.

  "Wonderful" I shouted. "Tis is wonderful tofu!"

  I looked around the restaurant to see if anyone was looking at me and thinking I was crazy.  I found myself yelling again with delight after my first mouthful of the most delicious taste I had ever experienced . i could not believe the silky texture and the deliciously smooth taste.  I was actually making a spectacle of myself as I kept announcing to everyone how delighted I was to taste this wonderful dish!

  My waitress had come back to my table to make sure everything was all right.
 "Excuse me, sir, is everything all right with your order?"

"Yes! Yes! This is the most delicious tofu I have ever tasted!  I need to talk to the owner of the restaurant !  Please tell him I would like to see him now!"

"Yes sir." The waitress looked a little bewildered, but left the room to find the owner. In a few moments a concerned looking man approached my table.
"Yes, I am the owner of this restaurant.  Is there a problem here?  Are you displeased with your order?" he asked.

  "No! No! There is not a problem with my food! I wanted to tell you that I have never had such a delicious tofu in all my life!  I have never seen such a beautiful texture, so silky and so smooth!  Your tofu was recommended to  me because it was the  best, but I had no idea that your tofu would be this delicious! I am delighted with the taste and I wanted to ask you how you make this tofu so special.  I know there are only a few ingredients in tofu and I'm trying to figure out what you do to make it so different from the tofu I have eaten before!"

I was obviously very excited and it was difficult for me to hold back my enthusiasm.  The restaurant owner looked at me cautiously. he did not answer me immediately because he was looking me over and no doubt wondering if there was something wrong with me.  I asked him if he could take a few minutes and sit down with me so I could explain to him who I was and why I was so interested in his tofu.  Even though the restaurant was  very busy, he kindly accepted my request and he sat down to listen.

  After introducing myself and explaining why I was so curious about the tofu, he relaxed and asked me to calm down. He said," Dr. Ohno, I see you are excited, but please calm down so I can answer your questions!  It is the water, a very special water that has made this tofu so good.  Tofu consists of 90% water ; it is not a solid substance even though many people think of it as being solid.  because the water we use is a special water with very fine qualities, our tofu is exceptional to taste!  This is not only true for tofu, but also for vegetables and fruits or even fish and meat. Anything that has water in it tastes better when the quality of the water is pure!"

"Both the ingredients and the water source for the tofu are from japan. The soy is grown with this water to make the tofu. This is why this tofu is so delicious and different!"

My head was spinning with excitement and my heart was pounding as he talked about a special water that was so pure.
"Where do you purchase this water?  Where does it come from ? This is very important that I know!" 

Again my excitement cause him to ask me to calm down. But I couldn't ; I know in my heart that I had been guided to this restaurant that day to find this water.  I was fond of tofu, but never before had I wanted tofu so much that I would ask a cab driver to recommend a good tofu restaurant to me! It seems as though I had been gently guided by some invisible force to have a craving for tofu that day so I would come here to learn about this special water.  This would be too much of a coincidence for this water no to be the water I had been searching for.  My excitement could not be contained. 

  "Dr. Ohno! Please , calm down! After  you finish your meal, we can sit somewhere quietly and I can give you more information about where this water comes from!"

  After I finished my tofu I joined him at a quiet area in the back. The waitress brought us both some tea and he proceeded to explain to me the history of this water. 

" I discovered this water through my uncle.  My uncle had been a cigarette smoker and he was suffering from lung cancer. When he was diagnosed with lung cancer, the doctor said that the only alternative he could recommend was chemotherapy. So my uncle started with chemo treatments , but the side effects were so strong that he could not bear it.  He finally asked his doctor to stop the chemotherapy.  Hos doctor told him that if he stopped the treatments, he would have no chance of surviving.  But my uncle was a stubborn man and he did not want to continue with the treatment any longer.  So finally the doctor agreed to discharge my uncle from the hospital."

  "After he left the hospital his symptoms became worse.  he had to do something to help himself, so he turned to Oriental medicine. One day a friend advised him to visit a doctor who treated end-stage cancer patients. It seemed this doctor gave his patients a special water.  After drinking the water for a period of time, their cancer would go into remission.  His friend gave him the name of the doctor and told him the hospital where he was practicing."

  "So, with nothing to lose, my uncle went to the hospital to find this doctor.  Soon after  meeting with the doctor, he was given this water. In a short time, his condition dramatically improved! His appetite, which had all but vanished , was back once again.  My uncle was able to eat and started to gain weight. The tumors on his lung began to shrink, until eventually they were gone!" 

  " I know this is a difficult story to believe, but it is true! At first it was very difficult for me to believe that my uncle was cured by drinking water! If it had not been that this happened to my own uncle, who I know very well and witnessed his healing, I know I would not trust someone who would tell me such a far-fetched story.  Six months after my uncle started drinking the water his lung cancer was in remission! Amazingly,Dr. Ohno, this is a true story."

  " Tell me, Dr. Ohno, what do you think about this story?"

 I told him that I believed what he told me was possible and I trusted that this water could have special properties that aided in the healing of his uncle's lung cancer.  He was happy to see that I believed his story.  He went on to say, "I have tried to explain this story to many of my friends, and even though they know me very well, they find it difficult to believe me.  In order to further prove this to myself, I decided to drink this water, because I had hypertension and diabetes.  I thought that if the water could help my uncle with lung cancer, perhaps it could help with my health problem as well.  Every day, I had to take medication  for my high blood pressure, and insulin for my diabetes. Shortly after I started to drink this magnetized water, my blood pressure dropped from 180/120 to 120/78 !  My glucose level dropped from 300 to where it is now at 120 ! I will always drink a bottle of this water every day to maintain my health."

  " I have also discovered that I experience more energy that I did before ! It used to be difficult for me to get up in the morning because I was always so tired.  Now, even if I go to bed after midnight, I wake up in the morning between 5-6 AM feeling refreshed. 

After taking a break and sipping some  more tea, the restaurant owner continued with his story.

 "After my uncle and I had such a good experience with this water, I thought of the idea of using this water for cooking in my restaurant. I knew that because tofu was made up of 90% water, that the purity of the water would make a big difference in the taste and the quality of the tofu.  So, I started using the water in my restaurant and I never said anything to anyone about it.  But within a short period of time, I had a great increase in business. People from all over have come to taste our tofu!"

His story intrigued me and I wanted to learn more about the water. I also wanted to meet the doctor who was administering the water to his cancer patients.  I asked him, " Where can I go to meet this doctor and find out more about this special water?"

  "The doctor you want to talk to is at Shibata Hospital in Okayama. His name is Dr. Jinro Itami. I can give you directions how to get there."

Dr. Itami, Shibata Hospital, Okayama, Japan.

  After I returned home, I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Itami.  I made the three-hour trip from Osaka to Okayama and the Shibata Hospital.  Even though the hospital looked humble and small, I felt a special energy from the building and from the staff when I walked inside.  I waited for 10 minutes and Dr. Itami, a man about 50 years old ( Year 2000), came over and introduced himself. His voice was soft and caring, and his eyes were kind and compassionate. I felt immediately that I could trust him. And this proved to be true.  He was generous with his time during that first visit, as he took time out of his busy schedule from seeing his patients.

  "Welcome, Dr. Ohno!  Welcome to Shibata Hospital ! I am so glad to meet you!  I have been looking forward to meeting you, especially after our conversation about the water over the phone. There aren't many doctors who understand the importance of water and how water affects our body!"

I was impressed with Dr. Itami and his humility from our first conversation. When he discussed his patients and how they have been healed, he never indicated to me that he was taking the credit. he always gave the credit to the water.  He had said, " I am not curing the patients, it is the water that is making the difference. I am only giving them the water."

  Now that I had met him in person, I was able to confirm that he was indeed a sweet and modest man.  His attitude was very different from the typical Japanese doctors I was used to associating with, who were generally arrogant.  The more I talked with him, the more I liked him.  he was a true humanitarian and meeting him inspired me.  I was now even more excited about discussing the water with him. 

  "Please tell me about this special water, Dr. Itami. How long have you been using it with your patients?"

"I have been using the water with end-stage cancer patients now for 10 years (i.e.since 1990) , Dr.Ohno. I have kept records since I started giving water to my cancer patients!"

  "What can you tell me about your findings?"

""Most of the patients visit me at this hospital after they have moved into the end stages of cancer.  Most of these patients have already gone through radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. many patients have been to several doctors, who offered them new 'cures' for cancer. Most of these patients have lost trust in their doctors because none of them seemed to improve.  Their hopes have been dimmed, and they are scared of facing death.  They are looking for a miracle that can give them hope and a chance to live.  Even though I do not claim to work miracles, I believe I have given many of my patients hope in helping them to deal with their cancer.  You see, Dr. Ohno, my mission in medicine is to give people hope. Even if I am  not able to cure them of their cancer, at least I want to give them hope."

  "Years ago I heard about a mountain that was being mined. The miners who worked there drank the water that came out of the mountain. Many of these miners were suffering from health problem; such as arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, kidney stones, to name a few.  After drinking this water over a period of time, they discovered that their health improved and some of their symptoms  had disappeared altogether.  When I heard  about this from some of the miners, i began to wonder if there would be benefits fro this water for my cancer patients. Even though I was skeptical, I decided it was at least worth trying."

  "I knew that my patients would try anything to cure their cancer.  You know the saying ; A drowning man will reach  for a straw. In other words, a dying man will try anything that will help him live. "

  Dr. Itami invited me to take a stroll with him to visit some of his patients.  One of the first patients Dr. Itami pointed out was a young man, 42 years old.  he had just been admitted into the hospital with liver cancer. Dr. Itami told me, "This man was told that he has only three months to live.  He is in the end-stages of liver cancer and the cancer has metastasized to his major organs. His doctor told him that there was nothing they could do to help him, and he should go to hospice.  His wife had heard from a  friend about our work here and how the water was helping to cure cancer in some patients." 

I looked at the man with his belly swollen like a sumo wrestler.  he was dreadfully thin and he looked very tired. I reached out my hand to shake his as I introduced myself, I asked him , "How are you feeling?"

 The patient said, " I have had no appetite even though my abdomen is growing larger from the swelling every day. But I have not given up because many of my friends have told me about Dr. Itami and his special water.  I am hoping that this water will cure my liver cancer.  This is my last chance.  I know I can trust you, Dr. Itami, because I have been told that  you are a true caring and compassionate person. I believe that you can help me!" 

Dr. Itami listened and looked down , smiling shyly. As we walked away, he explained to me , "I will start giving the water to him right away.  I hope that the water will give him new hope . But all I can do is my best and allow the water to work in his body.  The rest is up to God." 

As we continued to walk through the hospital ward, many patients smiled and waved to Dr. Itami. One patient in particular called him over, " Dr. Itami! Thank you so much for helping me! You have given me so much hope. I have never had another doctor care for me in the way you do.  I am so thankful that I came here so you could help me.  Even though I may die here, Dr. Itami, I will never regret it because I found a doctor I could trust!" 

I watched Dr. Itami as many patients sang his praises. Never once did he show an attitude of conceit.  He smiled to every patient, and he made everyone feel at ease.  I witnessed his humanitarian behavior.  He was really a special and unusual doctor.  he was not caught up in ego and greed. Rather, he was fueled by his mission to give hope to patients, who had nothing left to turn to but hope and prayer.

Something I felt was amazing with these patients.  I could understand how the woman who had been here for awhile talked about trusting Dr. Itami. But the liver cancer patient who had just been admitted to the hospital already trusted Dr. Itami. I wondered how it was that he was able to gain the trust of this patient so quickly, even before giving the patient any kind of care.

I remembered  when my mother had her breast cancer operation. i recalled how she told me that she trusted my brother Dr. Yoshioki because there was a special spiritual energy that worked between them.  I believed in this energy and knew that it was imperative for the healing process to be successful. 

" Dr. Itami, how do you go about gaining the complete trust of your patients? You seem to have a gift for gaining a patient's trust. How are you able to do this?"

"Dr. Ohno, when my patients come here, I am often times their very lasy hope. usually they have already seen several doctors and have gone through taking several different kinds of drugs and therapies.  Nothing has worked for them or they would not be here.  Most of these patients have lost their trust in doctors and the medical profession.  They see their lives slipping helpless away. When they first are admitted to the hospital, they do not know that i am any different from other doctors. because they need to gain hope and trust before they can begin to get better, I help them by the way I treat them." 

"The first thing I do is ask the patient to relax.  I acknowledge that I know they are scared and I talk with them in a caring way. I spend the first three days getting to know them as a person.  Iask them questions about their life, their family, what they do for a living, or I ask them to share with me what they want me to know about them.  It's not until after the third day that I begin to discuss their medical history with them.  By the time I begin to treat them medically, we have developed a relationship that is based upon the deepest human factors of trust and faith.  I continue to remind them to relax and I always listen to their fears and concerns.  Quickly, I am able to give the patient hope and in return, they are able to give me their trust. Both must work together, Dr. Ohno, for healing to occur."

From everything I was experiencing from talking with him and watching him with his patients, I truly liked and respected Dr. Itami.  He was everything I felt he was from my first impression. He was kind and compassionate; a true humanitarian doctor. I was very impressed with him. When we returned to his office, I asked him, "Dr. Itami, what is it about this water that makes it so special?"

"I'm not sure why the water works on diseases, but I do know the history of this water. Almost a billion years ago, there was an undersea volcano that erupted in this area.  When the volcano erupted it rose up out of the ocean and became a mountain. Following the volcano eruption there was a huge meteorite shower in this same area. The magnetite in the meteorites bonded with the limestone and granite of the mountain. This created a permanent magnetic mountain. 
"As water flows into the mountain, it is magnetized with the mountain's magnetic field. because of its magnetism, the water is able to attract 74 minerals that are in the mountain.  Some of these minerals are calcium, magnesium, selenium, and potassium, gold, silver, iron. What is equally important about this mineral water is the ionic organization of its structure.  The mineral water has an organized ionization that is unique. When this water is inside our bodies, it helps to create a healthy environment."  I was in complete agreement with Dr. Itami because he confirmed everything I knew about water and magnetism. 

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