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{STEP 3} 


Whoever said money can't buy happiness 
simply didn't know where to go shopping. 


MANY PEOPLE DISCUSS the scarcity mindset. 
It really became popular after Steven Covey 
published his book, The 7 Habits of Highly 
Effective People. Some people think a scarcity 
mindset is the awareness of what we don't have in 
our lives, like it's a static force: I don't have a 
nice car, I don't have a nice house, I don't have 
money It sounds like a statement of fact. But it's 
only a litany of limiting beliefs. 

A scarcity mindset is an active ongoing force in 
your life.When you focus on what you don't have, 
don't want, and don't take pleasure in - all you 
get is more lack in your life. This is the gap in 
understanding. In order to get to where you want
to be financially, you must understand where 
you are. Shifting your focus to where you want 
to be, rather than focusing on what you don't 
have, shifts you out of the scarcity mindset into 
receiving mode. 

Do you have friends or family members who 
constantly talk about every bad or negative thing 
that happens to them each day - right down to 
the most insignificant event you can imagine? 
have. They talk about how bad their jobs are,
how they can never get ahead, how the country 
is in a downward spiral, how the cost of gas, 
lemons, or anything else is running or ruining 
their life. They also make a point to tell you how
no plan or program ever works for them and how
they don't have time to even look at doing 
something different because it supposedly won't
work anyway. I find these people frustrating. I 
try to help these people and they slam the door 
in my face. 

Remember, your lack of money, love, health, 
wealth and happiness comes directly from your 
mindset.  51 


Not too long ago, a friend told me the story about 
a girl named Alicia. She was in her late 30s and 
had never been married. Alicia desperately 
wanted to find a mate and have a family. She 
constantly bent all her friends' ears about how she 
couldn't seem to meet anyone or find the right 
person. Any advice they offered was pushed aside 
with a quick, "Tried it, didn't work." 

Alicia worked in a large bank as the HR manager 
and was constantly meeting eligible men - but she 
didn't even glance at them. She was so focused on 
the supposed fact that she couldn't meet anyone, 
that she didn't allow herself to see the 
opportunities right in front of her. If she had 
shifted her mindset to "I'm going to meet a great 
person that I can share my life with," instead of on
her loneliness and desperation, she could easily 
have been married and had a family. But these 
are the roadblocks we place for ourselves. 

We develop our "financial" mindsets from those 
around us. If those around us are negative, then 
we grow up with a negative mindset around 
money. When you think back to your childhood, 
you probably didn't have a lot of money worries. 
Most of us had food, clothes, toys and the basic 
items we needed. At the same time, we also 
heard adults discussing money and their beliefs
about their finances. 

I don't know about you, but all I remember 
hearing from my parents were the negatives. Even 
when things were going well, my parents always 
argued about money. If we had it, someone was 
misspending it. If we didn't have it, then there 
was no way the bills were going to get paid. Of
course a lot of what my parents believed about 
money came true as they were attracting what 
they were focusing on - lack. I remember the 
embarrassment of being told to only use two 
sheets of toilet paper because it was expensive! 

Our normal life was one of lack. What was most 
astounding was that we still experienced lack 
even while my father was employed and we 
were living within our means. 

People will often come to me confused, 
wondering how two households with similar 
incomes, can have vastly different experiences. 
One household never seems to have money,while 
the other goes on vacations, buys new things and 
seems much less stressed. Contrary to popular 
thought,there isn't a special kind of math going on 
here. It's simply a difference in how they think 
about money. Therefore, they get different results. 

Your financial situation, good or bad, is a direct 
reflection of what's going on in your mind. It's not 
a situation created by outside influences, 


{Step 3: Prosperous Spending} 

the economy, your parents or anyone else. You
are responsible for your own thoughts. And 
those thoughts produce your results. It's easy to 
look at the result and think, "Well that's the 
problem." How many times have you looked at 
a pile of bills and thought, "I need more money. 
If I had money,these problems would disappear?" 
This is a lie. Even if you doubled your income, 
you would still feel a sense of lack. And as a 
result, your bills would continue to eat up all 
your money. You would merely live at a higher 
level.That's how someone earning $250,000 per 
year can get overdrawn at the bank just easily as 
someone earning $20,000 per year. This is also 
why some people win millions of dollars in the 
lotto/BigSweep, and are in debt a year later. 
Their mind couldn't handle the sudden wealth. 
They have not used the seven steps I'm teaching 
you. They are not comfortable with money. 


It sounds so simple to convey the idea: change 
your mindset and you'll attract money. And we all
know it's not quite that easy. When you are in the 
throes of financial ruin, trying to focus on any-
thing but the wolf at the door, it can be hard to 
maintain your focus. Yes you need to change your 
inner thoughts and beliefs around money, but it's 
a process, not a quickie solution, though it could 
happen in an instant. 

There's no denying that a lack of money is just 
the symptom of a bigger disease. And you can 
search for a cure and refuse to treat the 
symptoms. You must do both at the same time 
- deal with today's issues while doing the inner 
work to over-come your own roadblocks. The 
change has to be permanent to stop "lack" in 
your life. 

You need to take positive steps and deal with the 
reality of your financial crisis.Take small steps to 
deal with your debt, while learning these new 
ideas and concepts that will prevent scarcity in 
the future. Face up to what you need to do and 
face it without fear. You must think and act 
positively to receive positive results. 

This means being action-oriented. You can't just 
sit there thinking positive thoughts without 
DOING anything to turn around your finances. 
You must take immediate inspired action, and 
come up with a new plan and work it. This means 
that as your mindset shifts to goal setting and 
positive thoughts, you are seeking to dig yourself 
out of the pit. This isn't a magic formula; it's 
practical advice with no nonsense. Don't kid 
yourself into believing that you will be successful  53 


and attract money if you don't take care of the 
perceived mess you're in now. 

It's been my experience that there are three 
different types of people when it comes to money 
There is a small percentage of individuals on the 
verge of financial ruin, where desperation, panic 
and fear are real. I would call these people 
financially disempowered. They are faced with 
such difficult choices and realities that it may 
seem hopeless. I've been in their shoes before and
can say that it is not hopeless - but it does require
a significant commitment to improve your life. I 
was tempted to give up and quit many times. You
have to make the decision never to give up. It's 
not an option. 

The next group of people is the financially 
empowered. They attract money with seemingly
little effort, and aren't bothered by external 
financial concerns. They will always be able to 
generate money. 

Between the financially disempowered and 
empowered, there is a huge expanse of the 
population. These people are somewhere in 
between the two extremes and are the most 
susceptible to fear. They are the ones who are 
doing okay, or getting by - perhaps even living 
reasonably well - and they still worry that it all 
could crumble. They don't seem to have enough 
money to live the life they really want to live. 
Still, they see occasional glimpses of how great
their life could be. 

Interestingly enough, this last group is the one 
that struggles the most and lives with a mindset of
scarcity. You would think that those near 
financial ruin would top the list, but when you 
are on the bottom, the only way you can go is up.
This means you don't have as much fear of loss.
It is this fear of loss that keeps people in jobs
they hate or working for someone else rather than 
pursuing their own dream. The fear of losing what
little they have constantly trumps the possibility 
of a better life. 

You may be someone (or know someone) who 
constantly says, "I can't afford it." It doesn't 
matter what it is or what it costs; that's their mind
-set. A lot of it comes from the media. You may 
listen to the media - television, newspapers, 
online reports. This is a HUGE mistake. All they 
do is focus on bad news, which is not reality. 

When I went to Kent State University in the 
1970s, I studied to be a reporter. I took many 
journalism courses. Unfortunately, all they did 
was teach that good news is no news. When 
someone gets a new job or helps an old lady 
across the street, this isn't news. On the other 
hand, if there's a murder, theft, or swindling, 
that's news. 


{Step 3: Prosperous Spending}

As far as the media is concerned, bad news sells - 
so that's what they focus on. Each and every time
you watch the news you're giving yourself a huge
dose of negative ideas. You are being 
programmed and your fear mindset is being 
created.There's war, famine, financial crisis - oh 
my, the sky is falling! Then you spend time 
around others who watch the same negativity and
it creates a cycle of fear. That fear, real or 
media-induced, encourages you to be fearful and
hoard your money in the face of crisis. This 
keeps untold millions of people trapped working 
hard for someone else and fearing that it will 
never be enough. 

The good news is that this doesn't have to be you.
Turn off the mainstream news, quit listening to 
the negative people in your life and keep reading
this book. I'm about to tell you one of the 
greatest secrets to attract money now. 


Money is just as much about spending as 
receiving. Prosperous spending, or prosperous 
purchasing, is the third step to attracting money. 
It's a phrase I coined to describe a step in the 
attract money now process that few know about.
Yet it works like magic. 

Remember that money must circulate.You spend
money every day, but you have to ask yourself - 
do you spend it fearfully or joyfully? I'm not 
talking about going out and running up debt or 
spending money on a whim. Do you joyfully 
spend your money to enhance your life? If you 
have the money to buy something that will 
enhance your life and give you joy, you should 
do it. 

One of the biggest paradigms that people carry 
over from their parents is the idea that spending
on yourself is extravagant and they feel guilty 
about it. Recognize this mindset for what it is - 
scarcity.You live life once and if you never enjoy
your days, fearful that you might need those extra
dollars, then you will be disappointed at the end 
of your life. By little things I don't mean you have
to go out and purchase a new car or home - unless
this is your dream and you have the money to buy

Gerry, a millionaire, recently shared a story with 
me. He told me about the day that he finally 
understood the idea of prosperous spending. It 
happened in the grocery store. Gerry grew up 
without much money and his mother had always 
stretched the food budget. One day Gerry's wife 
asked him to stop and pick up a few things on 
the way home.  55 


While shopping in the produce aisle,Gerry spotted
some red bell peppers. He loved red bell peppers
and put a couple in his cart. After a few minutes, 
he felt guilty,and turned around to put them
back. At that moment it suddenly struck him that
he was denying himself something he really 
enjoyed because of this belief he'd gotten from
his mother - the belief that he needed to stretch 
the food budget. He was a millionaire who 
could've purchased a whole field full of red bell
peppers! He said he bought eight and enjoyed 
every one. 

We deny ourselves the smallest comfort or 
pleasure; even if it only costs a few dollars. 
This is not prosperous spending. Prosperity says 
you can have red bell peppers instead of green, 
rib eyes instead of sirloin, and romaine instead of
iceberg. It's not about spending everything you 
make, but enjoying what you do spend, without 
feeling guilty about it. You want to feel good, 
positive and excited about your life even if you 
aren't where you want to be just yet. You still 
deserve to enjoy yourself and be happy. The 
positive feelings and emotions that prosperous 
spending brings is what attracts more positive 
things into your life. 

When great things happen to me I like to reward 
myself. It is like saying "Job well done."It makes 
me feel great too. You should always reward your
-self. When you reach a goal you've been striving 
for,purchase something nice for yourself or spend
the day at the spa if that's what you like. Or take
a weekend and go fishing at your favorite secret
spot. Rewards don't have to involve large 
amounts of money - but they should generate 
large amounts of positive feelings and emotions. 

A few years back I was speaking at a trade show.
I had my own booth where I sold my books and 
programs. I was supposed to be there for four 
days. Each day after my sessions, people kept 
flooding my booth wanting to buy my materials.
Within two days I was completely sold out. I was
excited and happy that so many people got my
message and understood what I was trying to 
convey. I decided to reward myself with a good 

Now, I'm not a cigar aficionado by any stretch
of the imagination, but I'm learning. I walked 
into a cigar shop looking for a reward and found 
some amazing lighters. I'm not an expert on 
lighters, either. Still, I wanted one. The lighter 
was a perfect reward because every time I'd open
it, I would remember this day and my success at
the trade show. 

I didn't want a disposable or cheap metal lighter.
I wanted one that said I'd done well and 
succeeded. So I asked the guy at the store, 


{Step 3: Prosperous Spending}

"If Donald Trump walked in here, what kind of 
cigar lighter would you sell him? That's the one I 
want to see." So the guy walked over, unlocked a 
special case and pulled out a tray of gorgeous 
lighters. One really caught my eye. It was a 
dazzling gold Dupont lighter. It looked like 
success feels - bright, shiny and valuable. He 
took the lighter and opened the lid. I heard a 
'ping' sound. He said,"That is the ping of status." 

It was perfect! 

But it cost $700. 

Seven hundred dollars! 

For a lighter? 

I bought it and felt fantastic. 

The next day I was telling some people about the
lighter and there was one person who was 
absolutely disgusted. He said, "Why did you 
spend that kind of money on a lighter when you
can get matches for free? Nobody needs a $700 

He's right. I don't need one, but "need" isn't the 
point. Another man who was there said, "I know
exactly why you bought that lighter. You anchored
in your success with emotion. You wanted to 
reward yourself for accomplishing your goal. 
You should have bought the lighter and felt great 
about it." And I did. 

This doesn't mean you should go out and buy a 
$ 700 lighter. It means you should spend your 
money out of joy, not fear. You should reward 
yourself for meeting goals and making progress. 
You should generate as much positive emotion 
as possible with what you have. 

The joy of spending your money is tied to giving
- even to yourself. You are letting go of those 
emotions of guilt and fear, and giving yourself 
permission to enjoy your life as you also work to 
improve it. 

But when you give or spend, there will be times 
when your old beliefs rear their ugly heads.You'll
question what you're doing. You'll question me. 
That's normal. Change is a process, and once you
accept that, you may even laugh at the silly things
you do or say that have nothing to do with 
prosperity. And that's okay. In fact, it's a great 
way to take little setbacks and use them to move 
forward faster because it's positive emotional 
reinforcement. I've collected numerous little 
stories from people over the years regarding the
moment they realize they were not in a 
prosperity mindset. 
See if a few of these sound familiar:  57 


• I went to the movies, got popcorn, but left off 
the butter because it was an extra $.50.Two hours
of dry popcorn to save $.50? 

• Refused to pay $6 to wash my car. Did it my-
self and was sick for two days with sunburn. 

• I built a house and decided to save some money
on utilities by not living in it. Smart, huh? I spent
the summer in a RV on the property with my 
husband, a five year old and two dogs. No 
amount of savings was worth that long miserable

• My dad comes to visit and refuses to use the 
new towels in the guest bathroom. I got irritated
with him until I realized I never use the 'good' 
towels either. So I threw out all the old ones and
bought some fluffy new ones that were just for 
me. Who wants to dry off everyday with sand-

• We used to go out to this fancy ocean side sea-
food restaurant once a month. The two of us 
loved the sea air and atmosphere but felt that it 
was too nice for more frequent visits. It's not that 
we couldn't afford it, we just didn't go and denied
ourselves of something we loved. 

We have all done things completely out of habit
that seem almost ridiculous when viewed with a
prosperity mindset. There will be many times
when you may ask, "What was I thinking?" 
Truthfully, you weren't. You were on autopilot 
allowing all your accumulated beliefs to direct
your actions. This is why it can be challenging 
to change those beliefs. They're deeply ingrained
in your mindset and it takes awareness, attention
and action to remove them. This awareness will
allow you to catch yourself at times when you do
or say something that reveals one of these limit-
ing beliefs. A great way to become more aware
is to listen and observe the actions of others. 

Have you ever been in a mall for a few hours, 
listening to the people around you? The conver-
sations and actions are revealing. I take a note 
pad and write down how many positive and 
negative statements I hear. I'm warning you now
to make plenty of room on the negative side! 
The amount of negative statements will amaze 
you. People don't even realize how their words 
and phrases sound or how revealing they really 
are. I also make a column on my notepad called 
the "I can't afford it" column. I hear this one all 
the time. You should say, "How can I afford?"


{Step 3: Prosperous Spending

As you learn more about circulating money,you'll 
eventually learn to balance receiving and spending
so that both are positive influences in your life. 
They will keep the stream of cash flowing and 
increasing over time. Once you understand these 
concepts you can start investigating the ideas, 
products or businesses that will get you there. 
But until you do this work on yourself,you'll be
marginally successful at best. When you have the
positive prosperity mindset, then almost anything
you decide to pursue will succeed. 

The whole idea of attracting money is to enjoy 
your life. But you don't have to wait for money to
start rolling in to feel joyful. Make the decision to
pay attention to what you spend money on and the
attitude you possess when doing so. Choose to 
add things to your life that give you good positive 
feelings, while you're working on your goals. 
When you attain your goals, reward yourself. 
You deserve it. 

If you've been following my career, you know 
over the last few years I've been attracting a car 
collection. Not a collection on the scale of Jay 
Leno or Jerry Seinfeld, but good enough to get 
into magazines such as Heavy Hitters and Austin 
Fit, and on TV shows like Discovery Channel's 
upcoming new one on Super Cars. 

The other thing you may or may not know is that
I rarely go seeking these cars. They come to me. 
I'm just alert enough to seize the moment when 
the car is there. I say "Yes!" to them. And that is 
a secret to how the Law of Attraction works. 

For example, I knew Patrick Dempsey (of TV's 
Grey's Anatomy and many movies, such as 
Freedom Writers) had a Panoz exotic sports 
car because I've been to the Panoz factory,met the
Panoz family, and heard his story. I also own 
Francine, a 2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM, a fiery 
redhead of a car. 

Dempsey's car was custom built for him in 2002, 
with every street -rocket perk you could install at 
the time. He's a race car fan and driver, and 
knows what he wants in a barely street-legal 
exotic car. Panoz listened and built what he 
wanted. The result is a one-of-a-kind car. It's a 
supercharged V8 with 420 HP. Like my own 
Francine, it's an Esperante GTLM. In fact, 
according to the Panoz Auto Development 
Company, it was the first Esperante ever built. It 
was named Tallulah, after Dempsey's daughter. 

I remember thinking it would be cool to somehow
buy his car one day. But I didn't worry about it. I 
mentally set my intention and let it go. I had no 
attachment to it at all. None.  59 


Then one day I got my daily eBay alerts for the 
topics I'm interested in (such as Panoz, P.T 
Barnum, Steve Reeves, Joe Vitale, John Scarne, 
Bugatti Veyron, etc). To my surprise, Patrick 
Dempsey's hand-made one-of-kind Panoz sports 
car was listed for sale. Please note that I did not 
go looking for that car. I let it come to me. But 
when it did, I took action and bid on it. I now 
own it. 

The same thing happened when I stumbled across
Steven Tyler's rare Panoz AIV Roadster. I'm of 
course aware of the Aerosmith singer, but never 
thought I'd actually find or buy his collectible car.
Well, I did. 

And almost the very same thing happened when 
I learned that the 1976 Jaguar XJS owned by 
famous bodybuilder and actor Steve Reeves 
(Hercules) was available.It wasn't listed on eBay,
but I found it while browsing a website about 
Reeves. I couldn't believe it was for sale. I 
bought it for a fair price, invested a lot of money 
to repair and restore it, and now proudly own it. 

But remember, this isn't about buying or 
collecting cars; it's about attracting what you 
want with intent, detachment, and action. 
In fact, the more detached you are, the better for
attracting results. 

For example, when I was in San Diego last 
September for my Miracles Weekend event, I 
went to a luxury car dealership to see a Bugatti 
Veyron, probably the fastest and most expensive 
car yet made. I loved the car but didn't want to 
spend over a million dollars for it. 

While there, I saw a 2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom. 
I had no conscious intent to buy the Rolls, but did 
(and did on the day the stock market dropped the 
most number of points in recent history). As a 
result of spontaneously buying that car, with no 
need or attachment, I created a whole new 
business: the Rolls-Royce Phantom Mastermind . 
This is where two people pay me $5,000 each to 
have dinner with me and ride around in the car 
for an evening. Talk about feeling prosperous! 

Again, attracting a new car isn't the goal but only
the demonstration of how this process works. If 
you think this is about attracting cars or "stuff", 
then you've missed the point. 

I could rationalize my car purchases as invest-
ments in a private collection (they are), or as 
rewards for milestones in my life (I just spoke to
15,000 people in Peru), or explain that I intend to
turn Dempsey's car into a hydrogen-hybrid (by 
fitting it with Ronn Motors's H2GO system, like 
the one used in their amazing exotic sports car,
the Scorpion). 


{Step 3: Prosperous Spending

But the larger lesson is that these cars illustrate 
how the Law of Attraction (LOA) works. For you
it may not be attracting cars but something 
completely different. Like money. Attract what-
ever you want. It doesn't matter. It shouldn't 
matter. I'm challenging you to make the LOA 
process conscious - and to enjoy the ride as you

Finally I confess that I had doubts and second
thoughts before actually placing the winning bid
for Dempsey's car. That's the nature of our 
monkey mind. But then I remembered a key 
principle in my course, The Secret to Attracting 
Money . It's the principle I coined "Prosperous 

Prosperous Purchasing means this: when the 
product or service is there, and your desire is 
there, and the money is there, then buy. 


When you buy under those circumstances — 
please note I'm specifically not advising you to 
go into debt or spend recklessly — you send a 
psychological message of self-worth to yourself,
and you join the abundant flow of the universe. 

In short, spending under those conditions will 
increase your prosperity. 

Because I now own Patrick Dempsey's sports car 
— due to the Law of Attraction, the Law of Right 
Action, and the Law of Prosperous Purchasing 
— I expect to achieve even greater wealth,
success, and happiness. And that's yet another 
secret to attracting what you want: your 
expectations lead to your results. As the title of 
my most recent book says, Expect Miracles . 

Before I end this chapter, I want to say something
to all the ladies reading this book. For some 
reason you have a harder time buying things for 
yourself than men do. In general, you are likely 
mothering and nurturing to everyone but yourself. 
Always love, appreciate and mother yourself. 
While your natural inclination is to take care of 
others, you will be better at doing that if you also 
take care of yourself. In other words, mother your
-self as well as those you love. When you go to 
buy a gift for a child, remember to also buy 
something for yourself. Again, just remember to 
take time to honor yourself. 

Remember, the third step - "Prosperous

Now on to step four. 





A scarcity mindset is an active ongoing force in 
your life. When you focus on what you don't 
have, don't want, and don't take pleasure in - all
you get is more lack in your life. 

We develop our financial mindsets from those 
around us. If the people around us are negative, 
then we grow up with a negative mindset. This 
must be overcome before we can receive. 

Face up to what you need to do and face it with-
out fear. You must think positively and act 
positively to receive positive results. 

Money is just as much about spending as 
receiving. Prosperous spending is the third step 
to attracting money. 

The positive feelings and emotions that 
prosperous spending brings are what attracts more
positive things into your life. 

Let go of guilt and fear and give yourself 
permission to enjoy your life while improving it. 


{Step 3: Prosperous Spending


Write down three things you would love to buy 
right now. 

Pick one thing that you could buy without going
into debt tapping out a credit card. 

Buy it. 

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