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Economic recessions and depressions have always 
produced enormous opportunities for people 
willing to ignore the negativity. 

People choose to live in financial chaos and they 
have no idea that they can choose a different path. 

Attracting money requires inspired action and 
total focus. These can't be pushed aside or compromised. 

A problem to one person may be a blessing to 
another. It depends on your intention - which 
directs your perspective. 

When you face a challenge in your life, it's only 
because you aren't accepting what you have and 
are focused on what you want, with a feeling 
of lack or even desperation. 

The idea that money is in the mind highlights the 
fact that what you feel, think and know about 
money determines your ability to attract it

Attracting money is not about getting lucky. It's 
not about the perfect once-in-a-lifetime 
opportunity. It's an understanding of how money 
works and what attracts money to you versus 
what repels it. 

You will attract money in alignment with your 


• Write down your beliefs about money. 

• Ask yourself if those beliefs serve you or stop you in attracting 

• What are five positive reasons for you to want to attract more 
money now? 

• Write down a problem or current complaint you have. 

• Write out a way to turn that problem or complaint into a product 
or service. 

{STEP 1} 


Wealth is the product of a man's capacity to think

night. And some of your beliefs are much more 
costly than others. The direction of your thoughts
and the explanations you give yourself are 
extremely important in determining if you will 
attract or repel money. The first step to attracting
money is to understand and alter how you think. 
In order to do this, you must address your under-
lying beliefs - and don't think for one second that 
you can just skip over this step and go on to the 
others. If you do, you absolutely will fail, so don't 
be tempted to treat this lightly. This first step is 
crucial to your success if you want to attract money. 

People usually enter my Miracles Coaching 
program when everything they have tried has fail-
ed or has only been marginally successful. They 
say they have 'tried it all' - and they have, except 
for the first step! You must align your mind with 
where you want to go and who you want to be, 
way before you become it. In similar fashion, you 
must understand how money works and what it 
really means to you, before you will overcome 
anything. Otherwise you will end up sabotaging 
yourself repeatedly. 

Have you ever felt like you were just within reach 
of something you wanted and then blew it at the 
last second? This happens frequently in sports. 
One team seems to have the victory in hand and 
then makes blunder after blunder, until it ends up 

Why does this happen? 


If you don't have the mindset of a champion, you'll
never be one. People often think that they will 
have a wealth mindset once they have made a lot 
of money. The opposite is true. You must have 
wealth mindset before you achieve it, because if 
you don't, you'll find yourself frequently getting 
close, but never achieving your dream. Think 
wealthy now and you will begin to attract money 
now. Simple. 

There are three core beliefs that have to be 
released if you want to attract money into your 
life. There's no way around them and no way to 
avoid doing your due diligence. You must get 
past them or they will always steal your potential. 

Here they are: 


The most important core belief that must be 
expelled from your mind is "I don't love myself." 
This is the first thief. Now before you roll your 
eyes and wonder what in the world this has to do
with making money, listen up. How you feel about 
yourself determines how much money(or anything 
else that is good) flows into your life. 

Did you know that every single person who hasn't 
attracted what they want, has this limiting belief? 
They don't love themselves. Until they get rid of 
that belief, they're not going to attract money, 
they're not going to experience success and 
they're not going to have any of the things they 
want. They will wish or hope to attain their goals,
they'll attempt them, but they will level off and 
be frustrated, wondering "Why is it going so well 
for every-body else but not for me?" 

When I say that you must love yourself, it means 
that you must have a tremendous level of accept-
ance of all your good qualities and be working on 
the qualities you want to improve. This is not an 
idea where you ever achieve perfection. There 
will always be more to accomplish and new issues 
that must be dealt with. As you grow in know-
ledge and understanding, you will achieve your 
potential. You will always be working on yourself.
That's how I, and everyone I socialize with, 
approach it. I don't have all the answers, but I'm 
actively looking for them. I'm also open to working
on anything within me that might keep me from 
attracting what I want. 

All of this is like peeling an onion. Every time you 
work through one layer, another appears. In your 
financial life, these layers and challenges have no-
thing to do with the external environment. It 
doesn't matter if there's a recession or not, who 
the President of the United States is, or how the 
stock market is doing. It's completely and totally
internal - within you. This is one of the reasons 
why limiting beliefs are hard to change. They 
are invisible and incredibly destructive.

You probably know people who are doing very 
well financially If not, I'm sure you've read about 
some. They're likely doing really well, no matter 
what's going on in the country. If you look at the 
stories from the Great Depression or at other 
challenging times, you'll find many people who 
have prospered and thrived - many of whom are 
still around. 

People like Colonel Sanders who created his name
-sake chicken recipe during the Depression,opened
 a restaurant, and now the company has locations 
around the globe. Companies like John Deere, 
which you might have expected to disappear 
during the Great Depression, came out of it 
stronger and is still going strong. These types of 
companies are all around us and serve as 
examples of what can be achieved. However, it 
begs the question, why did these companies 
survive when so many others didn't? It's because 
their mindset made them immune to the economic 
conditions. They believed they could weather the 
storm and did. They found out that negative news 
is like a disease and you can choose to allow 
yourself to be infected or not. 


The second of the thieves is "I don't deserve it." 
It's directly related to "I don't love myself." If you
have an important goal, and you think it's worthy 
or valuable, such as, "I want a new job. I want 
raise. I want more sales" -and you're not achieving
it - you need to look deeper. The reason you 
aren't progressing is likely because you believe 
that you don't deserve it. 

Now you may think this is irrational, but is it? 
Have you ever had a nice suit that you only wore 
on 'special' occasions? Or perhaps a special set of 
dishes that you only use on holidays? The motiva-
tion behind these actions is that you feel these 
objects are too 'good' for you to enjoy every day. 

I once had a friend who owned a small ranch. One 
fall he bought a brand new customized truck and 
came by to show it to me. It was gorgeous. He was
beaming with pride and you could detect a 
distinct difference in the way he walked - like he 
was 10-feet tall. The next week I saw him driving 
his old truck again and asked what happened. He 
said, "Oh I just take the new truck out for special 
occasions, it's way too nice to drive around the 
ranch." What he was in effect saying, was the 
thought of the new truck was above him. It 
couldn't be part of his daily life because he only 
felt he deserved to have it for special occasions. 
You see and hear this thief rear its head every day 
when people talk about how someone else is so 
much better than they are and how they can't 
possibly attract certain things because they are 
just not 'for' them. 

This is a clear indication of where their focus is - 
which is not on achieving their dreams, but on 
whythey can't or why someone else deserves it 
more. It shows they don't value themselves or 
their contribution to their own lives. If you don't 
love yourself, you will never believe that you 
deserve anything of value in your life. You will 
walk around with the idea that good things only 
come to others - but they are not meant for you. 

Now you may even consciously force yourself to 
say "I do love myself. Look at what a nice person 
I am and look at all these nice things I'm doing." 
But if you're not seeing positive results, they are 
being blocked by a limiting belief deep within 
you.Your results are simply a mirrored reflection 
of what's inside you. The outer always reflects the 
inner. When you experience lack of achievement 
or when you get close to a goal only to choke at 
the last minute, you are struggling with beliefs 
that must be addressed. 

I know literally thousands of people who use 
positive affirmations every day as a tool to 
change their beliefs. They can be very effective.
The idea is that the more often you say it, the 
faster you will adopt it as a belief. Unfortunately 
these affirmations are no match for a limiting 
belief that may be lurking inside you. The 
positive ideas you are trying to adopt bounce off 
like a ping-pong ball hitting cement. The only
way to change the situation is to acknowledge
the underlying belief and deal with it first.


There is one additional belief about money that 
belongs with the other two thieves. This biggest,
baddest, boldest, most insidious belief about 
money has been around for literally thousands of 
years and is still here now - Money is the root of 
all evil. 


With this belief, how could you possibly think 
you're going to attract money into your life, while 
being a good, spiritual, holy person? You may 
have some money temporarily. Just enough to 
survive on. But deep down your subconscious mind
will repel money away from you, because you don't 
want to be associated with evil. This includes 
sabotaging your efforts at success. 

This one belief has kept generations on the verge 
of poverty since the beginning of time. What's 
worse is that it is not even true. Money is not the
root of evil, especially all evil. Actually George 
Bernard Shaw said it best when he said, "It's the 
lack of money that is the root of all evil." There's 
a great deal of truth in that.The lack of money 
puts people in a desperate mindset, and that is the
true evil. When in this mindset, they will do things 
they may have never contemplated otherwise and 
often those things are very destructive - to 
themselves and/or to others. 

The belief that money is evil actually stems from 
a Biblical reference stating that "the love of 
money is the root of all kinds of evil." 
(Timothy 6:10) 
Love of money refers to someone who is chasing 
the dollar at the expense of all else in their life. 
This principle allows greed and selfishness to 
manifest in their lives. Chasing money indicates a 
competitive mindset that will do anything to have 
more money. It does not say that money in and of 
itself is evil, but that people who love money are 
prone to this trait. The Dickens character, 
Scrooge, is the perfect example of this mindset. 
He loved his cash money and only wanted more 
of it - to the exclusion of everything else in life.
Of course when you have a biblical reference 
with that much power, it's easy to understand 
how it can be distorted over time. As more and 
more people believe that money is evil, it can be
hard to change the precept and realize the truth. 

Remember in the last chapter when I said that 
money doesn't have emotions and only makes you 
more of what you are? Think about that. The 
richest people in the world, millionaires and even 
billionaires don't love money. NO. They don't. 
They love the freedom that money provides. 
Money is just a scorecard. Always remember that 
you can't really achieve great monetary success 
unless you follow your passion. The money is 
secondary. Money flows to the wealthy because 
they do not chase it just for the sake of having 
more. They desire freedom. They don't desire 
money. This is an important distinction! 

When you understand that money is neutral and 
simply an agreed-upon exchange of value, you will
attract money into your life right away. As long as
you think that money is bad, evil, corrupt, or that 
evil people are rich and rich people are evil - 
you're not going to allow monetary wealth to enter 
your life. It will bounce off of you as if you're 
made of rubber and you'll never even notice it, 
except when you look in your checkbook. You 
will know that you don't have any money and 
wonder why. 


I went to Ohio to visit my family a while back and
I saw one of my brothers, the youngest in our 
family He's got a nice family and a nice little piece
of property He's a mechanic, so he's making some 
decent money. He's working hard and living what 
most would consider a completely normal and 
average life. But he looks at my life and marvels at
it. I know on some level he's really confused, since 
he doesn't understand how all this money was 
attracted by someone like me - a person he grew up
with and views as normal and average. 

He asked me at one point, "How did you do it?" 
To answer him, I basically laid out all the informa-
tion I'm giving you now. I told him how money 
works, what holds us back, how I overcame my 
beliefs and how I help others do the same thing. 
He said "That's never going to work for me. 
I could never do that." 

I was stunned. I wondered, "How can he even 
think that?" But in his mind, in his world, based 
on his past experience, he has no idea how to 
attract money into his life. He has convinced 
himself that he is a mechanic -and only a 
mechanic - and that's what he's going to be for the
rest of his life. That means he will always make so
much per hour, and that's good enough. When you 
look at it from his perspective, you can understand 
this limiting thought process. He's raising his 
family and has people he loves and takes care of. 
He's got his little piece of property and his vehicle. 
He's doing fine. It's good enough for him. But he 
doesn't see his own mental process, nor does he 
recognize how his limiting beliefs are keeping 
him from an even better life. 

Then we started talking about my car collection - 
which amazed him. My brother asked me, "How 
come you don't have a Corvette?" I replied,"I don't
have one right now. It might be next on the list, 
you know. They come in time." This is not a limit-
ing belief on my part, but my garage is only so big 
(although I'm building a bigger one as I write this).
Still, there are only so many cars that will fit 
inside at any given moment! 

He said, "I could never have a Corvette." 

Again, I'm stunned. I'm asking myself, what goes 
on in his or anybody else's mind that sets such 

My brother's mindset is just like most others. He 
works at a job for a certain amount of money. 
That's what he knows and that's what he sees as 
his future. He doesn't see the big picture or the 
possibilities. Even with me standing right in front 
of him as an example of what's possible, he still 
doesn't see it.

Step 1: Alter How You Think 

While he's talking, I'm thinking to myself, J could 
name three ways you can get a Corvette. It really 
struck me in that moment how very different our 
thought processes are. My thought processes can 
come up with all kinds of options, all kinds of 
opportunities. I listen to most people, and in 20 
minutes or so I'm thinking There's an idea they're 
not even acting on. There's something they could 
draw out and turn into a product. But they're not 
doing it. In fact, they're not even seeing it. 

It still takes me by surprise sometimes that my 
own mindset has changed so much. Not that I'm 
saying I am the awakened one. I'm still working on 
myself all the time - every day - and I'm sharing 
what's working for me with you. It's just proof to 
me that if you do the work each day, you'll make 
progress without even realizing it. 

Just as I'm astonished at how far I've come, there 
are also those times when it becomes obvious how
far I still have to go. Recently, I had dinner with 
Kevin Trudeau, author of the "Natural Cures" 
book series. I was telling him how I have 
published over 30 books, several of which have 
become bestsellers. I felt really good telling him. 

Then he told me how he sold 30 million copies of 
one of his books. Suddenly I thought, "I haven't 
accomplished anything!" But my point is that he's 
thinking differently. He's thinking bigger than I 
have up to this point and that means I still have a 
ways to go. There will always be more to reach for
and more to achieve. The process of changing your
thoughts to accept each new level of achievement 
into your life is the real challenge. 


The first question anyone asks when I talk about 
the three thieves is, "How can I change my beliefs 
and thoughts about money?" 

The first step is to evaluate what you believe and 
why. Awareness is a must, as you must identify 
what's holding you back in order to deal with it. 
Once you've identified the ideas you want to 
change, then you must get clear of them and 
release their power over you. I've written many 
books and offered numerous techniques for clear-
ing old beliefs and I'm always open to new or 
different techniques. 

The basic premise of any clearing technique is that
you first connect with that belief and become 
aware of the emotion you have attached to it. If 
you feel you aren't deserving, then the first thing 
to do is connect with that feeling. Do you feel sad,
mad, or worthless? Now realize that this is just a 
perception on your part. You choose to feel the 
way you do and you can choose to release it. I 
often encounter this belief with people who've 
been treated badly or abused. They feel undeserv-
ing because they were told that as a child. But is 
it true? NO. 

Getting past your old beliefs means exposing them
to the light of day and examining what they are 
and if they're valid. Usually 99.9% of the time 
they aren't. We carry around a whole slew of 
beliefs from childhood. If you were made fun of in
second grade because you were afraid to speak in 
front of the class, it may have created a long 
lasting fear of public speaking. But where does 
that fear stem from? If you miss a word, is the 
audience going to jump on stage and devour you? 
NO. Your logical adult brain can figure this out, 
but you also have to release the emotional 
connection. This is the real challenge. 

Think back to a specific incident and recall those 
emotions. Does your chest feel tight? Do you hold 
your breath or cringe with fear? These reactions 
are not in response to a real danger - they are the 
mind reliving an old incident that no longer can 
even affect you unless you hang on to that old 
emotion - that blocks your progress. A lot of 
people think that positive affirmations will 
overcome limiting beliefs, but I disagree. If you 
don't directly address the issue and just use 
positive affirmations, you don't release the 
negative emotions that are blocking your progress. 
This is why if you just use affirmations, without 
dealing with the underlying issues, you will have 
limited success, because the limiting belief is still 

There are many different variations of clearing 
techniques. Brad Yates and I have a whole audio 
program called "Money Beyond Belief." (Click) 
It's available at
This series focuses entirely on eliminating money 
beliefs that are holding you back. You can do this 
on your own, for limiting beliefs such as, "I don't 
love myself." "I don't deserve money" and "Money
is evil." None of these beliefs are true, so let 
them go. 

I want you to be aware that all of the things 
preventing you from attracting money can be 
released right now. Your life can change in a 
nanosecond. I remember when I first started doing
seminars, people would ask, "Can I really learn 
this in a weekend? Can I really change my life in
a weekend?" 

All I can tell them is my own experience. I've had
moments in my life where I changed because of a
story somebody told me over dinner. I've had 
moments in my life where I changed because of 
something I saw in a movie. I've had moments in 
my life where I've been in a seminar and somebody
said one thing - just a phrase or explanation of

Step 1: Alter How You Think )

a concept, and it might not have even come from 
the seminar leader - and something shifted in me 
and I awakened. 

You can have an awakening at any point at any
time, including right now as you're reading these 
words. I know many people whose lives have been
changed by reading a book. For whatever reason, 
whether it was a new idea they'd never seen or an 
old idea they were finally ready to hear. The 
words awakened them and changed their life. 

I wrote this book with the intent of helping you 
break through your financial barriers. Most people
will change other aspects of their lives - but 
money is the hardest area for them to grasp. You 
shouldn't feel trapped into sitting on the sidelines 
while others attract the money that you could be 
sharing. And you don't have to. 

But you must decide. Are you ready to look into 
those dark, long- held beliefs and banish them
forever? Are you willing to do whatever is neces-
sary rather than what's easy? Are you ready to say,
"Hey money!! Here I am! I'm ready to receive!"? 
If you are, then you're ready to learn the rest of 
the steps that will get you there, but you must 
commit to doing them all. Each one in full. Then 
and only then will you open the floodgates to 
your new abundant future. Remember, the first 
step is to alter how you think about money. When 
you realize that it is a neutral force for good, and 
you deserve it, then you can begin the process to 
attract money now. 

But understanding and altering how you think is 
only step one. 

Let's move on to step two. 




• Limiting beliefs are like thieves in the nights.The
first step to attracting money is to change your 
thoughts and address these underlying limiting 

• You must have a mindset of wealth before you 
will ever achieve it because if you don't, you'll 
find yourself frequently getting close, but never 
quite achieving your dream. 

• All of this is like peeling an onion. Every time 
you work through one layer, another appears. 

• If you don't love yourself, you won't believe that
you deserve value in your life. 

• Getting past your old beliefs means exposing 
them to the light of day and examining if and 
why they're valid - 99.9% of the time they aren't. 

• All of the things preventing you from attracting 
money can be released right now. 

Step 1: Alter How You Think 


• Reflect on the three key limiting beliefs and 
write down which ones might be true for you 
at the moment. 

• Write down the opposite of the limiting beliefs 
and reflect on what it feels like to deserve and 
enjoy money 

• Consider other beliefs that may be limiting you 
from attracting money and reflect on the 
opposite of those beliefs, so you know you 
deserve money now. 

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