Sunday, May 4, 2008

To prevent Diseases of the Locomotion System

Diseases of the Body Locomotion System

Human body's motions are the most marvelous and beautiful motions to admire of all motions in nature.

Many fancy names/labels, as far as a layperson is concern, were given to diseases of our body locomotion system such as infections arthritis, degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic processes, gout, rheumatism of the fibrous tissues, osteoporosis, injuries, etc. These medical jargon in used are not helping the patients at all to recover from those pain and symptoms.

The primary causes of rheumatic or arthritis or ,layperson says "Joint Pain", are lack of exercise (joint movement) and water and crystal salt and poor nutrition over a long period of time. A simple term to replace all these fancy labels is dehydration dis-eases. Once you heard this "dehydration", you can remedy the underlying cause for the pain, by re hydration. Contributing factors to a poor diet include :excessive consumption of animal proteins, sugar, table salt, refined flours and alcohol. Coupled with the lack of good water, the human body is not able to flush/excrete the toxins and byproduct waste from the body system.

With all rheumatic processes we can find re-crystallized deposits in the joints. It is especially important to drink liberal quantities of good quality water with rheumatic problems to relieve the pain caused by the initial aggravation effects. Pain is just the body 'signal' to your conscious mind that localised area is dehydrating, and more good water is needful to balance and to stabilize the inequilibrium condition. Slowly, the human body starts to break down, metabolize and excrete the crystalline deposits in the joints. This process will initially aggravate the symptoms and pain. In order to minimize these effects, it is recommended to drink liberal quantities of good quality, living water that is low in minerals. Only this kind of water can support the body in removing the loosened toxins. The more water we drink the less pain we will experience during the initial aggravation of the symptoms. The rule of thumb is : Drink at least 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of your present body weight. In metric measurement, use 31.42 ml of water for every 1 kilogram of your body weight. Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (better still if hand-picked original Himalayan crystal salt is available) for every 1250ml water drank, daily. Never use table salt produced from factory. The difference between these various salt is in the geometrical structure and organic minerals availability.

Patients take NOTE:Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis principal cause are deterioration of the cartilage and wearing out of the tissues, all due to the prolonged dehydration which had occurred until the pain is registered. Forget what you've been told or bombarded from the dairy industry about calcium found in cow milk or special formula high-calcium supplements pills. Even though milk calcium contains abundant calcium, it is of no use to our human body because our system cannot breakdown cow's milk. No breakdown, means no absorption, in turn means no metabolism. "High Calcium Is Good For Your Bones!!!" is just another marketing hype. if we want sufficient (not excess) organic calcium in our diet, both bio physically and bio-availability for our body to work with, we need to eat nuts, whole wheat, sesame products and legume. These foods contain amino acids in readily available forms.

Besides, chemically stable, the stabilized frequency found in nature unprocessed sources of organic calcium with other elements such as potassium, magnesium and others (total 94 elements) are needed simultaneously for the body to regenerate and rebuild new bone cells and other cells. Isolated calcium pills or cow milk version just would not work. It is always to late to find out the result of these modified food for the human body. Therefore, just be simple and humble, choose the natural source of organic calcium rather than the market hype 'calcium-pills'. Be a customer who know what we need , not just a consumer who is told by the market people what you should have for our well being. Though we read the label "organic" on the bottle, it means the source is organic, but after the factory process ,all organic properties nature, substances/elements were transformed to inorganic form. That's the catch. And all those recommendation by big names, doctor so & so don't count, as far as your body natural biophysics needs and functions are concerned. Heard of "drug politic?" or 'endorsements fees"?

Apply the truth and set you locomotion system free again . Choo! choo! , smooth and steady until good ripe old age without anymore joint pain. Healthy wealth to you friend.

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