Thursday, May 8, 2008

Discovering Yourself Your Good Health

There is a whole world for you to explore and discover outside your body.

Yet, discovering yourself and your good health may explore your own world even more whole.

Why my blog is "Healthy Wealth?" Explore onward ...(read on)....

Why use or get involved in Chinese Medicine? It is a reasonable question, because for many of us Chinese Medicine is culturally specific;Chinese medicine for Chinese race only, Western Medicine for the Westerners race only, Malay Medicine for Malay race only, Indian Medicine for Indian race only, and so on. Strange thought but it is a common perception we held until we study to understand the universal application of medicine for mankind. Medicine is never racist, but some practitioners are racist in attitude.

The concepts logical, commonsensical, and understandable -- much more so than modern science, in fact.
I have found this is also true for patients. Chinese Medicine provides a comprehensible framework which explains the pattern of symptoms ---often seemingly random--- from which people can suffer. This can be very empowering for the patient, who may be able to understand the real nature or condition of their illness for the first time in their life.

There is a fine line between the physicians'/doctors'/specialists' legitimate need to control access to potential harmful procedures and substances and the maintenance of a secrecy which is designed to shroud the profession in mystery. Or perhaps in self-mythology? I discovered that the doctors cannot cure , it is our human body that cure it's own with one cardinal condition that we just do not hinder it's nature law of self-healing operation. This is reflected by the fact that there has always been a hierarchy of treatment in China, from the "barefoot doctors" to the Emperor court physician, titled:"Imperial Physician." Western concepts have their counterparts, the GPS ,general practitioners going up the hierarchy 'ladder'(proverbial) to the Chief Surgeon. Man with all his pomp but without insight is like the animals that perish.
In Singapore, patients class-wards decide the expertise services you will receive.

Self-treatment comes in many forms. Having to resort to medicine was traditional regarded as something of a failure for the Chinese physician, health was maintained through the careful self-cultivation of good habits, and by balancing all aspects of one's lifestyle, diet, exercise and other factors. The Chinese physician's function is an educator to impart his deep insight to the people. The ancient Chinese physician's allowance/salary was suspended when those under his care fell sick, and his pay only resume when the patients recover. Unlike present medical service transactions and ethics erosion among the medical community we experience now.

Diets, exercise, and other lifestyle factors are areas where every body can exert an influence on their existing and future health, the objectives are often easy to achieve and maintain, and the methods are inexpensive -- or even free. Like free air.

Concepts and ideas take time to understand. Simply reading all the information is unlikely to lead to a full or meaningful understanding of the concepts, at first. It is my experience that a proper perspective and right appreciation can only be reached after a certain amount of time has elapsed in study and practice of the ideas. Re-vision is the keyword here. Take your time and enjoy yourself --- read the sections as often as you like, and return to them as necessary. Your own time is the most valuable "commodity"; investing it wisely, you will have more of it through longevity.
People worldwide have always striven for good health and longevity, and here is just my modest effort to explain the environmental, both external and internal, causes of diseases and how to avoid them, and healthy diet and information to expand your overview and nano-view understanding of medicine, discovering yourself and your good(or gold) health is your initial capital for all future investments and wealth.

Real health is a sense of joy and fulfillment, an appreciation of living ; achieving real health is entirely our own responsibility. We are bestowed with the ability to respond to good things.
The many different facets of our lives contribute to our overall health. Real Health Medicine looks at the big picture, showing us that health problems cannot viewed in isolation.
Good health is so much more than merely the absence of disease. There are many people who rarely, if ever, consult a doctor, but it does not automatically follow that they are healthy, in the truest sense of the word, Real Health.

Heal-Thy-Wealth, healthy wealth, revealing a completely different approach to health from that of conventional Western medicine, or Chinese medicine, or Malay medicine, or Indian medicine, or cultural medicine, or Ayurveda medicine, or Tibetan medicine, or Jews medicine, or allopathic, or orthodox, unorthodox medicine, etc.

Basic concept #1 : Live closer to nature and the changing season.

Basic concept #2 : Natural energies flow have a great influence on well-being.

For illustration: Water causes new plant to grow in the spring to create Wood, which in turn is destroyed in the Fire of summer to return to ashes and Earth, which, is the source of ores yielding Metal, which, being cold, causes condensation to appear as Water. As long as you understand your own energy flow and grow more in harmony with your natural surroundings, your real health is a real reality.

Chinese Medicine's holistic approach goes far beyond the physiology of Western medicine. "The enlightened person eats when hungry and sleeps when tired." This means living in harmony with the energy of the seasons and with the particular requirements of your mind and body, which empowers you to influence your own health destiny. But many are doing the opposite of eating when tired and sleeping when hungry.

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