Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today We Must Change. . .

our outlook in health care to survive sanely and wisely in the 'proverbial forest' of medical world. The high risk of deaths caused by preventable mistakes within worldwide hospitals does not include the moderately high risk of hospital-acquired infection (HAI), which is one of numerous complications that patients/visitors are likely to get.

Yearly, over 2 million (2 000 000) people in United States of America, alone, pick up infections in hospitals ; of these, some 90,000 die.(Source:Sharon Thomas A,2004,p 139) "Hospital-acquired contagions account for about one-half of all hospital complications. Therefore, we are dealing with a problem on a massive scale. ...from a public health perspective, every hospital is a micro-bug magnet." said Sharon, a registered nurse with over 19 years of legal consultancy experience advising lawyers on numerous cases in which hospitals have been accused of preventable errors.
Bugs are HIV, TB, syphilis, pneumonia .. you name it, and you'll have it. Airborne diseases like TB and pneumonia can easily spread from one infected patient to the rest of the patients in the same ward and beyond. Worldwide, countless die !

Doctors typically do not comply with hand-washing guidelines more than 50 percent of the time. Thenext time you consult the doctor, ask when was the last time he/she wash hands before doing check up on you. You have the right as a customer-consultee.

Today, it's no longer business as usual.
Today, smarter heads and hearts prevail.
Today, it's no longer sickness as usual.
Today, change the order of things.

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Yellowfruit said...

You know people should really wash their hands more it's really important. Glad you brought that up because I don't think a whole lot of people think about that.