Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kidneys Business is ...

to keep our human body blood clean and sound. While some of us in Singapore and the world find ourselves in the greatest imbroglios of kidneys business, let us bear in mind the basic fundamental of simplicity.

Story: NASA "writing invention" contest. Anyone come up with a writing instrument which cannot fail in space, stand to win US$100,000. Close Date for submission was 06February, 1963.

Outcome: Many big companies submitted their so-called sophisticated designs- "space pens", in actual were just sophistries. After a real outer space mission and back, the crew members reported those "pens" unserviceable!

The winner: A third grade student who submitted his humble pencil!

Back to kidneys business. When all concerned ones realized the first cause of kidneys failure is due to lifestyle and prolonged dehydration, and change the direction to basic personal internal-hygiene health, then our collective time , energy and money can be channel to other more enhancing and greater activities for public / private interest.

Here is how kidneys failure in brief: Kidneys need sufficient water to function. Water deficiency for the day will delay and postpone the daily requirement of eliminating waste, compounding it to 'stone' formation and kidney failure.


Tragically, the medical breakthrough about dehydration as the origin of most health problems is not reaching the public through the commerce-directed health-maintenance systems in many countries. If it did, it would mean the rapid extinction of these systems. Yet there is no sane reason why tens of millions (still counting) in our society should be medicated when all they suffer from is dehydration. Re hydration is the only solution, not drugs and more transplants.

Mainstream medicine and its fund-raising sidekicks will not of their own accord abandon pharmaceutical medicine. Why ? They do not want to allow natural solutions to the health problems of society to get clearance and reach the public. You can help (share with other citizens/netizens about this blog or water-cure protocol) to upset this self-serving trend, which benefits only the commercial health-care systems in our present advanced so cities, to the detriment of the people.

It does not required a detailed knowledge of science to understand that water, yes the plain humble water, should be used to prevent and cure certain dehydration-produced disease conditions. Nor does the use of water as a "medicine" require Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Water is the main source of life and any organism, and everyone knows about it. Fine.
Still, there is shameful ignorance about the health dangers we expose our human bodies to when we do not drink enough water. Every kilogram of your present body weight, ensure you drink 31.42 millilitre of water, daily. Drink 10% of this daily total quota every 90 minutes.

Our saving grace is that the human body understands the role of water in maintaining its normal physiological and physical well-being, even though mainstream medicine does not. True sense of medicine is to bring the human body back to its normal equilibrium state, not pushing the former further away from the latter, like the drugs medication do.

Confession:It seems we doctors have not been well informed about the different functional relationships of water in the human body. We have be caught in a most embarrassing situation. We do not yet know when the human body is truly thirsty. We do not understand what happens if the human body does not receive adequate water on a regular basis. But, we use the Saline 4 for patients in our practices in hospitals.

At medical schools, more than six hundred (600) teaching hours are allocated to the use of pharmaceutical products. Only a few hours are allocated to instructions on diet and food. It seems that in most "disease" conditions, medical educators are trying to force the test-tube understanding of chemistry into the human body. The present practice of clinical medicine is based on the application of pharmacological chemistry to the human body. Most of these products only temporarily mask and silence the outward manifestations of the real problem.

Prolonged dehydration eventually causes loss of some functions and produce damage (pathology). The various signals or symptoms produced during severe and lasting dehydration have been interpreted by doctors as various disease conditions of unknown origin.

The signal, however, is actually for water shortage, and the local damage(kidneys) is because of water shortage. Because doctors don't recognize chronic dehydration as the original cause, the 'disease" condition receive all sorts of explanations and labels, and all of them are said to have an unknown cause. This is the basic mistake that has distorted the truth in medicine and devastated people and families needing professional advice and guidance for their right heath issues. This is the crack through which all past research on the origin of some disease condition has fallen.
The combination of carrot(10 oz.), beet(3 oz.), and cucumber(3 oz.) juice gives us one of the finest cleansing and healing aids for the gall bladder, liver, kidneys, and the prostate and other sex glands.

Parsley juice is an excellent food for the genito-urinary tract, being of great assistance in conditions of calculi in the kidneys and bladder, albuminuria, nephritis, and other kidney troubles. it has been used effectively in dropsy.


Yellowfruit said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I like your blog. It's very educational. School bores me but your info's pretty interesting. If I keep in check with your blog it might help me in High school.

Its ME said...

Welcome yellofruit, "love to learn"
is the lesson I learn when I left school, since then i discover that it is rewarding to love to learn to love.
Nature is the best teacher and true teachet, when we observe diligently how things work together as one whole unit.

Enjoy your learning wherever you may be and be a blessing. Be good is being different enough.

All colours of fruits tell a story in our body. Yellow is warm, like the sunshine!