Friday, July 18, 2008

Soft Drinks kill human body 'softly' and slowly

by inhibiting the brain function of children.

An interesting observation at restaurant. There's a tremendous amount of economic pressure from the point of view of the restaurant owner(s) to serve customers something other than water. "Just say NO! to H2O(water)!" was a campaign, and the business-owner(s) were rewarding waiters for making sure the customers bought some soft drinks rather than drinking water.

That is because everyone is after a fast buck $$$$$$$$, even at the expense of some one's health. Good money for them, but sickness for customer, especially the children. These restaurants are no different from the pharmaceutical industry when they push something that the human body doesn't need. Of course, they don't know, they don't do it ,promoting soft drinks, knowingly. One cannot fault them. It's bad education, and we think that these soft drinks are synonymous with plain water.

Lovely and caring parents beware. Actually, a lot of our children who drink soft drinks actually become "stupid", but once you take the soft drink away from them, their education grades improve tremendously -- C's and F's become A's and B's.

So, there is something in caffeine that suppresses the enzymes from memory-making. And this is exactly how the plant survives, because caffeine is a toxic chemical -- it's a warfare chemical for the plant. Any insect that would eat caffeine will lose its art of camouflage, it's alertness, good reaction, good response, and becomes easy prey to its own food chain predator. How? Caffeine affected the nervous system!

Yes! caffeine is technically an insecticide, naturally. So is morphine and so is cocaine. These ingredients are the same family of drugs - neurotoxic substances. Due to it's soft and "slow" effects, it's victims are usually unsuspecting senior citizens and children with increased consumption. Children are young people, they have got many years to go, and unfortunately in a dishonest form of medical practice, they can become vulnerable.

Guide our children to be "Customer" , not be "Consumer". Parents and children must be aware of the "quiet or passive war", as we ourselves remain as passive observers.
This "slow suicide" is happening throughout the modern industrialized world.

Without recognizing the true value and natural value of nutrition as a life giving force, we simply stuff ourselves without sound consideration. We consume great quantities of wrong "processed material" thinking it to be food. But our human bodies continue to be hungry because the so-called food we are giving the body does not contain the correct information.

This kind of behaviour has turned us into Consumers rather than Customers.

Customers know their needs and how to satisfy them whereas advertisers dictate what a Consumer's needs should be. Hope you continue to be Customer and hold to your Customized needs of your human right to live healthily and richly.

Consumption only creates unhappiness. Those who are unhappy will constantly look for satisfaction, becoming driven by their needs for more. Meanwhile, the advertisements and commercials add fuel to the fire by telling us every day and night that we're lacking something and that they can give just what we need to become satisfied. We continue to search for happiness in the material-consumer world, but, unfortunately, will never be able to find it. We try to fill emptiness within ourselves through quick satisfaction, by consuming something. This will numb the empty feeling for a moment but will never be able to genuinely satisfy it. Due to "Dopamite" effect. In return, we become addicted because it leaves us wanting more and still lacking the real natural necessity for normal life. We become slaves to the desire that have been created by the industry for profit and we dive deeper into the frantic game of consumerism for a false sense of security from the accumulation of material things without real value, most of which we do not even need.

We always have a tendency to blame others. Maybe you are asking yourself why our present society has become so degraded and what we, as individuals, can do against the negative, materialistic industries, politics and false sciences. But the true answer can only be found within ourselves.

It always takes more than one to play the game - one who acts and one who accepts the action. The real one to blame will never be found outside, but deep within our own self. As long as there are people who demand that their 'doctors' treat their headache symptoms, there will always be doctors, according to the law of polarity, who will write them prescriptions. That's the consumer's attitude. For a Customer knows the body's customized needs. Therefore, the doctors are not to be blamed, it is we who are responsible. Not the restaurant owner(s) selling "soft drinks","hard drinks", or "whatever? drinks". Businessmen can only 'sell' to consumer, but not to customer.

If we change from within, our perspective and our actions will resonate this change, and the people around us will respond. The good news is - it is never too late to start!

Let us regain a sense for true quality of life. Discover your life's real calling, to realize your true self. Only then will you and me and others become truly free and independent to be inter-dependent.

The principle order of nature, in its holistic form, is actually very simple to comprehend. Nature will never deceive us. We, as human beings, are small cells in the bigger body of the Earth, which in turn is a small cell in the bigger body of the Universe.

I thank you so much for your generosity, being willing to take this time and share your existence and wisdom with us. Friend, it is my pleasure, and I thank you. I am here to be heard and you make it possible for me to be heard, and I am grateful to you. Indeed, it is people like you that will revolutionize medicine and public health and well-being, and that is what we need today.

"Normal people try to conform, and reasonable people do not conform, and look for real alternatives. Therefore all progress belongs to unreasonable people."


Without water, nothing lives in our human body.
Comparative shortage of water first suppresses and eventually kills some aspects of the human body.
Water is the main source of energy - water is the "cash flow' of the human body.No "cash", no energy flow. No energy flow, no life. Simple.
Water gives us power and 'electrical' energy for all brain functions, most particularly thinking. Children and students should be reminded of this natural fact.
Water can help prevent Attention Deficit Disorder in children and adults.
Water increases efficiency at work; water expands your attention span.
Water reduces distress , anxiety, and depression.
Water restores normal sleep rhythms. Insomnia take note.
Water integrates mind and body functions. Water increases ability to realize goals and purpose.
Water prevents the loss of memory as children age. Water helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and Lou Gehrig's disease.
Last but not least, water helps reverse addictive urges, including those for caffeine, alcohol, and some drugs.

Let our children grow up wise and healthy for the sake of humanity. Let them have enough water. Beating modern lifestyle dis-ease: Drink enough water. Peace.

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