Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4 Simple Steps to ...

Vibrant Health.

Most of us are unconscious of the ongoing work our bodies' cells do in terms of self-healing and repair, from our first breath to the final breath.

Observe the 4 most vital steps to better health which can lead to better wealth too, are :-
STEP 1, balancing the water and salt content of the body;

STEP 2, exercising the muscle mass of the body to enhance the efficiency of brain function;

STEP 3, avoiding beverages that dehydrate and make the body more toxic;

STEP 4, and eating a nature-balanced daily diet of proteins and vegetables in a ratio of 20% protein (not high-protein milk) and 80 percent vegetables, legumes, and fruits, with as little starch and sugar as possible.

It is the high starch and sugar content of the modern diet that makes a person fat/obese. Higher protein and fat contents, as found in all fresh fruits and plants,herbs,veggie, of the diet do not make you fat!

If you stick to these 4 Simple STEPS recommendations, I am confident that you will seldom fall ill and will live a long and productive life.

I do hope you will share the information in this blog (Healthy Wealth with others who might need it. Thanks for healping me grow healthier and wealthier in living.

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