Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dog Physiology -Walking the dog

Animals run by coiling and springing their spines; their vertebrae are not as weight-bearing as those of humans. In the upright man, this coiling and springing is translated into walking.

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In walking, humans leave their body weight on the leg that remains behind when one leg is moved forward. When the forward leg touches the ground, the weight of the body is thrown onto it until the back leg moves.

In running, one does the same thing, except that one's weight is thrown forward even before the front leg has touched the ground. This is why the weight of the body increases when running - it has acceleration of gravity added to it.

If one is presently overweight or obese, just continuously walking one hour in the morning fresh air is best. Additional hour of evening walking will activate one's body-fat-burner enzymes for the next 24 hours, naturally. Drink 10% of your own water
daily ration (31.42 mL multiply by your own body weight in kilogram) just prior going to bed.

Let's walk one day at a time and enjoy the nature's green scenery and avoid ear-plug-in music. Nature walk revitalises the whole being. In stillness, look for movement within; in movement,look for stillness within. That's pure serenity. Yes, drink one glass of plain water before the walk.

When you are upright and moving, the FORCE of your weight in motion (which is MORE than your actual scale weight) will force-press water out of your discs and into the vertebrae above and below.
This release can cause a shrinkage in height of about one and half (1.5) to two (2) centimeters(cm) during 12 hours.

Bed rest - recommended in treatment of disc problems - will prevent shrinkage and allow full re hydration of the disc. That's the purpose you should drink another glass of water prior going to bed. The facet joints in your back must be maintained at a delicate no-weight-bearing relationship for their movement-regulating responsibilities.

A well-hydrated disc brings about by effectively packing the joint, whereas a thin disc, due to not drinking sufficient water-quota daily, will force these joints to become weight-bearing: in the long run, a course for arthritis. The pain first felt was a sign the joint is already dehydrated, and "arthritis", "joint-pain", "rheumatoid", et cetra are just medical terms which never help the victims recover. Give water-cure protocol a try yourself and see the difference.

Another important effect of disc thickness through adequate hydration (see previous posts in this blog for the water-cure formula) is the maintenance of a well-sized aperture or foramen on the side between the two vertebrae, above and below, allowing the nerve to pass through without being squeezed. Chiropractors may help/try to realign your vertebrae to the same effect, but ultimately it is the disc water-cushioning effect that eliminate the pain signal activated when the nerve line is compressed/squeezed. Hope you see the marvelous purpose of pain in human body.

Give water-cure protocol a try, before taking in drugs to suppress the pain. Water deficiency can trigger pain, too. Until your excess weight is gone, then you can really enjoy running or jogging or wogging (walking-cum-jogging). Happy walking to ideal weight.

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