Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ray Chee authored "The Amazing Heart"

A Revolutionary View That Could Save and Lengthen Your Life!
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"Time is money ... life is time... life is more than money. Life is wealth."-Ray Chee

"You cannot afford not to invest time to read this life-changing and life-enhancing book." - IPP Financial Advisers

Born to Live ... without sickness?

Not many can!

Finally a book like no other:
-Answers questions doctors can't! (Doctors, read this book with an open heart.)
-Ties it all together!
-Teaches you effective strategies to fight disease, prevent heart attack & stroke...
-Offers the first ever equation for enduring health!
...and much more.

You can feel great & live long...
Your heart
- where it all starts & ends!

RAY CHEE is a chartered professional engineer with a bachelor (Honors; majored in Public Health Engineering) and Master in Engineering (Hydraulics) degrees.

You might have asked yourself : "What does an engineer have to do with the human heart and cardiovascular disease?" or "What can he contribute towards health?" The answer: "Lots!"........................... My wish is that this book would help save , or improve the quality of, at least one person's life. It would be worth all my effort and the years of writing it. When that happens, I would be very thrilled to hear from you.
I hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as I have writing it. More importantly, it is my sincere hope that you will put the principles contained herein to the test and discover the truths for yourselves. To succeed, read and re-read this book until the truths sink in.

Wishing you hearty health,
Ray Chee

A Messenger of Hope
(only testimonials or comments, please.)
(20th,July,2008)Since I just starting to read this "The Amazing Heart" at 6:30 pm, I will e-mail him after finishing it.

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Its ME said...

Sorry Soong for not responding to this email of yours earlier. I seldom logon to this email address these days; I'm surprised and thankful that this account has not been wiped out yet.

I'm certainly glad you started and enjoyed reading the first chapter. By now, I trust you have finished reading the whole book.

What are your comments, if any? If you have, I might put them up on my webpage,, if that is okay with you.

Appreciate your postings re my book, The Amazing Heart, on your site. I saw them. Thanks.

Hope we can continue to be in touch.

BTW, how is your uncle?—I remember you mentioned that he had a stroke. I guess he has to be extremely watchful with his diet, etc. I’m sure you and he are aware that being a stroke patient, he stands a much higher risk than a non-stroke patient to get a second attack. But it may not be another stroke. It can be anything from heart attack to other cardiovascular events.

Incidentally, if he wants to know more about how to prevent a second attack, he is most welcome to contact me. I’ll be more than willing to help in whatever way I can.

All the best,

Ray Chee

PS A quicker way to get to me would be to email me at either of the following: