Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just a packet of Golden Raisins?

I bought some dried raisins from Mustafa Centre, Singapore, recently. Label reads Golden Raisins. Ingredients: Raisins, Sulphur Dioxide added as preservative. Imported by: MOHD MUSTAFA & SAMSUDDIN CO. PTE. LTD, SINGAPORE.

Innocent dried-fruit (raisins) for children, or pastries purposes?

Not so 'innocent' for your tender heart, if you really learn about Sulphur Dioxide. Human body blood system is liken to the municipal water management system we use every day.

Microorganisms can produce toxic anaerobic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, which form highly corrosive acids - e.g.,sulfuric (sulphuric) acid - that break down pipes and cause other problems.

Besides, erosive or corrosive drugs and chemicals are not uncommon in fixed and flexible piped systems. These tend to attack the walls of normal pumps (for human, it is the heart) and pipes (for human, it is the blood vessels). The human cardio-vascular- system is not exempt from these attacks. Chemical "corrosiveness" or degree of damage is usually a matter of chemical concentration, dosage, frequency and duration of exposure or intake.

Lack of pure water for instance, will increase the intensity, degree or frequency of such damage, which is why we must drink enough only pure water, daily. Soft drinks use carbonated water and high concentration ingredients ( One drop of aspartame is 100 times the sweetness of natural sugar. Hope you get the point, which the soft drink industry has known a ll along. They employ qualified chemists to do exploit to hasten the need for their products. Smart businessmen get richer, unsuspecting consumers get poor health and wealth.

Aspartate is a direct by-product of aspartame - the popular artificial sweetener that is used in about five thousand (5000) different food products. Aspartate and glutamate (in MSG) do not need to undergo change to register their presence in the body like other neurotransmitter. They act directly on the human brain cells that regulate some aspects of the human reproductive systems - possibly also growth.

Many people who regularly take/drink artificial sweeteners develop a false hunger, and up to 90 minutes after their intake seek food and eat more than they would normally. As a result, they often gain excess weight. Aspartame may also cause a major disruption in the communications systems of the human body with detrimental effects. In certain people with diabetes - a dehydration problem - aspartame has caused diarrhea and intestinal bleeding.

Thus lesions or impairments to the walls of blood vessels will increase the inner roughness of walls, which increases frictional drag, like the water pipes. The added drag, in turn, will set off favorable hydrodynamic conditions that hasten the accumulation of plague and the acceleration of plague formation, and progression.

Abnormal growth or inflammation, lesions, ulcers and the likes, possibly caused by chemicals, et cetera, and even an embedded cyst in an artery wall could activate similar conditions that lead to the dreaded occlusion of artery.

Remember that some food are made for selling (very long shelf-life) some food are for eating (like the nature produce). We must choose them wisely for our parents, children and grand children and grandparents. We all depend on nature food without denatured chemicals. Lesson learn for me : Choose fresh raisins, if available.

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Yellowfruit said...

Good to have that info.But it gives me chills at the same time. LoL! Since love raisins.