Monday, July 28, 2008

Anemia =Iron Deficiency in the Body?

Anemia, the best-known effect of iron-mineral deficiency, which is the name given to a state in which the number of red blood cells is lower than normal. Anemia is not the same as iron deficiency, however. There are many different causes of anemia, which include folic acid deficiency, vitamin B12deficiency, disorders of the bone marrow, and conditions that increase the rate at which red blood cells are broken down in one's spleen-organ.

Iron deficiency, when mild, may not produce anemia, but may still cause fatigue, immune defects, or fungal infections of skin. Women with chronic fatigue and mild iron deficiency who are not anemic improve their energy after taking low doses of iron. LOW DOSES. 20 milligrams per day is all that's needed, no more .

Low dose of iron supplements (plant-base, not petroleum-base) can cure people with recurrent boils on the skin, but only IF those people have mild iron deficiency. presumably, correcting iron deficiency improves metabolic and immunity.

Friend, it is unfortunate that most commercial iron pills contain 60 to 300 milligrams of iron, far more than are needed or than can even be absorbed from a single pill. It is easy and dangerous to overdose on supplement when one is ignorant about basic body natural requirements. High-dose iron supplements, taken orally or by injection, increase susceptibility to bacterial infection.

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Yellowfruit said...

Hate for someone to overdose any type of medicine. Some overdoses can cause death.