Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fruit in the morning.Why?

The reasoning behind eating exclusively fruit in the morning or breakfast is tied closely to the efficient functioning of your body cycles.

Cycle 1. -ELIMINATION (from 4 a.m. to 12 noon)
The digestion of conventional food takes more energy than any other body process. Fruits demands the least amount of energy from your body for its digestion. So it is most beneficial for FRUIT OR FRESH FRUIT JUICE (NOT CANNED OR COMMERCIAL VERSION) TO BE THE ONLY FOODS CONSUMED DURING THE ELIMINATION CYCLE, if you consume anything at all. Anything else halts the elimination process, and the by-products of foods that should have been eliminated are now added to your toxic load and to the unwanted pounds or kilos in your body. Delay and postponement of daily elimination process will build up to manifest colon diseases, like constipation, to colon cancer.

Your success in healthy colon depends on the exclusive consumption of fruit and fresh fruit juice before noon. Because ideal weight depend on the efficiency of your body daily elimination cycle. By sabotaging this cycle you sabotage your own health success, in turn your life wealth. Even if you are still addict to coffee or supplements, don't do it during the elimination cycle. Do it afternoon. This is essential. HAVING ONLY FRUIT AND FRESH FRUIT JUICE EXCLUSIVELY BEFORE NOON IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACET OF THIS SYSTEM.


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