Monday, July 14, 2008

Too Much Weight =

Too Few Sperm. Father-to-be and mother-to-be to reconsider: excess kilos body weight can affect the quality of your semen.
1.Waistline increase, sperm count decreases.

2.Obese men have worse sperm than normal weight men.

3.Both partners are heavy weight, fertility decrease.

4.Men with Body mass Index (BMI) of 20 to 25 have higher levels of normal sperm than men who are overweight or obese.

5.60% higher chance of fat men having a low volume of semen. Also a 40% higher chance of having some sperm abnormalities.

6.Underweight men are just as likely to have the same sperm problems as obese men.

7.Factors affecting sperm count and quality : body weight, smoking, alcohol intake, history of drug abuse and age.

8.Male fitness and health is good, then fertility is favourable.

9.Obese men have "poor" sperm: because fat tissue influences the metabolism of sex hormones, might also disrupt sperm production.

10.Temperature factor: Sperm is best produced at a temperature two(2) degrees cooler than normal body temperature. Avoid wearing non-breathable underwear from nylon or Teflon material. Because obese men have more fat, their bodies might be overheated. Stay slim, be cool, guys.

11. Diabetics but not overweight, found significant DNA damage linked to the excess sugar in the body from diabetes.

12.Diabetic men have twice the rate of DNA damage in their sperm as men without diabetes.
Begetting a Human Life - The Marri-Age of Humanity

Our human body consists of the same elements that exist on Earth, water and salt.

The creation of sole(sole= a fully-saturated solution of water and crystal salt) from water and salt resembles the procreation of a human life. Just as the water and the salt are willing to sacrifice their own identity in order to reach a higher form of being, new life arises out of the merging of two polarities - the sperm and the egg. The ultimate expression of self-sacrifice is when the sperm and the egg unite, becoming one, in order to create something new, a genuine act of unconditional love, the highest potential force of our creation.

This process , when different elements of the same frequency and polarity merge together ,is refer as "molecular - marri-age." Interestingly, the German word for marriage is "Hochzeit" which literally means "high time," the most precious time of one's entire life, when new life is made. In English, "marriage", "Marri", comes from the Latin word "mare" - the ocean - the marriage of water and salt - from which all life originated. "Mare" means the ocean - the SOLE - where everything had its beginning. So "Marri-Age" basically means this "Golden Age" when Marri-Mare-Merry-Mary come together and enjoy "Sole" - "Consciousness" - at its highest, most valuable potential - when polarities overcome their existence and new life (a child) is created. This creates a resonant effect. Not only is the energy contained, but it also increases exponentially to a new dimension -- new life comes into being. In our realm we refer to this procedure as "marriage". If our individual polarities are willing, within this marriage , to sacrifice themselves for a higher form of consciousness, then our energies increase exponentially with implosive effects t a higher dimension of consciousness. Following the inner ethical principal, it's not only about sustaining life, but also about creating new life.

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