Monday, July 14, 2008

Medical Fallacies .....

Medical Fallacy #1: Disease as either/or, with nothing in between. There are many manifestations from cold to cancer.

Medical Fallacy #2: Ignoring the real disease's cause. Merely suppressing the signs/symptoms with anti-symptom-drugs or removal organ(s) from body using surgeries.

Medical Fallacy #3: Being "Mugged" by Germs.
But as long as we think of disease as something that "just happens" to us because we're unlucky, or because we get "mugged" by some germs, we will never take the necessary steps to prevent disease by strengthening our natural defenses, body immunity system. Instead, we will continue the many health-destructive habits that most of us unknowingly/knowingly practice.

There is a word, "iatrogenic," to describe diseases caused by doctors. The drugs we doctors prescribe can cause iatrogenic diseases; so can the different regiments we doctors recommend, as well as the standard procedures and surgeries we doctors perform.

Are you one of the growing number of dancers of life dancing the horrible "disease dance".
What is the DISEASE DANCE? It's the victim's frantic stumbling from doctor to doctor, disease to disease, pill to pill and surgery to surgery. The 'disease dance' is a frenzied search for names/labels and solutions to our body problems. For most of the dancers, it's a horrid dance that goes on and on, ending only when they die. Medical journal articles suggest that unnecessary surgery causes thousands of deaths/premature deaths a year, plus an unknown amount of injury and misery. This trend is growing faster than the medical community can cope.

Look at the surgical schedules. Whole families of kids were having T&As (tonsillectomy and adenoidectomies). Never mind if the lay people don't know how to pronounce the terms or what we are talking about in hospital. More than 90 percent of the T&As were unnecessary: in fact, they were downright dangerous, because they removed parts of the children's immune systems (tonsils and adenoids). The same goes for the appendix. Inflammation? just remove it, easy. Yes, easy for the doctors , but the people suffer later. No worry, just throw more drugs at them. Next!
How many of these kids later suffered from compromised immune function. How many suffered from unnecessary disease? And disclaimers forms to be signed prior to surgery. What if the car-mechanic practise likewise with the doctor/public?

Doctors also used to radiate enlarged thymus glands in children, in order to shrink them. Today we know that the thymus gland is where the T-cells of the human body immune system receive their programming. How many people are walking around with a radiated-shrunken thymus, and reduced immune ability ?

"Nosocomial infections." What's that ?

Just another fancy term doctors use to disguise doctor-caused disease : nosocomial infections. Nosocomial infections are hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), which are very serious because our hospitals can be the breeding grounds for virulent germs that have evolved to resist the latest super antibiotics we doctors use. First, simple antibiotic, then super antibiotic, next is hype antibiotic.

Garlic is the natural 'anti-biotic', anti viral. If the germs can so easily "mug" your system, then ,it is only reasonable to heal your body immunity system, not further deactivating it by the use of more antibiotics. Have you re hydrate your body correctly ?

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