Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Water Cure Asthma

When a growing child do not drink sufficient plain water as his/her body cells/weight increase, the body will adapt water priority rationing in its water management systems. This is accomplished by more production of histamine when the body is undergoing dehydration state.

But excess histamine at the lungs aveolio will constrict these 'grape like' air sacs, and hence produce the wheezing sound and difficulty in breathing. This phenomena is the body's survival method to prevent further water loss through breathing respiration process. Doctors just name it 'asthma'. Physiology term it as cellular dehydration of lung.

Remedy: is to rehydrate body with water. Avoid all dehydrating product/beverages like coffee, soft-drinks, caffeine products, tea, or alcohol. Eat one fresh banana every day. Do not drink more than a glass of fresh orange juice a day, because it promotes more histamine production. For the details of water drinking formula, you can find it in previous posts in this blog. For first-aid, just drink two glasses of water if the patient feel the symptom is coming on.

Let us help the children everywhere to eradicate asthma. They are not sick , but they are dehydrating. Share this information with your family doctor. Thanks.

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