Saturday, July 12, 2008

Foods That Fight Cancer

Prostate cancer . Seaweed (soaked in water to remove salt); seaweed tea (10 ounces of seaweed boiled in water for 2 minutes); mussels , bamboo shoots , garlic can be cooked and eaten with steamed vegetables.

Stomach cancer . Avoid spicy foods and coffee and tea. Avoid liquor and tobacco. Eat foods like corn, mushrooms, bean sprouts, spinach, brown rice, rice milk and all of which are easy to digest.

Remedy help to control of spread of cancer is sunflower stems. 4 ounces of dried stems boiled in one quart of water for 2 minutes, sipped daily 2 cups per day.

Lung cancer. Eat almonds, spinach, jellyfish, lotus seeds and roots, pears, Chinese white tree bark fungus (Yin Er) and soy bean milk.

Liver cancer. Green beans, fruits, pheasant eggs, garlic.

Liver cancer when fluid retention occurs in stomach and the abdomen is swollen. Corn, red beans, winter melon and fish soup with onion are recommended.

Intestinal and colon cancer. Figs, green beans, celery, bananas, pears, seaweed, and honey.

Breast cancer. Clams, crab, bamboo shoot & lichee nuts.

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