Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who need "supplements" ???

Our first parents never eat "supplements", because every vitamin and mineral necessary for the body can be found in abundance in fruits and vegetables. And all in organic form.

Fast forward to our generation, the controversy of whether or not supplements are necessary could fill the world wide web of its own. How did we manage for centuries without them? The manufacture and sale of these supplements is one of the ten largest businesses in today enterprises. They are real entrepreneurs in 'milking' the poor and ignoramuses. Supplement sales now generate 3-4 billion US dollars each year! Have you even wonder to what extent some of the claims one hears are commercially motivated. Notwithstanding, even with comments/recommendation from so-and-so health related 'experts'. Bear in mind, no 'expert's absolute.

In terms of your health there is a long list (still growing) of experts in the field of human nutrition, both inside and outside the medical community, who are expressing grave concerns over the health threat emerging from taking vitamin supplements and mineral supplements. For one instance, Dr. Myron Winick, the director of the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University,USA, indicates that some old standby vitamins long considered totally innocuous are producing medical problems, and fatal liver damage (reported in the "Los Angeles Times", 20 December 1983).

Our human body actual need for natural vitamins and minerals has been grossly exaggerated. The normal amount of organic vitamins necessary for the human body for a FULL YEAR would not even fill a thimble.

So, do you need "supplements"? My daily pills are the natural fruits! The size of my "pills" is the size of my daily fruits. How big is your?

And that is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), which is TWICE what our actual needs are. These above statements may sound shocking, but they are the facts. Every vitamin and mineral necessary for your human body can be found in abundance and balanced in correct proportion in fruits and vegetables. Please eat them raw to benefit the optimal from nature. Our cooking and further processing only cause unbalance and denatured version, thus start an addiction symptoms cycle in our marvelous human body. The human body has such a small requirement for these elements that even if you ate only a small amount of FRESH fruits and vegetables, you would be meeting your personal requirements. The Creator of nature has designed to incorporate into your diet more than ample amounts of what you need, in their purest, most easily absorbable form. NOTHING is of quality that is found in fruits and vegetables, notwithstanding some of the advertising claims boasting that their product is 100% natural. Anything after factory-processed is no more natural in the purest sense. Being 100% natural would mean as it was created by nature. I personally have never seen a vitamin or mineral pill tree. Have you?

Man-made "supplements" are simply not what was intended for the human body. Hence, they use psychology programming of repetition ADVERTISEMENTS to sell their perspectives of human nutrition science. In the process of extracting and fractionating elements, they are rendered worthless. Vitamin supplements become toxic in the human body. (Source: Robert McCarter, Ph.D., and Elizabeth McCarter, Ph.D. 'A Statement on Vitamins,' 'Vitamins and Cures,' and 'Other Unnecessary Supplements.' health Reporter 11 (1984): 10,24. )

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