Monday, June 30, 2008


What is your body's fuel? If you put(eat) correct fuel(foods) in your car(body), it will run (live) better. We cannot expect our bodies to be in tip-top shape if you put in food that has little nutritional value-low-grade fuel.

Defining Whole Foods:
The food must be the whole, unprocessed food - nothing has been taken away; it can be a food directly derived from a whole food, as long as the derivative contains all or most of the nutrients of the original.

The food contains no artificial substances - nothing has been added.No even a trace.

The food's effect on the health of the body is positive.

In short, eat as the nature provide or produce. The entire food. means it has not been processed, preserved, refined, frozen, canned, polished, bleached, peeled or otherwise stripped of nutrients. All nutrients must be present simultaneously for the body to have perfect digestion and utility at all time. Water consists at least 80%-90%. No water, no result.

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