Wednesday, June 25, 2008


causes stroke. Stroke is one of the many survival mechanism/modes of the human body to cannibalize/recycle it own self due to unintentional-prolonged-dehydration. The percentage of water loss in the blood cells is the least among all other cells in the body and hence blood test/analysis is near impossible. Once stroke happened the limbs cells will be sacrificed , their water-content wise, to be recycled and sent to service the more important organs such as the Brain. The present approach to use invasive and surgeries to remove blood clot in the brain is only temporary, because mainstream medical societies still hold to the old "solid" paradigm in their troubleshooting procedures.
NEWS: on front page, The Straits Times, Wednesday,June25,2008. Reporter Goh Chin Lian.
1.Mrs.Lee Kuan Yew, 87 years old, (Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew's wife) suffered another stroke (3rd one) while in hospital on 24th June, 2008. It was a massive haemorrhage.

2.She suffered a stroke (2nd one) on May 12,2008 and was taken to National Neuroscience Institute for an urgent brain scan, which revealed bleeding in the right side of the brain.

3.She suffered a stroke (1st one) in 2003 while in London, on a European tour. The bleeding was also in the right side of the brain.

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