Sunday, June 22, 2008

Know Water

Let no one water down the truth about water-cure protocol. We must know the basic of the water outside and inside our bodies.

Water has some unusual properties. For example, instead of contracting or shrinking in mass as it freezes, as most liquids do, water contracts only until it reaches 4 degrees Centigrade.
In Fahrenheit, (4 x 9/5) + 36/5 + 32 = 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water then begins to expand until it reaches its freezing point of zero(0) degree C (32 degrees F) = 273 degrees Kelvin (K). If this did not happen, lakes would freeze completely and kill all the plant and animal life in the lakes.

This expansion can create a great force on surrounding objects. A scaled glass jar filled with water left outdoors in freezing weather will break as the water freezes. Because water in the form of ice is lighter than water in the form of liquid, ice floats in water.
Air-conditioner occupants, beware of the coldness in your room. Your body is trying hard to maintain its normal body temperature to work best. When you eat cold food or drink cold liquids/water, your body spend its own energy to bring up the temperature for digestion, and likewise when you eat or drink hot stuffs, your body again spend its energy to lower (cool) the temperature for digestion. Therefore the final accounting of energy gain or loss is also affected by the temperature of your food or liquids/water. Warning: carbonated drink is made by removing the hydrogen of water and pump in artificial nitrogen gases.

Even when water appears to be calm and still, all water in nature , including in your body, is in continual motion.

The exchange of water between the earth and the air is the hydrologic cycle. 'Hydrologic' comes from Greek - hydro means "having to do with water," and loge means "knowledge of." Water do carry message/knowledge. Pure water carry pure knowledge, while polluted water carry "polluted knowledge".
The hydrologic cycle is a natural, constantly running vapourizing and pumping system.
As a cycle, this flow has no beginning and no end. No water is lost or gained -- it simply changes form. The molecules of water, H2O, in the world's oceans, lakes, and atmosphere today are the same molecules that were formed since the beginning of creation.

Planet earth is a vast reservoir, containing about 861 million cubic miles of water. (A cubic mile of water equals 1.1 trillion gallons).
The relative distribution of the world's water supply is Land 25%, Water 75%;
Salt water 97.5%, Ice caps and glaciers 1.97%, Fresh water available for use 0.52%, other 0.01%; Ground water 96%, Surface water 4%(Oceans, lakes, rivers).

We usually think that dust is thoroughly dry, but even the dust clouds stirred up by passing vehicles on a dirt road may contain up to 15 percent water by weight. However, no plants could grow on that dirt road because the soil holds a small amount of moisture SO STRONGLY that plant roots cannot get it out. Likewise when our body is dehydrated, the blood vessels hold so strongly to its own water, it would not service the cells it supposed to when the need arises. And to reservice these blood cells, the body has to activate "hypertension" instead of the normal diffusion under well-hydrated condition,thus bring about the term "high-blood-pressure". Just ensure your body receive its sufficient water daily, it will shut down the hypertension mode and return to normal diffusion.

Diameter of hydrogen atom is 0.1 nm. (nm = nano, means 1 X 10 to the power of -9).
Normal diffusion of water is 0.001 cm per second. Hence the reason the water cure protocol adopt regular hydration for the body, at every 90 minute. Unlike a camel which can drink for advance need for the long journey in desert, human body function best with just sufficient, neither "flooding", nor "droughting" it.

Of the 1.2 billion cubic kilometres of water on the planet Earth, only 3 percent (36 million cubic kilometers) is fresh water.

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